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Corki Build Guide by Wyzz

Corki - The God of All AD Carries!

Corki - The God of All AD Carries!

Updated on August 8, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wyzz Build Guide By Wyzz 2,472 Views 0 Comments
2,472 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Wyzz Corki Build Guide By Wyzz Updated on August 8, 2012
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Hello Guys!

I'm Wyzz and my favorite AD Carry by far is Corki. Corki has it all - great burst, damage, poke, and escapes! Unlike many other AD Carries, Corki does not digress at any point of the game. He is strong early, mid, and late game! This Guide will properly show you how to effectively play and build him to his maximum potential. Although this Guide may not be as fancy as other with pictures, I will explain everything into detail through words. This is my preferred build, and has worked beautifully for me. I find this more efficient over any other Corki build (and trust me, I've tried all of them).

Please don't downvote until you try this build out!
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Pros / Critical Cons

* One of the greatest escapes in the game
* High Burst
* Strong early, mid, and late game
* Strong poke
* True Damage!
* Tank Shredder

* Slow movement speed
* Squishy, but that goes for all AD Carries
* Low base range (550) compared to some carries
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Pretty self-explanatory, really.

AD Marks for greater damage and last hitting, and they also scale with your great passive.

Magic Resist Glyphs - Best for AD Carries. Makes you less squishier early game.

Armor Seals are the best for AD carries. They make you less squishier early game, and therefore will help you significantly.

Quintessences - I also take flat AD for the same reasons as marks.
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It is the standard Mastery build for any AD Carry. Although many AD players prefer 9 points in Defense, I recommend 9 points in Utility for Corki, especially for newer players. Corki is extremely mana hungry early game, and you will need the extra mana and mana regeneration for greater sustain. Once you can utilize his mana to his maximum potential, taking 9 points in defense will also work fine.
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Items - Debate with Trinity Force

Almost every guide and Corki player I've met rushes Trinity Force, stating that it is the best item on Corki in every situation. This in fact is a HUGE myth.

However, the truth is Trinity Force is in fact very, very situational. TF is excellent if you are extremely ahead of your lane, plan to end the game early, and if the enemy team has a squishy team composition.

However, in almost every other situation, the standard infinity edge + phantom dancer is optimal for Corki. I'll explain why.

Trinity Force scales terribly in to late game compared to IE + PD. Sure the utility (slow) is nice on TF, but TF is ridiculously costy and it is not worth it. Yes, the extra mana and health is also nice for a bit more survivability, but it is also not worth it if you are sacrificing damage (and a lot of damage) for health/mana on Corki. You are the carry. You need to output maximum damage. Extra health should be the last thing on your mind, especially since you have one of the best, if not THE best, escapes in the game. And lastly, the highly controversial sheen proc(to proc after ever missile), which is the reason why Corkis get TF. People need to realize that sheen procs of your total BASE damage, and remains the same the entire game; consequently, as the game progresses, it gets weaker and weaker. This is the reason why TF will work only against squishy team comps and if you are significantly ahead, while also planning to end the game early.

However, IE + PD will do MUCH more damage than trinity force does. Remember, Crits also scale with your passive. The +55% AS, +250% Critical Damage, +30% Critical Chance, and the +80 Damage all synergize with each other ridiculously well. The increased attack speed will help you proc your crits and make your passive true damage a lot higher. In the end, this is the optimal build for Corki.
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Skill Sequence

R -> Q -> E -> W is the list of the priorities of your abilities in order.

I don't take gattling gun until level four, because you should really not be using it that early. You are poking at your early levels, and your nuke (Q) will do a LOT more damage than your E. Not to mention your E costs lots of mana. Only use your E when you are sure you are going for the kill. After four, level your Q as soon as possible since it'll be the primary source of your damage early game.

I take W at level 2 in case I get ganked early and I need to get out. It has saved me quite a few times.

Everything else should be self-explanatory, really.
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Summoner Spells

Flash - Always take Flash, it's mandatory for engages and escapes.

Ignite - Probably the best on Corki, as it'll increase your burst significantly early game to secure kills.

Heal - Also a viable option on Corki, heal can be great when used to bait people into tower diving you and can help significantly in teamfights.

Anything else is a waste and should never be used. Cleanse can be somewhat viable if the other team has a high CC team composition.
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You should NOT be missing any last hits with Corki, especially with his passive.

SMARCAST EVERYTHING. You have no idea how much of a better player it has made me if you smartcast corki, especially because he has to spam his missiles in between auto attacks.

When you are going to harrass, autoattack + Q when the other AD carry comes in to last hit. Always use that duo combo when you are going into harrass, AA + Q provides the most damage in the shortest amount of time. Smartcast your Q! It's 10x better.

After 6, you can poke them forever. When you are going in for the kill, ALWAYS remember to use your missiles in between auto attacks. It'll maximize your damage significantly.
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It is pretty much the same rules as any other AD Carry. Always stay in the back of your entire team. If their bruiser comes at you with their gap closers, Valk away and kite them. You can use flash as well if you are in a ridiculously dangerous situation. Just say in the back, attack any target you can attack SAFELY, even if that means you have to attack the tank. Spam your missiles in between auto attacks!

Also, you should barely be using your Q Mid-Late Game, unless you want to check brushes. It does not deal enough damage to be used at that point.
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In my opinion, Corki one of the best AD Carries in League of Legends. He has everything in his Kit, but will fail if used in the wrong hands. He is easy to use, hard to master. Use this Guide to play him to his maximum potential!

Thank you for reading my Guide. If you think anything I've said here is incorrect, please post and I will give you a good response! I am open to criticism.
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