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Jarvan IV Build Guide by Commando Jarvan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Commando Jarvan

Commando Jarvan, How to carry games as a tank

Commando Jarvan Last updated on June 20, 2011
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Have you ever wanted to play something useful like a tank yet have fun? And still win games and get credit for carrying games, assisting wins? Look no further, because this guide is your answer how to play Jarvan as a tank the one and true way to play him, yet to be a threat to enemy team and their carries.

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Armor penetration marks and quints for that extra "oomph" that makes all your attacks just smash through those carries and supports. Flat armor so you are able to take some hits from creeps without being humiliated, and makes you able to stand the harass from ranged champions while you do those lasthits. Magic resist per level runes so you get that little protection from the casters.

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0/11/19 to get the Nimbleness for that extra movement speed, it will be a life saver and sometimes able to guarantee that kill when chasing a target and you dodge that minion attack, bonus armor and magic resistance for the obvious reason.

You take haste and blink of an eye to boost and reduce to cooldown of your summoner spells, which are pretty much a must since they are a nice boost to have and will be used alot during the game.

Extra movement speed that makes you that unstoppable train that can ruun around the map and chase those carries and support trying to get away from fight.

Cooldown reduction so you can just spam those abilities when they are needed.

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You start with cloth armor and 5 potion, and start off at top solo if possible, but Jarvan is also a great babysitter, able to save that teammate from ganks or help to guarantee the kills. Jungling is still possible, but is not the point of this guide.

Cloth armor to give you that small armor boost to protect u from the minion hits and harasses, potions to help you stay in the lane for a longer period of time.

Next step is to get that Wriggles, or atleast madreds and boots when u go to shop for the first time, if u get Wriggles and boots on the first shopping trip, you will know you are doing great, and it will all be downhill from here. Your creepscore will skyrocket and help you to build the rest of the items, and the free ward is also great to prevent you from getting ganked, and the lifesteal continues to contribute being able to stay in lane longer.

Ninja Tabi if the enemy opponent got 2 or more melee heavy champions, you can switch to Mercury threads if the opponent team is caster heavy.

Leviathan, is a great snowball item, and as soon as you have mastered how to play with tank Jarvan, you will easily crank it up to the 20 stacks, you need to become pretty much unstoppable.

Banshees Veil to give you protection against those nasty casters.

Atmas Impaler to really boost up your damage, and as soon as u get those Warmogs, you will really start hitting like a truck.

Warmogs to boost up your health, and with atmas, to boost your damage, if game decides to go super long, replace wriggles with another Warmogs.

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Skill Sequence

Max that Demacian Standard first for the extra armor, attack speed, and for the damage that can be used to lasthit those creeps u cant reach in time or its too dangerous to go for them.

1 Level of Dragon strike for that knockup and small armor penetration for the carries of your team you max this up last.G

Golden Aegis, its amazing ability, thats why it will be maxed up as 2nd, giving you AoE slow and Temporary Health which can be used to towerdive or just to survive tough situations and save your teammates by slowing down the opponent team.

Cataclysm, Your ultimate and next ability to max, bread and butter in teamfight, to catch up with those running squishies, and keeping them away from your team.

Dragonstrike, mostly needed for the knockup combo, but as soon as u get the right items, the damage on this ability will go up and be great even in lategame.

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Summoner Spells

Flash to escape, initiate, and finish those running enemies.

Ghost, Pretty much the same, you will be using both of these alot during the game.

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Overall, this guide is about teaching you how to be a tank Jarvan, and be credit to the team and yet not being that blob of meat everyone will attack last since there is nothing else you can do but take damage.

Hope you people like the guide, even if it was written in hurry, and always leave a comment and feedback about the guide to improve the build, so Jarvan can and will always be a great tank even in the future.