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Corki Build Guide by Divljina

Corki - That little bastard got away!

Corki - That little bastard got away!

Updated on July 15, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Divljina Build Guide By Divljina 5,979 Views 2 Comments
5,979 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Divljina Corki Build Guide By Divljina Updated on July 15, 2011
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This is my first guide on Mobafire. I'll try to be short and precise. One of my favorite and most fun champs for play is definitely Corki. But a lot of people seem to struggle with how to play him right. Well... It depends a lot on your play style and what do you expect from him to do. He can't really fit a lot of rolls. One of the rolls I found him to fills out the best is a glass cannon role. That means you'll die in about 3 hits from most dps champs. You only have the hp to get hit 1-2 times. Now you wonder why to build him this way then? Well... In a good game I rarely even get hit. It's all about positioning. You don't engage alone without a lot of feed, and even then don't engage hard dps champs, especially 1 on 1. You are there to support your team with a lot of sustainable dmg, you are there to poke, to chase, to save, take towers and be overall useful. Consider yourself a carry. Don't take Corki if there is a lot carries in the team already. Remember, in higher elo games you'll get focused A LOT! Use this, come to the fight to pull aggro and back out. By that time your buddies should have dropped their HP by a significant amount. Your positioning will be deciding factor if you will live or die.
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Pros / Cons of this build

- Great auto attack dmg
- Very helpful in fight, they really feel your punches
- Good chaser and runner (summoner spells do 80% of the job)
- Shines from mid to late game, just gets better and better
- Very rewarding and fun for play

- Squishy, dies very easy
- Requires a lot of work and positioning to be useful
- A lot of buff dependency, both red and blue until late game
- Requires to be very skilled
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Q is your early game "nuke" and late game utility. Anyway, it adds to your dmg, excellent for enemy auto attackers. DOESN'T reveal stealth, but is good when you don't want to face check brushes.

W is your GTFO spell that can be used for "no one escapes me" line. Just take one point here.

E is your bulk to dmg and awesome armor reduction tool. Use it to hit multiple enemies, for chasing, for everything. Make sure you are positioned right so the enemy doesn't hit you, but you spray on them. Why level this after Q? Because it doesn't provide much early on. Sound is awesome btw :D

R is da bomb! Excellent ult for harassing, chasing and getting the kill, running away and getting on their nerves, clearing minion waves... But the best use is combined with auto attack, you just hit so much harder, especially after Trinity Force.

You'r passive is the thing that keeps you up with hard hitting dps-ers. 10% true dmg on top of your dmg? Thank you, come again! With this and Cleaver you really make their tanks think again.
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Here lies the point of the build. It is a VERY important aspect of Corki. With this Corki will have a strong auto attack, but the cream and butter lies in his ADDITIONAL dmg coming from his spells, especially rockets. This is what makes you better then everyone else, you need to use your spells very wisely. Corki is hard to master, but you really need only to understand his role and develop a 6th sense for enemy movement. It's rather predictable :D
When you will go back to shop buy is up to you. I don't walk a lot to base for just 1 item but... Sometimes you really need that little upgrade to be better. So, whenever occasion allows it, go base, just don't loose level too much.

Doran's Blade I find to be the best starting item. Gives you HP, "life steal" and some nice dmg. You can get early kills with this, just don't go crazy.

Berserker's Boots are there to make you run faster (duh), which is very important. The other important thing about them is attack speed (AS). AS is very nice for you, you can take Magic Resist boots but... Your dmg will suffer a lot, and dmg is all you have.

Infinity Edge is the no.1 item for dps carries. You are no different. But after you get B. F. Sword, get some lifesteal so you can stay more at the lane. If you get this item early on, you'll notice how you are owning them. This is where it all begins.

Black Cleaver is a very very nice item on you. Attack speed, MOAR dmg, and a very nice armor reduction. Stacked with your E and runes, you'll make them go in minus with armor. Very efective against anything below 100 armor. When someone goes over 100... It STILL is NOT better to get Last Whisper. It just doesn't stack good with your E. Sell Black Cleaver and get LW ONLY if you think that situation REALLY requires one. I never do that.

Bloodthirster MOAR dmg and some lifesteal. This will keep you going in teamfights because you'll get hit almost always. Either focused (gtfo) or some random aoe. Also, you'll be able now to take someone 1 on 1. But... Know who is weaker than you. VERY important part of this item is to stay alive. It is not like other stacking items, but you lose bonuses upon death. That is 40 freaking dmg! A lot if you ask me. Oh, and some lifesteal too.

Trinity Force at the end is just a bulk in your burst dmg. Now you are leaning towards burst instead of sustained dmg. Why not get it before? I don't like it. You really don't have much dmg to make it usefull, much better early items for that money. This just brings your dmg over the top. Also, you'll notice overall toughness, because you get a little bit of everything. Most important stat of them all is the slow effect. Say goodbye to the red buff!

For 6th item, if you didn't sell your Doran's, do it now. 6th item is situational. Quicksilver Sash is very nice if they are boring with Malz, Karthus etc. Most of the time I take some HP from Frozen Mallet or something else defensive. Offensive item if I am really doing good, but even then you are better of with some resist or something.
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Greater Mark of Desolation

Get these just like with any ordinary dps champ. My build heavily relies on your auto attack and this really beefs up your dmg from the level 1.

Greater Seal of Knowledge

A MUST have for Corki without Manamune. And bare in mind you still heavily rely on blue buff for spell spam. Why not Manamune? No freaking dmg but you can spam. Pretty much sucks for me. Learn to use your spells only for PvP encounters and forget about expending them on minions. You CAN do that, but only if you leave enough mana for real fighting.

Greater Glyph of Celerity

I took CDR but really, anything is cool here. CDR is just a leftover from other rune page. I leave this up to you.

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x2 and Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Good idea is to take 2 for HP and one for armor penetration. It gives you a great start because Corki is rather weak in that department.
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I've had a lot of experimentation here and I feel that this is the best setup for Corki and my play style with him.
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Summoner Spells

Just take those two. You only have need for speed and another gtfo spell. With these two babies NO ONE runs away from you and you always run away with a smile on your face :D
Off course you can take anything you want but this is MY build and the way I play Corki with a lot of success. So I must be doing something right.
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- Good thing for you is to take solo or mid for max possible farm, you need it (but you can lane just as good, most of my games are laning and I get most fed on the map)
- Take/steal buffs whenever you feel is right, red one is really important
- Don't engage
- Don't go 1 on 1
- Don't forget to include spells with your auto attack
- Learn to position right
- Remember you are ultra squishy even late game
- Use that dmg of yours to help the team
- And don't waste mana on stupid things
- Bare in mind Corki is not "right click to win", meaning he requires a lot of skill
- Use rockets for KS (hahahha)
- If you take solo, adjust your build if it doesn't do the trick, take armor and pots for Ashe and similar. I actually always take the Doran's Blade. If you go solo, take a lot of care and just last hit. Be annoying with rockets, don't die. If you are laning, get good partner that can take some hits and stay alive, go with someone with snare/stun/fear, or you can go with another carry, but I don't recommend it.
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This is NOT ultimate Corki build. It's rather simple and different approach to Corki. This is equally good if not better then other builds. Try it out, you just might like it. Does the job for me more than OK, I almost always get fed as **** and put out the most dmg. And rarely get whacked. More updates coming soon!

Here is a couple of games with Corki, with a semi good team I rarely lose:
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Divljina
Divljina Corki Guide
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Corki - That little bastard got away!

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