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Corki Build Guide by HeAt

Corki - R.I.P. The Jacker

Corki - R.I.P. The Jacker

Updated on November 17, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author HeAt Build Guide By HeAt 65 25 254,325 Views 104 Comments
65 25 254,325 Views 104 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author HeAt Corki Build Guide By HeAt Updated on November 17, 2011
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Hey Guys HeAt here again, pumping out another build, once again utilizing the new chapter system. I got some of the basis of this build from the Corki - The Shredder build, then worked off of it. I feel my build provides lesser of a hard-carry damage output, but more survivability and ability to counter tanks (this build shreds 120+ armor). I would also like to introduce the fact that corki, due to his shredding, is possibly the hardest hitting carry in the game, and his shred is AoE, meaning that it can effect everyone in the fight which is in front of it, letting your whole team deal near-true physical damage (try it with a twitch ;) fun times)
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Pros / Cons

- Heavy Damage
- Great ability to reduce armor <0
- Great early game power (his Phospherous bomb is LETHAL when you level it first)
- Ability to farm (even when grabbing a dorans shield, corki's passive ads the 10% true damage, making last hitting/farming a breeze.
- Great escapes

- Extremely Squishy
- Difficult to Master
- Vulnerable to Crowd Control
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For runes, I run as much armor penetration as possible. The more armor you can take off of one target, the more damage you do, MUCH more.

I run:
: Armor Penetration Marks
: Health At Level 1 Seals (provide some more early game health, combined with the dorans for survivability).
: Mana regen/level Glyphs. Might not be much, but it saves you from building any more mana regen after your manamune.
: Armor Penetration Quintessences Just Add to the Flurry of damage you will be dealing. 34 armor penetration at level 1 is slightly overpowered in my opinion. You will be dealing true damage to most characters that would mid against you.
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: You want the dorans shield first, especially if you are mid. You want to be able to survive in lane as long as possible, and farm as much as possible. Your passive makes last hitting so easy that you dont need a dorans blade.
: The manamune is possibly the best damage item I have been able to find for Corki early game. Because of the fact that he is starved for mana, and really needs attack damage, The manamune effectively provides both. He doesnt need additional armor penetration this early, you already have 34, which until you get your cleaver is more than likely to be enough
: The Mercury Treads are possibly the best way to counter corki's #1 weakness... Crowd Control. Corki naturally has a great escape mechanism. Using merc treads combined with the Banshee's Veil, you should have little to no problems with CC's
: This item is fairly self explanatory, namely the change, which now also provides attack speed, as well as bonus attack damage and less armor pen, but faster. This means with your E at max level, 3 stacks on your cleaver, and all other armor penetration sources, you cap out at about 125 flat. More than enough to wind anyone except a tank down, and even some tanks, to nothing.
: Banshee's Veil, as stated before, is another STRONG counter to crowd control. IF you learn how to position yourself properly, you won't die very much (haha im still in the learning process..). Secondly, it adds mana to your manamune, providing something like 8-10 AD.
: The infinity edge just tops off the amount of damage you do with a disgusting amount of critical damage. This should help bring out your A game and take out your enemy!
: Trinity force as a whole is just a great item. Movement speed, crit chance, slows, attack speed, and finally, the sheen proc. You get the sheen proc off alot because every time you shoot your ult or your Q it counts as a spell. In a team fight, if you are spamming your ultimate (like you should be), you will notice yourself get 3-4 sheen procs off, which will do a bonus 250 dmg each. (base damage + 150%). Follow the order in the item build because it gets sheen earlier, which is when you want it.
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All of your skills are great for farming, but when in laning phase, the only farming skill you should use is Phosphorous Bomb. It is equivalent to ashe's volley but does more damage. If you are in lane and you see there are 2-3 creeps, and you only have a choice of one, pop the phosphorous bomb on it and kill all 3. There are few reasons you should miss ANY creeps if you can last hit well. You want to take your last hit when the creep is at about 50-60 HP. Your Q can take creeps with a bit more, depending on its level.
A couple of goals to go for when last hitting:

1400 Gold by Halfway Through Level 7
100 Lasthits by 11 minutes
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Soloing Mid

I can't stress this enough. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS SOLO MID. You can out damage most people in mid (you may have problems with kennen, or vlad). Ex. If you are against an ashe or teemo.. or even a tristana, or MF. If they come in for an auto attack, hit them with Q and your auto attack. You have automatically done whatever the Q damage is and the bonus damage from your passive, as additional damage to what they have done to you. Pop your E and start getting their armor down. They are also missing 35% of their attacks because you popped your bomb on them, if you have your ult up, hit them with that too. You can burst half their health after phosphorous bomb, an autoattack, and 1 ultimate shot. If you get your E off and keep autattacking, shoot your ult more, if they run, valkyrie to them and you should get a kill. They wont 1v1 you if they have less health than you, so keep using your auto attack and Q to get them low.
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Summoner Spells

Ghost: Ghost is a great skill to either maneuver for your last rocket, or run away, or possibly chase with your E. There isn't much i can say about it, you would have to test it and find out, but i personally think that with ghost combined with flash*, you shouldn't die all that much and you have a LOT of outs

Flash: Flash is also a great spell, when combined with your valkyrie it makes ganking you at mid almost impossible. If you are overextended you can use your flash and your valkyrie, even from half or further to get back to your turret. Flash is such a potent skill. You can also use your valkyrie to initate and your flash as an escape, because valkyrie deals damage as people walk through it. Screw around with both skills, you will be surprised what corki can do ;)/
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League of Legends Build Guide Author HeAt
HeAt Corki Guide
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Corki - R.I.P. The Jacker

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