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Gangplank Build Guide by Schmoopy P Jones

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Schmoopy P Jones

Crit in my Pants

Schmoopy P Jones Last updated on July 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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What's shakin, bacons? Schmoopy (Varok Saurfang) here with my very first build for the great Gangplank the Saltwater Scourge.This will be a somewhat different build than most out there, as Gangplanks are only effective late-game. If played right, you can dominate early and mid game, and by end game it will be so easy you can smash your head on the keyboard and still get a kill. I made this build because of all the Gangplanks I play against who are failing and crying out for a build that will work for them. Well Gangplanks, I'm in da house.

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Pros and Cons

Crits often
High DMG
High Attack Speed
High Movement Speed
Great Harasser

Somewhat low health
Prone to ganks
Prone to CC

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Abilities and when to use them

Parley should be used A LOT. It is your ace-in-the-hole. It deals high dmg normally, and even higher scored with a crit. It is the ability that will make your enemies run.

Remove Scurvy
This should be used when taking a lot of damage. If you are constantly needing to use R.S., you need to play safer. It costs a lot of mana which should be used for your harasses with Parley.

Raise Morale
This is a very handy spell which can be used for a lot of purposes. Use it to chase down your enemies or use it during a fight to give your team the upper hand. It is also a handy escape method.

Cannon Barrage
This, like Raise Morale, has a few different uses. It can be used to initiate a fight, to do high damage during a fight, to slow a fleeing opponent, or to slow your enemy when you are trying to escape. Combined with the movement increase Raise Morale, it is a great way to escape.

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I take ARP marks and quintessences so that I can increase my damage output from auto-attacks, and do more to people with high armor

For seals and glyphs, i grab Crit DMG runes. You will crit A LOT and by end game: always. Having these runes make the crits hurt even more.

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Summoner Spells

Flash Why would you not have flash? It is a great way to get to or away from the bad guys.

Exhaust I take exhaust over ignite for two reasons. One, it slows your enemy so that you can get away or to them. Two, by using Exhaust it can get me in Parley range of a fleeing enemy, where one shot can surpass the damage of Ignite by a mile.

Alternatives: Ignite or Clarity

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A more in-depth item guide

I play gangplank and focus on HARRASSMENT. His Parley has a short cooldown, deals high amounts of damage, and applies on-hit affects and crits. Here's a situation- it's early game and your laning against a Gangplank; you see him aiming his pistol for Parley. You scoot back because you have a thought going through your head: Oh god, this is going to hurt. You close your eyes, and when you open them.. it hits for 60 DMG. You laugh at the Gangplank, then kill him. This build is designed to to exactly the opposite, your Parley will hit for high dmg, your opponent will fear you, and you kill them. Your Parley is your moneymaker.

At the start of the game, you grab Brawler's Gloves and 2 Health pots. There are a few brave souls who would go mid, but Gangplank is more of a team player and will do better in top or bottom lane. As you progress, you will want to constantly be using Parley, killing minions, and avoid using Remove Scurvy; it costs quite a lot of mana, which is better used for more Parleys. Next, trade that Brawlers for a nice Avarice Blade and 2 more Health pots. If you work together well with your laning partner, you should have 1 or 2 kills already. As you progress, get 3 Cloaks of Agility. These will give you more crit chance now, and will build into much better items in the future. By now your crit should be well over 50%, and combined with Raise Morale and Parley, you should easily be able to 1v1 anyone.

The next thing you want is Boots of Swiftness. Some people might say to get the reduced cooldown boots, but in my opinion, he only relies on 1 ability which has a fast enough cooldown already. The extra move speed combined with Raise Morale will enable you to chase down anyone. Next up is a Phantom Dancer, which you should start by getting Zeal. When you get your Phantom Dancer, you will crit VERY often, move fast, and you will attack fast as well. After you get the Phantom Dancer, you encounter a part of your build which I call "Dead Time", where the next thing you buy is B.F. Sword, but you will need to raise 1600G. If you are getting many kills, wait out the dead time until you get B.F., then your damage and crit damage will rise noticably. However, if you arent getting a ton of kills, the cheaper choice is Pickaxe. Your damage will rise and you just bought a new item. It really depends on the situation.

Once you get your Infinity Edge from your B.F. Sword and a Cloak of Agility, your damage will rise significantly, and people will start to be afraid of you. Unfortunately, you will not get into many 1v1 fights due to your infamy. But stick with your team, keep earning gold and make your way another Phantom Dancer. At this point, your crit chance will be at 85% and you will usually hit around 400-500 dmg. You will move VERY fast, and your attack speed will be speedy as well.

Next us Youmuu's Ghostblade. This item will give you 100% crit chance, an extra 30DMG, and a helpful passive. At this point, you will be PWNING noobs back and forth, and making lots of bank. You will now have 1 open item slot, and however you fill it is entirely up to the player. Some may take Trinity Force for the Sheen effect after your Parley, or some might get a Bloodthirster for more DMG and Lifesteal. The item depends on the situation.

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A few of my friends have tried this build on characters like Tristana and Ashe, and have told me it works great. I'm all for trying new things, so if this is an effective build on a different character too= feel free to make a copy of this one and to change whatever you like.

I hope you all have a great time playing your characters.