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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author loophole

COME AT ME BRAH (please vote so i can see how bad this is)

loophole Last updated on March 3, 2011
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small intro

this is my really easy guide to the very basics of Pantheon.
pantheon for me is a rally good asset to 5v5, because you will have the power to push and to support your fellow team mates with the skill set of pantheon.
the main reason i chose pantheon, is because when played right, he could be a pain for the opposite team.

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the reason because i want you to use these items are:
ruby crystal; increases the chances of not dying in the start. i always play with some guy who things he can go rambo from day 1, and this usually could be prevented with more hp, and a good teammate.

Leviathan; this things dosent seem like much of a deal. but like sword of the occult, and guinsoo's, this thing stacks. when you come as far as the 20 stacks (only if you dont feed) you will get to see that in 1vs1 you will have a better chance of winning over an equally skilled opponent, just because you have higher hp points. this isen't normally seen with pantheon, but i think it would be a good asset to any: tank, melee or assasin.

Ninja tabi; i chose this because 1. its the cheapest, so you can buy other stuff faster 2. the dodge you get out of this is going to help you avoid some of the attacks minions put on you when pushing. plus the ekstra armor you gain +25 never hurts anyone.

Madred's razors; this is good in the start because, you get a good base of some attack damage and you gain additional armor siding with the ninja tabi you bought, which i would consider crucial in the beginning. also you get a passive, that you can get an ekstra 500 damage points on a minion, which is good for gaining some quick cash, and to push further without having to bother to much.

Wriggle's lantern; this item i buy instead of bloodrazor's because they are cheaper, and you get lifesteal, which can go ahead and have an effect on a 1vs1. the lifesteal you get isen't that much, but in the start it's important that you keep your hp points high, since pantheon is a melee he will always have to fight close quarters, that can make your hp points dive because you either haven't got armor or magic resistens or as said not enough life steal

BF sword; this you can fiqure out. the bf sword is a semi cheap way of getting damage, it gives you 50+ damage and when you buy this, you will have a short way to all the good stuff ex. infinity edge, back cleaver, bloodthirster. you dont have to buy those things, you can just keep buying bf swords, but i think that it would be unwise, considering the bonuses you get from them. so even though you have to spend a little ekstra cash i know it would be worth it.

The Bloodthirster; this i can tell you will play an important part of your game. the bloodthirster makes you gain a shieet load of life steal, which can really put a bug in some of the teamfights, because you will have a bigger chance of getting more hits in since your constantly regenerating your hp. by then your attack should be high enough for you to be killing loads of minions in no time gaining ekstra hp and cash for you to stay in the field longer than your teammates or opponents.

Tiamat; by know your propably thinking, "why ohhhh why this?", only 1 reason. SPLASH damage. the passive you get by this is splash damage siding with some nice ekstra attack damage, this gives you a really good advantages in pushing your teammates down the lanes, because you will damage more and kill more over shorter time. but again this isen't a something thats crucial to winning the game, this is just an easier way of getting further quicker, and since you already have heartseekers maxed by now you should be able to get past minions pretty fast anyway. but you wont always be able to use that cus of cooldown. so with some attack speed and splash damage you could push a lane without any friends. (though you will need them, because otherwise you'll get ambushed pretty quick,(even by noobs)and if you dont know this, stop playing the game!!)