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Alistar Build Guide by DayumDavey

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DayumDavey

Cow is a jungle cow

DayumDavey Last updated on February 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This build is for a friend: Thomas, who has interest in my jungle Ali, i play alot of jungle, Ali is by far my favourite jungler, i might make more jungle guides, or solo top guides, with rare solo top champs, since those are epic, I'm sorry if this ain't you're kind of guide, still hoped you enjoyed.

My friend does have experience in working the jungle, so i won't go indept about the jungle, just about how to use Alistar.

In my opinion Alistar is a underrated jungler, i play on EU west, and you only see junglers like: Nocturn, Lee-sin, fiddle, Gangplank, Udyr and Shaco, thats why i love to jungle Alistar, it's rare, and really strong.

I hope u guys feel me on this one.

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Blue: Magic based.
Red: AD based
Yellow: Armor/Armor items
Purple: AoE
Pink: Skills

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Reason i use these runes is that with these runes my early game is really strong, and makes me able to dive a turret at Lv3, the armor, the magic resi keeps u alive in the jungle and in a gank, the magic pen makes ur passive better + you're skills in a gank.

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These masteries make it able for me to do alot of dmg + diving, basically same reason i picked my runepage this way, these masteries kinda shadow the rune page, there are alot of people who run AD/AD pen runes on a jungle cow, ofc it works for a fast jungle, but with the magic pen you're passive jungles just as fast + you're ganks are stronger.

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In my opinion the jungler should be tanky and able to perform good ganks, with these items i'm fast, and hard to take down, my favorite cow, the last item depends on the game, it doesnt have to be a Thornmail, but if their solo top and their AD carry is fed, or even well farmed, i take a Thornmail, it's really good + with you're E the AoE DMG u put out in a teamfight when they focus you is insane, alot of tanks prefer Sunfires cape above a Thornmail, but with Alistar you are the one to start the fight, so the first few shots will always be on you, no matter what.

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Summoner Spells

- Flash and Smite, it's my favourite combo for Alistar.
- Ghost and Smite, it can work, but with "Shurelya's Reverie" as first item after boots, you don't need ghost.
- Either ignite and Smite or Exhaust and Smite, these are really strong picks, for a strong early game, the con tho, is that u don't have much getaway before u got you're "Shurelya's Reverie" so if u mess up, you die.
- Heal and Smite, it's not seen often but i came across it a few times, it's for the super tanky Alistar, might not work well on this build, but it's something i'll tryout for sure.

Always pick smite, since you don't want to slack in the jungle + you need to steal ****, Alistar is a great champion too steal a baron with, Ward it, headbutt in, Smite baron, pop ulti and flash out, job well done cow.

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Creeping / Jungling

You got to make sure that you use the passive the right way, only use a new skill after every passive, with the E at lv2 you can spam it with the blue buff, which basically makes potions not needed.

Jungle control, this is very important, buffs should be taken the moment they spawn, so keep the time in mind, warding a blue buff can make you end up with a free kill and a blue buff,
these buffs are KEY, they truely are, a blue buff on you're AP carry in mid means he can farm freely and harass like a boss, a red on you're AD carry is basically the same.

Warding dragon should not be only bottoms task, you can always buy a ward and ward the waterside of the enemy, this consults in a free dragon, or a nice dragon steal, vision is key.

Infading enemy jungle, you can ward the enemy buffs and steal them, the enemy needs the buffs just as hard as you do, so if you take their buffs it will slow them down bigtime, but never go in without vision, that mostly ends up with you dying, ward it, then take the next buff when its up, or take a buff when either the champion the buff is for, is dead, or if the jungler died, even then, without vision, it's risky.

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You should not farm much, only if you hold a lane, u can take the creeps, but don't push, because you don't want you're carrys to miss farm.

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Team Work

Make sure u are always in the middle of the fight, you also gotta start the fight, always CC the carry's or use the CC to keep your our carry's alive, use both your items in a teamfight, the slow on enemies + the speed for you're team is awesome, make sure you always spam you're E in a teamfight, you always wanna be in the middle so everyone gets healed, even tho the heal isnt that much, it helps alot.

The jungler is a key player, aswell early as late game, Late game your all about the steals, the fast dragons and the tanking, early game you focus on ganks, giving buffs to the right people and jungle control.

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Ranked Play

This should be the same as you're normal play, because, you want all you're games to be #1, so i always play on my best, i strive for wins, always.

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Pros / Cons

In my opinion there are way more pro's but alot of them are not only on Alistar, but on alot of strong junglers, so just named the basic pros/cons.

- Ali is really hard to kill late game.
- A fast cow is the best cow, and this cow, is fast.
- Alot of CC, always usefull.

- Early game, not much DMG, if u gank, u rely on the DMG of your teammates.
- You can't take anyone 1on1, Ali is a teamcow.
- There are not much cons about Alistar, so i can't really fill this list.

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This build is made for a friend, this is how i play Alistar jungle, please leave a comment about my guide, or maybe future guides u'd like to see, or even: what i need to change about my guide style.

I might upload a vid of me doing the first bit of jungle + ganks.
It might give you a better view of how to run a jungle with Ali.
Eventho i explained how to use Ali, i didnt really explain the jungle, but i guess that people who look up a Alistar jungle guide have a commen sence of the jungle.

Took me a few hours to make this guide, hope it turned out usefull, aswell for Thomas as for others.

Have a great time playing the cow.