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League of Legends Build Guide Author Smoka

Climbing Out The Gates of Hell ( In Depth/Guide)

Smoka Last updated on February 11, 2012
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Hey everyone my name is Smoka, I have decided to write a guide on getting out of this so called Elo Hell because many people are believing they are stuck and are trying to get out. I started out playing this game since the beta, I hit level 30 on January 2011, and I was like " Yes I'm Level 30, I can't wait for ranked!" I'm sure we all had that mindset, so I then went straight to ranked and got bumped down to 850 elo. I later went up to 1200 and stayed there until the Elo Reset which was the end of season 1. In the beginning of Season 2 I started duoing with a close friend and a trustworthy one, he was 1400 and I was 1200 at the time. I slowly went up to 1400 then kept going on and finally I reached my top rating 1800. I also want to show you guys that CruzertheBruzer has a level 30 smurf which was originally 200 elo now 1300 and continuing to climb.

I just want to say getting out of 1200 takes time and some times you will have losing streaks and sometimes you will not. I have been on a 10 game winning streak and the day after was an 12 game losing streak. You might see some people who don't deserve to be there and you might see some people who will. The problem of the game is some people think they are better then they are, which isn't true. I've probably had over 250+ games in 1200 elo, so I know a bit and what happens down here. :)

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Having A Strong Composition / Picks / Bans

At the moment, here are some viable bans:
Lee Sin / Kassadin/ Rammus / Shaco/ Morgana/ Skarner Mostly depends on who you feel is too dominant in 1200 elo and easily can destroy / wreck and carry the game.

Top Lane: Irelia Mordekaiser Kennen Nidalee
Mid: Sion Kennen Vladimir Cassio
Jungle: Lee Sin Skarner
AD: Graves Sivir Tristana
Support: Sona Janna Soraka

I feel comfortably that these picks are great, they are strong, they have great sustain and who I think of being the best.

If you have a player who doesn't know how to support, bot lane will automatically lose. I recommend using Sivir, Graves, and Tristana because they are easy, great champions and fun to play.

You want your team to have a strong, solid composition. A good composition is basically and OP team, everyone that is capable of winning there lane. Why? Its because many people are very bad at this elo and it is really easy to get fed off your lane using a strong champion.

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Winning / Losing Games

To win a game you must win your lane 95% of the time, if you don't then you are probably going to stay 1200.

-Warding: possibly the most important thing in the game, if your team has no wards then you have no vision, with no vision comes deaths
-Baron / Dragon Control: Biggest issue, a Baron can turn the whole game around. I always looked at it in 1200s, as if you screw up a fight at Baron or the enemy has it it's good game.
-Communicating with teammates: Always call mia's, ping when something isn't going right or there are a lot of mias. If you lack the communication it is difficult to win, it is like trying to talk to a stranger but not getting along
-Never Rage: Raging at others just starts arguments, and that turns into reports. Never talk smack to other players

What Causes Losses?
-Lanes losing: Back to what I was saying, if your last pick is support, it is not the best option. People underestimate support but it is very important, a bad support is a bot lane loss.
-People don't listen / chase: Very common, mistake in the 1200s. Got to get use to it and just go along with it.
-Trolls / DC'ers: Another common thing, but you have to get over it and move on.

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Pre-Game / Champion Select

I always ask, the people first what do you guys play? I would let them pick there best and sometimes just hope they will probably win there lane. Some people don't get what they want they will troll or go nuts. I would let them have it just for the sake of the game. Focus on not having last pick always support and use it as a nice counterpick.

Champions who I think shine in 1200s:

Lee Sin: Even though he has nerfs, he still is fun, viable. I believe he lost his ability to carry, but is still a viable pick

Shyvana: Very nice counterjungler, manaless which gives great sustain.

Nidalee: Easy to play, her traps can act as wards, a great passive for solo top lane, has a heal, and damage output is great

Ahri: Passive helps her lane, low mana costs, very HARD to gsnk, ganks are strong

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Early / Mid / Late Game

Early game should be all about focus on controlling dragon and winning your lane. If you are playing AP Mid, focus on farming pre-6, once you are level 6 help whichever lanes are losing, being overextended or needing a gank. You need lane dominance to do this. Playing solo top is focusing on farm, never see them in team fights a lot when it all goes down bot. Just continue farming if nothing is happening.

Mid Game: Do not let the enemy Baron, focus on getting towers / inhibtors and controlling Dragon. Buy oracles, clear vision, it puts more pressure on the enemy team and forces them not to buy wards because they know you are just going to kill it.

Late Game: All about Baron, pretty much a win / loss here. It's important to group up, and stay together.

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Experience / Conclusion

I honestly believe there are some games where it is impossibly to carry, some games you will get carried, or some games you do bad at, but it's all part of your experience. I never expected myself to get out of 1200s because I had a mindset of a 1200 player. People are worser then they think they are, remember that. I have lots of experience in 1200 elo playground and I was stuck inside the cage for about 5-6 months. I recommend practicing normal games because the environment is just the same, people will troll, dc, feed and etc. Practice overcoming and play different types of classes. You will have a difficult time trying to get what you want.

I want to wish everyone the best of luck, you will have days where you think you are stuck in hell and some days you are not. It's about luck sometimes but if you truly are capable of climbing out these gates of hell you will probably achieve it one day.


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