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Corki Build Guide by ametc1

Corki - THE Max DPS Guide

Corki - THE Max DPS Guide

Updated on July 17, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ametc1 Build Guide By ametc1 8,666 Views 0 Comments
8,666 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ametc1 Corki Build Guide By ametc1 Updated on July 17, 2011
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Hello all, this is a straight forward dps guide for Corki. Alot of people will call this a noob guide, and I guess it sort of is. It is simple and direct, not very complicated at all. Anyone can pick it up and play it.

BUT, to play this guide and not get roflstomped and feed like crazy will test you. You can swap out certain items for others to increase your resistances, and I will discuss this later in the guide.

This guide requires a team that can play well together. Corki is a team champion, so if the team doesn't work well together Corki DOESN'T work well. I've played Corki since beta(UFO Skin :D) and most games were won because the team worked well, only about 5-10% of games won while playing Corki were won because I carried.

I will try and keep this as brief as possible.
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This build is designed to take full advantage of Corki's true damage passive.

Since they nerfed it(it is now 10% true damage on auto attacks instead of 25%) Corki is not as potent as he used to be. However, with the Desolation runes we can at least attempt to rectify that(aswell as getting Black Cleaver and Last Whisper ;D).

Getting the Alacrity yellows helps Corki during the early game phase(laning) and can provide that little extra push when farming(Corki is an amazingly efficient farmer, he should be in harvest moon :P).

Because Corki is a little bit of a mana pig, we get the Replenishment blues to help Corki keep up his mana during laning. This mana issue can also be resolved by hogging blue buff, but don't take it from champs on your team who REALLY need it.
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The masteries used in this guide are pretty straight forward.

Get the armor/magic resist in the defense and the health/mana regen in utility to help increase Corki's survivability and his ability to stay in lane during the laning phase to maximise gold and experience intake.

In the offense tree you get Archmage to buff Corki's abilities a tad, Cripple to take advantage of Exhaust, Sorcery/Archaic Knowledge to also buff Corki's abilities, Sunder for more armor penetration, Offensive Mastery for increased minion farming capabilities, Brute Force to passively increase attack damage, Lethality to increase critical strike damage(because late game Corki becomes a flying tryndamere :D) and Havoc for the overall physical and magic damage increase.

This combination of masteries makes the most of Corki's dps perks for this build.
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The item build for Corki is just as straight forward as the rest of this guide.

Reason for each item -

Beserkers Greaves: Movement and Attack Speed
Last Whisper: Attack Damage and Armor Penetration
Hextech Gunblade: Attack Damage, Ability Power, Lifesteal, Spellvamp and a 300dmg toggled nuke
Phantom Dancer: Attack Speed, Movement and Critical Strike Chance
Black Cleaver: Attack Damage, Attack Speed and Armor Penetration
Infinity Edge: Attack Damage, Critical Strike Chance, Increased Critical Strike Damage
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Use for skills

Valkyrie - Ganking, Escaping, Increase DPS in a 1v1 or team fight(valkrie over the enemies, turn around and gatling them down to nothing)
Phosphorous Bomb - Reveal brushes, Increase DPS in a 1v1 or team fight
Gatling Gun - Reduce armor, farming, Increase DPS in a 1v1 or team fight
Missile Barrage - Tower diving, farming, harrasing, Increase DPS in a 1v1 or team fight
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Thanks for reading this guide. Remember this guide is purely for Max DPS and is should not be taken as a serious guide.

More guides coming soon!

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ametc1
ametc1 Corki Guide
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Corki - THE Max DPS Guide

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