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Corki Build Guide by PossibleFather

Corki - Hybrid Domination

Corki - Hybrid Domination

Updated on July 16, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PossibleFather Build Guide By PossibleFather 3,532 Views 1 Comments
3,532 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PossibleFather Corki Build Guide By PossibleFather Updated on July 16, 2011
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I don't know why but i hardly see any Corkis go hybrid, especially since every skill except Gatling Gun is based on AP. Your pretty much guaranteed success if you know how to play smart. You'll be sitting at over 200AD and 400AP by the time your done with this build, with some decent attack speed.
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- Deals an insane amount of damage in a short time
- Can carry a team if played well
- Great at probing at the enemy team before a team fight
- AOE ability that can reduce the armor of the entire team if positioned correctly
- Massive AOE damage
- He rides a freaking Urf


- Very Squishy
- No CC
- Targeted when found out how deadly you are
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Skill Sequence

I choose to max out Phosphorous Bomb first because its great for harassing and not only does it do great damage, it can be used to check bushes for hiding enemies or reduce their hit chance. I choose to max Valkyrie second because the lower the CD on it the better and it also does some decent damage with this build, although it primarily should be used to chase down an enemy or escape. I max out Missile Barrage next for obvious reasons(Ultimate) and max out Gatling Gun last because your going to be relying more on your AP abilities than this but the reduced armor is nice.
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How to Play


Start out with a meki pendant and 2 Health Pots, then head to the lane of your choosing. Last hitting is at the top of your priorities at this phase, harass when possible but make sure you have enough mana to Valkyrie out if they try to gank you. Go back to base when you have enough gold for a tear of goddess and some boots. By the time you get manamune and your sorcerers boots, it will be mid game.


This is when your really gonna shine and show the enemy team who's boss. Your priority during this phase is to farm as much as possible and gank. It shouldn't be too hard to farm for corki since his Q can wipe out a wave of minions along with his ultimate. Before a team fight make sure to harass them as much as possible with your Missile Barrage but make sure you keep 2 or 3 missiles to snipe down any stragglers afterwards.


By now you should have at least your rabadons cap and be dominating the game if your team has some skill and have the enemy team well on their way to a surrender vote. In this phase just keep probing at them with your ultimate but never get too close as it will lead to certain doom. Remember this is a glass cannon build so don't expect to come out alive if you do get too close. If you need to escape just Valkyrie, flash, or ghost away the only time they should ever reach you is if you over extend or a global ultimate..which isn't a good time for corki.
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Checking Bushes

Although Phosphorus Bomb is usually used to check bushes, you can use Missile Barrage just to be extra careful.


Go in from behind them and start spamming your Missile Barrage. When they get close enough throw down a Phosphorus Bomb and turn on Gatling Gun and since your Valkyrie does some good damage with the amount of AP you will have try to throw that down in a path you think they will take. If after that they still have some health left throw a missile or two at them before they get out of range, this usually finishes the job.
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Corki is an amazing champion and can be extremely devastating if used by a skilled player. Although he puts out some incredible damage he cant win games alone, so make sure to communicate with your allies. Although the obsession i see with Corki builds leans towards going all out AD, i think you will have a great time seeing how well he does as a hybrid in this build. I hope you enjoyed reading this build as much as i had creating it. If you try out this build please leave a comment with any suggestions or feedback and a rating.

Thank you for reading my Hybrid Corki Guide

- PossibleFather
League of Legends Build Guide Author PossibleFather
PossibleFather Corki Guide
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Corki - Hybrid Domination

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