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Corki Build Guide by M4G3R

Corki - I got a bogey on my tail!

Corki - I got a bogey on my tail!

Updated on January 24, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author M4G3R Build Guide By M4G3R 14,061 Views 4 Comments
14,061 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author M4G3R Corki Build Guide By M4G3R Updated on January 24, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Corki
  • LoL Champion: Corki

Introduction to this epic short Corki guide

Hey guys, it's me ProMager again.. :) back with a new corki build as i promised...

Now, as for all guides, you shouldn't be rating, critizing/applause before you have read the entire guide, some of your questions might be answered deep within the text, so look closely :)

Speed of heat!

Note that this guide is fairly short compared to the other in-depths guides, and it does not include any screenshots of scores etc.

This guide is purely for Ranked games, this means that the build is based on the fact that you are bot lane and that you get tons of farm! You also need practice, a brain and a natural feitsh for small guys with cool hair. Otherwise it is impossible for you to master him, and you should go play Master yi instead.
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Pros / Cons

Corki has got a variety of setups, therefore a variety of pros and cons. However, i am gonna give you the benefits and backsides you get from my exact build.

- Tons of damage
- Great initiation
- Great farmer
- Is imo non-counterable if played right
- Built-in armor deleter!
- Got epic skins, model, taunts/jokes and quotes

and for the downsides

- Low movement speed
- Low range
- No CC, only slow from Trinity force

Corki is a deadly weapon in the hands of a master, but a lousy lowbob if you don't master him. HOWEVER, this only makes the champion better, since you can then play him in tons of ways, and still pwn like a boss..
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Masteries, runes, summoner spells and skill sequence

For masteries, i take 21/9/0. This allows me to.. haha, no i am not Phreak ;) lol.. well, it still allows Corki to be very tanky combined with some armor runes, trinity force and banshees veil.

For runes
i take AD Quints, Arp Marks, armor seals and AD glyphs. Right now, there is a huge debate going wether if you should take Arp or AD quints, allowing you to get 31 Armor pen at lvl one (with masteries). This is the standard setup, but Corki has got so much armor pen with his E, which makes the AD alot more efficient.

Summoner spells are again a individual thing, and i cannot tell you what is gonna benefit you best. However, i myself have experienced alot more succes picking Cleanse instead of Exhaust, that makes Corki pretty much non-counterable, but a counter for all other AD carries. I see flash as a must for myself, but using Cleanse/Exhaust is also a very deadly combination.

For skills i lvl up E first. This is imo the very best way to succesfullly win the lane, taken in notice that you will have to be a solid farmer, but still be able to take an enemy down from 100% hp to 0. Some players Max their Q first, but this is ONLY for harrassing/trading, and is imo not viable, unless you're able to COMPLETELY zone your enemy AD carry. But again, this is a matter of playstyle, and i must admit that i myself leveled up Q first back in the g'old days, and still pwned with it, but the E suits me alot better.
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I think Corki is best played with this build, since it will allow you to deal TONS of damage, while still being able to endure a full AP carry combo. And i must say, with this build i have not lost an 1v1 against the enemy AD carry, since you frankly deal just as much damage, but you're alot more tanky (however, i go frozen mallet lategame with vayne, but still, corki is better).

Black Cleaver VS Last Whisper
The big question, however i do now have a final result. Black cleaver is best!
let me put it this way. Last whisper is just as good as 100 AD when your opponent have got 80 armor. This means, if your enemy have got below 80 armor (After your 10% from talents, and the armor pen from your E and Runes) IT IS NOT WORTH BUYING! Black Cleaver however, gives you 30% attack speed, more AD, and +45 armor pen, this is more than enough!

Remember, if you do not feel like buying Phage before Infinty edge, then dont do it. I can usually afford Phage, BF sword and boots the first time i go b.
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Roles ingame

Corki is best played as an AD carry, period.

Since this guide is for ranked games, we should assume that you go botlane, and get to lane with a support + you get all the farm. Play defensively, farm like a boss and wait for a gank. Save your Valkyrie for escape/catching up, and never play too agressive.

Corki can be played mid as well - if you want to go mid, leveling up Q first is probably the best choice.
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Corki can lane with any supporter due to his variety of playstyles. My favourites are Sona and Alistar, but a well playing Janna or Blitz i also very effective.

As long as they ward, let you farm and assist you, you should be OK.
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Quick tips

1. Use smartcast!
- If you do not know what smartcast is, then you should probably go check it out. Smartcast on Corki is so nice! it makes your ulti alot more easy to spam, and your Valkyrie ALOT more easy to trigger.

2. practice, practice and don't give up!
- Corki is very hard to play for some, this means you might need alot of practice in normal games (don't do botgames, won't help you!) but seriously dude, just don't give up.. He is totally worth it!

3. Get one of his epic skins!
- This might sound weird, but after i got Red Baron decades ago, i feel much happier when playing him, allowing me to practice without it's getting dull.

4. Charge your ultimate when you wan't to steal something

- Stealing baron is always fun - to do this more efficient, charge your ultimate up to a "big one", same for initiations and ganks.
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Goodbye my friends!

That was all for today folks, as i said this is a short guide. If you want a more in-depth guide i suggest you go to This guide deserves some credit, and even though it is a bit different from mine, it is still an epic guide from a skilled player :)
My guide is just for thoose who needs an idea of who Corki is

I will edit the guide as the game changes, and if i find any mistakes (i usually do) please note that my english isn't optimal, and i shouldn't be judged on that.

If you feel for it, please link it to your homies or atleast keep it in mind :)
Please comment/rate, and good luck pwning! :)

Whiskey delta!
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Change log:

24/01 2012 - Guide was published!
24/01 2012 - fixed a few mistakes and some bugs.
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If you do not understand my epic gangster slang, then you're not pro!

Just kidding... i think you guys should be able to understand what i write, atleast the meaning of it :)
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