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Corki Build Guide by reaply

Corki The Great

Corki The Great

Updated on October 16, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author reaply Build Guide By reaply 8,402 Views 6 Comments
8,402 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author reaply Corki Build Guide By reaply Updated on October 16, 2011
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Hello All

Pic for good scores. (The defeat was for a different build)

Hello all, and welcome to my "Corki The Great" build.

This build will let you be able to have good sustainability early game and late game (give it a try please!)

In the starting phase, corki will be squishy and have no damage what so ever (sad face.) As you progress with the build you will notice that you can start laning so much easier taking the damage while your lane partner will take them down easily (as so will you.) By the end you will be one of the best tanks ever made that if ever in peril, you can use Valkiery to get away and get those last shots off with your ultimate!

Corki is a great champion. I started League Of Legends around 2/0/11, and when I did, I

started off with Heim and my favorite champion CORKI!. Corki is a great champion and also a great design. He is an old champion that is outdated and is out-damaged and harrased compared to other champions such as Kog 'Ma or Vayne. But Corki will come out of the dark and reign as the AD king once more!
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The runes are nothing special and are not needed, you can use whatever runes you need to your comfort. I just use crit chances and attack speed for my own personal use.

You can use any runes you want, I just don't prefer having AP runes. For obvious reasons.
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The masteries are important in my whole opinion (if you would allow me to have some :p.) This mastery build will let you take less damage, regen health faster, and have more hp which is really needed for corki since he is prety squishy and this build will make him tanky so these should help you survive and will over time help you take down enemys solo and in team fights and everyone will love you for being a good Corki!
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The items seem a bit different from most corki builds. The items selected will make corki be able to lane against anyone early or late! You will be able to take damage and return the favor as intended.


The sequence of the items go as following:

Dorans blade (For the early damage)

Berserker Greaves (For the attack speed bonus)

Warmogs (Now this might seem bad but trust me it really is needed!)

Atmas Impaler (The Atmas Impaler will give you damage/armor/ and a crit chance and will also be effective later!)

Another Warmogs (Oh yes, you are tanky now :))

Frozen Mallet (By now the Atmas Impaler should give you tons of bonus damage from the health and this should make it easy to chase down those buggers!)

Banshee's Veil (Now you have even more health and a spell shield!)

Congrats for completing the build. (When you don't let them surrender :p.)

I would like to see some comments that will criticize my build for what ever reason to help make it better for the community.
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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons

-Major Sustainability
-More Health Than Most Champions
-Increased Damage
-Can Slow Enemies So They Cannot Run
-Corki Himself Can Farm From Range

-Sucks Early Game Untill You Get The Warmogs
-Not As Much Damage Output From Most Builds
-Slower Movement Speed

Have a Pro/ Con belief? Please post comments and I will add it!
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Skill Help

In this chapter I will discuss how to use Corkie's spells in an effective basic way.

-Phosphorus bomb is a neat little skill, it has a decent range that will allow you to output damage while also being able to see inside of bushes. (Before a nerf it used to blind champions.)
-Seeing as Corki is a very dreadfully slow, I would use it to check bushes just to have that safe distance between you and a gank.
-You can use this spell to harras the other team while keep a safe distance.

-Valkyrie is used dashing to an area where you want to target. (Allows you to go through terrain for those sneaky get aways or chases!)
-As stated above, you can use Valkyrie to chase a champion and cut them off and get that kill you have been waiting for since Christmas!
-You can use Valkyrie to get away if need by get that quick distance away or just going through terrain to get away from those baddies.

-Gatling Gun is used to lower your targets armor.
-Not much use here except to lower a champions armor to deal that extra damage to them.

-Missile Barrage is a long rage missile spell that deals damage and recharge over time. (Every 4 charges it creates a big bomb that deals even more damage!)
-A great harrasing spell that is sure to make the enemy team mad!
-You can use Missile Barrage to get enemys down to low health so you can kill them.
-Enemy almost dead and is far away? No program with the Missile Barrage.

Well, that is all for now for the skills!
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The End

So in the start, it was tough last hitting those minions while the enemy was harrasing me. I kept my wits and strength.
I farmed. I got my Greaves and they cannot attack faster than me! I got some more kills (Just i'm corki!) I got my first Warmogs, these minions make me grow stronger the more that I kill in battle. I have been ganked various times but thanks to my training I could use Valkyrie to outsmart them! Time passes I get my Atmas Impaler and most DPS champions are afraid of me since I can take their damage while they cannot take mine! I keep getting more powerful as I got my second warmogs I feel as if I cannot be stopped with all of this health I hold in my small yordle body. The Atmas Impaler is working great with my 4k health it has provided me with much damage just from it alone. Valkyrie is a spell to chase enemy champions but does not help much. I went to the store and I bought the Frozen Mallet; kills are getting too easy I can chase them without a problem now and do a good amount of damage. The enemy is forced all the way back to their spawn and I got the Banshees Veil, I am immune to spells. I saw a Vayne running the other day on 100hp back to her spawn. I quickly use Valkyrie and used Missile Barrage and I got the kill. The war was won.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author reaply
reaply Corki Guide
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Corki The Great

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