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Corki Build Guide by GloboxLoL

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GloboxLoL

Corki : How to deal TONS OF DAMAGE

GloboxLoL Last updated on November 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi! This is my first guide here on mobafire and it is for my favorite champion , Corki The Daring Bombardier. Remember its my first guide ever so dont hate so much but give me tips on how i can improve my guide even more! Im not a high elo player by any means but i play the game for fun and i wanted to write this guide cause i think i know quite a bit about the champion itself.I Havent played that many ranked games yet with corki cause i never ever get to play ad carry so i mostly play normals when i wanna play Corki

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I take this runes because in my opinion they are the best reds for ad carries.

I prefer to get armor because corki is very fragile early on and it just helps against other ad carries on bottom lane.
Other ''Okay'' Seals . Mana regen /5 sec per level . However i dont really like taking these cause we do build manamune early.

I Take Flat MR because as i said earlyier that corki is very very fragile early on and these will help specially good if your up against for example Kog maw or ezreal who do deal a bit of magic damage but it's just personal preference.
Other ''Good'' Glyphs Mr per lvl . You can really choose if you wanna go flat mr or per lvl i prefer flat tho.

I take arpen because most ad carries dont have that much armor and if you do true damage to them it will really help you early on.
Other ''Good'' Quintessences. Attack Damage i dont usually take these but you can take them if u feel u wanna farm easyier but as with the mr it just comes down to personal preference.

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Standard Mastery Page for ad carries like Corki , Ezreal and Kog'Maw.

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I build alot of different build on corki but i prefer this item build more then for example rush tri force cause this gives more damage and i like dealing tons of damage.
Im just gonna list some good builds that work fine

Dorans Blade ,Berserker greaves, Tri-Force , BloodThirster , Banshees Veil , Black cleaver , phantom dancer . ( Sell dorans late game )
Dorans blade , Berserker Greaves , Manamune , Tri-Force , BloodThirster , Banshees Veil, phantom Dancer . ( Sell dorans late game )

There are many ways to build corki so just try out different build until you find the one that you like.

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Skill Sequence

1.Max R which is obvious.
2.Max Q I Max this over e because i feel that i can get more q's of then e's. I max q when im up against a medium to high range champion.
3.Max E Sometimes i max this over q but only if im up against a low range ad carry such as Twitch , Ezreal , or sivir (i have never actually faced a Sivir in bot lane yet but if i would i would max E.
4.Max W I Always max this last while taking a point in it at lvl 2 for greater escapes from ganks and those stuff.

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Summoner Spells

FLash and Exhaust is what i take when im duo laning with a support like most ad carries.

If i would go middle i would take FLash and Ghost.

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This is very very important Farm you gotta farm alot specially on Corki cause you will get powerful earlier if u dont get any early kills in bottom lane. When you have your manamune it is really easy to farm cause you can just R the caster creeps and the q them and BAM they are dead. The same goes for the meele creeps, They do have a bit more health then the caster minions but you just have to hit them a bit more maybe even use E to farm the creep waves quickly.

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Good laning partners for Corki

My Favorite Supports to have with me are Taric Leona Soraka Alistar

Now why do i like those supports the most ? Well we can start with Taric i like him because he has a nice stun and a armor aura on his w.

Leona, She has become one of my favorite supports to lane with actually because of that she got 2 stuns and a slow . Leona stuns and you can just start dealing tons of damage to them when they are stunned/slowed.

Soraka. I Dont usually like to lane with her but she is acutally a really good support for corki thanks to her Astral Blessing and her Infuse and ofc her ultimate which can save you if u are caught in a bad posisiton.

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The Good Old Corki how i miss you

Corki was one of the best ad carries just because of his blind from his q but the nerf that took away the blind made me sad and many people stopped playing him but i hope this guide will get you to play Corki again!

And this is how i was when i saw that his blind got removed

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Reginalds Video on Farming

Reginalds corki video where he shows how he farmed on him when he played him
Sry if there is a AD nothing i can do to change it :(


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Closing Words

The guy who inspired me to make my guide im gonna link his guide Your text to link here...

If u want add me in game i play on EU West . My IGN is StingTNA

Hope i see more corkis now after making this guide !

Hope you enjoyed this guide and its my first guide but i will make more guides if i get feedback. Bye Bye Bye and feel free to ask me something on LoL or here in the comments