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Evelynn Humor Guide by kidtaicho

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kidtaicho

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kidtaicho Last updated on August 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a somewhat but not really legit build that really could work for any champion but I main Evelynn so I made it for her. There are definitely some other heroes that would be viable i.e. Ashe, Master Yi, and any AD Carry really. I have some choices here for Eve in particular that make this build a little better for her. I will go over my item choices and skill choices etc. in the next section. basically the theory behind the build is that infinity edges give you 80 AD and 25% crit chance so were trying to build up as much AD as possible while giving you a chance to play for the beginning of the game. Now we get a phantom dancer at the end of the build instead of the 4th Infinity edge so we still have high damage output plus bonus attack speed

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So the runes basically try to fill in a couple of gaps that you'll have when building only crit chance and AD. We get some extra MS and AS so you can chase people better and deal damage faster. The seals and the glyphs are good for Eve so you can pick other ones if you feel like it but basically CDR is good for Eve's Q for doing DPS extra fast. Then the MP5 is good early game so that you get some extra mana for early laning.

Note: I am speaking from experience in general with Eve I don't know what runes would be good if you wanted to try the item build with another champ.

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For masteries I went 24-6-0 because Im a noob
I wanted offense to make up for some deficiencies inherent in the item build relating to offense and then the left over points for a little bit of armor and MR

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Summoner Spells

This is just the way I play eve. As per Calfurion's Eve guide but I personally find this useful as well because of the nature of eve where you can walk around in their jungle stealthed and then steal a buff because they don't know your there or baron or dragon w/e. And ignite is useful for my opening as Eve and its always helpful to pick up a kill.isn't a bad choice neither isfor chasing or running away but as eve you also have your ult which helps for escaping and chasing.isn't a bad choice either for help with ganking.

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Skill Sequence

Just a couple notes about the skill sequence the start gets you a good foundation 2 inshadow walk early to give you a good amount of stealth then maxhate spike for some extra dps but get a point inravage just for a little extra damage first. Then after maxinghate spike we go forshadow walk over ravage since were building no AP so it's more useful to be stealthed.


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Well as mentioned before the goal is to get %100 crit chance and a good amount of AD then just stealth around, ult then and attack guys for large amounts of damage with your AA.
So we start out with a regrowth pendant and health pot so we can go take on the double golems with hate spike, smite and ignite see Calfurion's Eve guide for more detail. Then just lane until you have about 1300 gold then go back to get philosophers stone and berserkers greaves. Then go back and farm up until you can get your sword of the occult. At this point you should still be viable for farming and ganking so do so. Coordinate ganks you need a lot of moneys and stacks on your sword or else you will quickly become useless because this is when the build stops being legit so unless you start doing well now it would be best for you to stop building these items. But if your doing well and getting good stacks and not dying then go for it because you will own more.
As for building your infinity edges you can do it however you want but my suggestion is first get a cloak then the B.F sword and then your first infinity edge. After that get two more cloaks and wait until you can build one of them into an infinity edge. If you get this far your doing very well which is great. Next get a zeal that you can build into a Phantom dancer later, then I would suggest selling your philosophers stone and replacing it with a B.F sword. Then just farm and gank your way to building your next Infinity edge and finish off with a Phantom dancer.

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So basically the viability of this build is very low. You have to GANK GANK GANK to get gold relatively early. After level 6 with your ult you should be able to gank effectively. Basically the pattern would be stealth get as close as you can using your ult to close the distance a little faster if need be otherwise wait to use your ult until after you use ravage to initiate. Then use your ult if you haven't and damage with AA and your Q. I have no further advice but good luck with the build. AD Eve is viable so the first part of the build works decently then the second part is just for fun that's why its a humor guide I would never build this in a real game only with friends. I will post up some scores with this build when I get around to publishing it I figured the first build I posted would be better off as a not real build/ guide so that I don't have to feel bad when no one likes it.


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