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League of Legends Build Guide Author sjmk

Counter Jungle - The level 2 invade

sjmk Last updated on January 31, 2016
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This guide all about the level 2 counter jungle cheese. Its very effective if your diamond 5 or under.

Counter jungling works well because players forget to trinket. This won't work as well in higher level games, as people ward like religion.

Example video (includes top side bottom side):

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why it works

First ask yourselves, where do you start your jungle route? most of you would say depends, top side for gromp, and bot side for golems.

Most junglers start gromps or golem to get the smite buff. Then red/blue. Very predictable route in most cases.

What your job is to intercept and kill them at their buff. Being only level 2, almost all junglers don't have an escape/moblilty spell.

By time you arrive, they should about half health from fighting the buff. Plus they don't expect you.

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1. Start at your buff (red/blue)

2. Then walk over and invade their buff from the bush.

Watch the video above, this is what you are going for. If Yi can counter jungle, any other champion with cc can do it better.

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When you ambush them from bush, use CC and get in melee range. It helps you chase especially if your ranged.

Expect their flash and use yours to stick to them. CC when its off cooldown again.


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