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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lucian Bot

Chris' penta worthy 800 elo build

Lucian Bot Last updated on September 29, 2013
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Draven is the most op and broken adc in the entire game, with a q of 2.00 ap scaling he dominates in the jungle and counters nasus due to the fact he has a tape.he also crits, has infinite sustain in the jungle and can fill in any role except adc cause he wasnt made for that.

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i love getting gold per 10 runes
to help me earn gold faster in the jungle
andd his passive is total garbage.
If anything and i mean anything buy ap runes so yor w does more damage :DDD

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for draven i go 0-0-30 just cuase he needs all the gold he can get
cause his new passive is awful

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Items that draven needs in 800 elo

always and i mean always rush an iceborn guantlet on draven for maximum kiting potential
also build bloodthirster,2 phantom dancers,stattik shiv, infibnity edge and sorc shoes

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Skill Sequence


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draven needs no spells cuase he is the best

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this guy is hella op

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Ranked Play

u r in diamond if u have this champion

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Ranked Play

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Pros / Cons

no cons
he is perf

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draven doesnt have any farming tools


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