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League of Legends Build Guide Author scottl908

Commander Yorick xXSeason 6Xx

scottl908 Last updated on February 4, 2016
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Hi, my name is TriqMaestro and I am a Silver IV Yorick main with a level 3 mastery on him.
Do you ever feel like you're overwhelmed with ****ing feeders and stupid afkers in Bronze V and feel like you should be in Gold instead of playing with dumb****s because you're the only one doing anything? Get the **** out. This is a guide for real men, real men who dedicate them selves to the way of the commander. I will show you, the way of the Commander Yorick.

This isn't just any stupid **** yorick. This isn't your average feeding piece of **** Yorick that ults the 1/12 Bard. This is the Yorick that gets a 1 v 5 hectakill up toplane while your stupid **** teammates die to solo baron one by one.

Here is where I sound ****ing cool:

When you're pushing top like a man. You hear the pings of your stupid terrified teammates.
"Yorick they are coming for you! Run!" cries Ahri
As you look back into your lane, you see five towering, hulking figures charging towards you at breakneck speed. Lee Sin, Teemo, Galio, Ashe, Taric. The five legends of the League of Legends. A normal person would be scared ****less. A normal person would have their adrenaline pumped so much Lisa Ann would seem like a newborn baby. But. You aren't a normal person. You aren't stuck with them.
They're stuck with you.
As you run towards them, the silhouettes of the 6 brave warriors collide. You hear the cracks of bones, the splurges of blood, the shrieks of Bronze V ******s.
The dust settles.
One figure walks out of the brush alive.
He is unscathed.
But he isn't the only one.
One by one you see other figures popping out.
Minions, voidlings, ghouls.
"This is my swamp".

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Since you will be mostly farming from the 0 minute mark all the way up to the destruction of the nexus, you might as well take masteries that will benefit you while farming. Because you are vulnerable alone- lmao pranked- the thing about commander yorick is that, when you receive a 5 man gank from the enemy squadron. You're not in danger, you are the danger. Your whole wave is stronger than your teammates combined, you will command your lane to victory, while your teammates die at baron again.

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Here is where things get complicated. I will write the reasoning behind my careful item choices.'Rot_Portal_item.png/revision/latest?cb=20150107204745 Zz'rot portal: This is a crucial part of your build. The extra stats gained from the item will help you sustain in the long battles your army and the enemy team engages in. Rule number juan. Never let the commander die. The extra support from the portal active will help your army IMMENSELY. Banner of command: Every commander has his righthand man. Pop the active on a cannon minon and it will solo kill baron. Each and everyone of the stats gained from this item will benefit commander Yorick more than anything. Manamune: It gives u and tons of mana. Who the hell cares about the ad. The more mana you have the bigger your army will be. Lucidity boots: You will be able to summon your army more frequently, the relentless onslaught never stops! Ohmwrecker: The stats gained from this item is similar to the banner of command, it will maek you super ****ing strong. The movement speed bonus will make you uncatchable. and the active will let your army kill the entire enemy team without getting hit by towers. Triforce: this item is the last item. your army is only as strong as the commander. This item will make you a beast. But who cares about you. Your army will solo kill the United States of America.

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Pros / Cons

+Pros: Everything
-Cons: Your team might rage at you, then again, they're all feeders and you're the best player in the league.

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Farming at early levels might be difficult. But once you get enough items, you can start summoning your army, and dear god they will farm for you faster than a ******* getting whipped.
The thing about commander yorick is that, you will never leave your lane. No matter what. Just keep pushing. The army has one direction and that is forwards.

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Team Work

What's teamwork?

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Stages of the game explained

Early game: stay back and farm. Every successful commander starts off slow. give the enemy a false sense of security "Hey! this Yorick is kinda weak, i think i will bully him in lane"-enemy Teemo. Once he gets close and runs past 10 minions just to hit an auto on you. Hook him with your q, then taunt with your w, then nuke him with your ult.

Mid game: at mid game, you should be pretty confident in your army by now. Summon them non stop and push the lane. Do not, DO NOT, give a **** about your team mates or anything other than top. If you get ganked by 5 people. Let your army kill them. They can't defeat the horde. The army's morality is the key part of success. As long as you, the commander, keep a positive attitude towards the battle, they will eventually succeed, no matter the hardships and challenges they face, as long as your stand tall against wind, even the strongest gales will back down in face of your might.


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