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Corki Build Guide by ADCGuides

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ADCGuides

Corki ADC Guide

ADCGuides Last updated on October 10, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Corki with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Graves Graves has the advantage in lane because of his Buckshot poke and his ability to dodge Phosphorus Bomb with his Quickdraw. At level 6, Graves has kill potential with his Q R combo, so try to poke with rockets before going for kills.
Jinx This is a pretty even match-up, with Corki's laning phase being a little stronger. Jinx has no dash\quick movement ability, so hitting Phosphorus Bombs is possible for strong poke. At level 6, Jinx gets a larger power spike than Corki, so play aggressive while trying to avoid her SMD Rocket.
Twitch This is an even match-up because Twitch has a ramp-up time. Corki can be aggressive in lane because Twitch isn't a mobile champion and you can hit your Phosphorus Bomb for strong poke. The only thing to avoid is Twitch going invisible at levels 5 and later and going for all-ins. If he gets the jump on you, he can 100-0 you and chase you down with his ultimate.
Ezreal This is an even match-up which depends on how many skillshots Ezreal can hit. If he lands a lot of Mystic Shots, the lane gets really rough for Corki. Ezreal has lots of mobility and can avoid your pre-6 Phosphorus Bomb poke. At 6, Corki can return the poke with his rockets, but be sure to save Valkyrie for Ezreal's ultimate in big trades.
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The Laning Phase

If played well, Corki will be a force to be reckoned with throughout the game. He’s powerful in the early, middle and late phases of the game. Early on, your primary source of damage will be auto-attacks mixed in with Phosphorus Bomb (Q) and Gatling Gun (E) when appropriate. If you do not have mana sustain in lane (like a soraka), then you will want to save Gatling gun and not spam this spell; so you have enough mana to valkarie away if needed.

If the champion(s) that you’re laning against have more sustainability than you, then you’ll likely have to burst them from near full health to zero in order to kill them. If this is the case, you should be less focused on harassment and more focused on farming.

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Corki is a farming machine. Most AD ranged champions have considerable early game damage with their builds and Corki is no exception to this. This makes last hitting with your auto attack not very difficult. Additionally, all of Corki's abilities have area effect damage but you will want to focus on using Phosphorus Bomb (Q). Use your auto attack to polish off any low health creeps left alive by your phosphorus bomb. Later in the game, you can use Phosophorus Bomb (Q) and Missile Barrage (R) to clear ranged or melee minions instantly. For extremely large waves, you can also use Gatling Gun (E) to quickly farm. Keep in mind though that this will push the lane towards their tower, so you need to use your own common sense of when to clear a creep wave rapidly and when to just use phosphorus bomb and your auto attack so that the lane doesn't get pushed quite as fast.
Corki also farms into the neutral minions very well. You’ll want to use Missile Barrage (R) and then Valkyrie (W) and immediately Phosphorus Bomb (Q). This will enable you to clear a wraith camp very quickly. If you do this to the opposing jungler, you’ll not only get extra XP and gold, but you will be stifling their Jungler significantly early game. Just be sure to be careful before stealing the enemy wraith camp, know where their jungler is first. The support on your team should be able to CV properly or if you have a ward, you should drop it in the brush entrance to the enemy wraith.

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Strength: Harass

Harassing comes naturally with Corki, it’s just his thing. Corki’s Missile Barrage (R) ability allows you to deal damage from a safe distance. His Phosphorous Bomb (Q) ability will also allow you to trade hits with an AD based opponent as well. As mentioned above, don’t spam your Q-E abilities early in the game, you’ll find yourself dried out and useless. Always leave yourself with enough mana to cast a Phosphorous Bomb (Q) and Valkyrie (W) for defensive measures.
Corki is great at dealing with harassment as well. If you find yourself getting zoned in a side lane through the use of brushes, remember to use Phosphorous Bomb (Q) which will reveal enemy champions in brushes as well as Missile Barrage (R) to drive them out of there. Don’t forget to use Valkyrie (W), Corki’s built in getaway, whenyou find yourself in a sticky situation.

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As a ranged AD carry Corki has little defense, so positioning is very important with this champion. Your only actual defense is your escape ability; Valkyrie (W). You can use this ability to quickly escape enemy champions should they start making an approach towards you. Keep in mind that since this is Corki's only defense, he is quite vulnerable to enemy crowd control mechanics, so you must be mindful of your position and try to stay behind your creeps and/or your allies when dealing with enemy champions. Getting caught out of position as Corki will most likely result in your death.

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Save enough Mana for Valkarie

You should almost never use Valkarie to initiate a fight or start a fight unless you know you will have the advantage and a jungler is comign to gank. Most cases you will want to save it incase the enemy jungler comes and you need to escape. It is your get out of jail free card. Play more passive when it is on cooldown and then re-engage more aggressively when it is up.

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General Playstyle
Corki is a ranged AD carry. You should be farming for most of the game, while trying to contribute to the occasional dragon fight. Your role is basically to provide as much damage as possible in late game team fights. You are the “sustained DPS”, who provides massive amounts of single target & AoE damage by farming all game.

Team Fights
In team fights, you should be hiding in the back and getting auto attacks / rockets in every once in a while. Your strength is poking and dueling, but many tanky or melee DPS characters can 1v1 you with ease if you are not careful.
Use your range to your advantage. I personally am a very aggressive player, and Corki fits my playstyle well because he can overextend and play unsafe with his W spell. By carrying Flash & Exhaust as well, you can pretend to run, wait in a brush or in the fog of war, and turn on them with your QER burst & auto attacks.

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Tips and Tricks

-One of the most important tricks with Corki is jumping over terrain with his Valkyrie (W) ability. You can jump over almost anything in Summoner's Rift and this will allow you to escape bad situations very quickly. Such situations could include a gank while attempting to do dragon or a jungle invasion gone wrong. Jumping over trees and walls will prevent most other champions from continuing their pursuit allowing you to get away safely.
-Another important trick for Corki to use is a Phosphorus Bomb (Q) to harass. It will deal damage and place a debuff the enemy champion.
-The use of Exhaust in a team fight will prevent certain champions from diving you, but it can also turn a fight completely around.