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Kennen Build Guide by Ashanti Clan

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ashanti Clan

Critical Kennen

Ashanti Clan Last updated on October 14, 2012
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This is my main build I use for my best character Kennen. Like most people, they always think that any Kennen that is not AP sucks. In this case this build does very good instant damage with the high attack speed and critical hit chance. On average as an end result you will be hitting 2 shots a second with over 400+ critical hits.

Pros: Very good mid/late game depending on player
Very swift and can get away or into fights easily
With such high attack speed and Critical chance, stats you are sure to take out just about anyone

Cons: You are squishy
If an enemy has thornmail you are officially dead
People might rage at you for not going AP Kennen

I might update this sooner or later. (This is my first time posting a build on here so bear with me)

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For starting out a match I go boots and three health pots and generally start up my phage after getting enough farm.

Then I go for a Zeal to get that critical hit and movement speed boost.

Ninja Tabi is next mainly great for its physical damage deduction and armor, so it should help you out perfectly if against an ad team. If needed against an ap team, grab Mercury Treads.

Sheen, and Trinity Force are the next items. After those you grab another zeal and upgrade that into a Phantom Dancer. Besides the critical and attack speed percentage boost, the movement speed should go great with your boots and Lightning Rush.

Now grab a Last Whisperer for that armor penetration, and attack damage.

After, grab an Ionic Spark. Generally the game will be over by the time you get a phantom dancer, but if you are fed enough or the game just seems to last forever, continue on building this build.

The last item is best to choose depending on the team you are currently against. If you need that extra hp and slow, get a Frozen Mallet, or get a Blood Thirster for the nice life steal and damage. I personally would go either Infinity Edge for its crit chance or Nashors Tooth for the ap and cooldown reduction. It's your choice.

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Armor runes are a great way to survive the top lane if up there, but can be replaced with magic resistance if in the middle. (Depends on which way you personally play the game)

With a better armor penetration, Kennen can do the best amount of damage he can do to enemies.

As for attack speed runes, it should help you receive a quick 2 shots a second by mid or later game.

Movement speed runes are a necessity for this kind of build, as you are going to have to be as swift as possible to dodge incoming attacks, to run away from enemies and to catching up the others.

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Summoner Spells

I always use Ghost and Flash for an instant getaway.

If for any reason you don't like ether one of those spells, or want something different you can use Ignite which will help to receive those almost a kill kills.

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Lane and Farm

Depending on your team and the opponent's heroes you usually should go into the middle lane. If someone else needs it more, than just go top and do your best to destroy the enemy. (note this build was originally made for the old meta where the ad carry would go middle.

As for farming, try an get as many last hits as possible to get your Trinity Force faster (if your team is good then you might not even be able to get past a Trinity Force). For extra gold start to jungle.

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When you have enough items to kill Jungle monsters I suggest to go for anything that is closest to you, but I usually go for wolves first. Then to wraiths, golems, and finally lizards. If I need more I either solo dragon which you can probably do once you get a Phantom Dancer, or take their jungle swiftly and quietly.

Now in the jungle near the wolves there is a little spot which you can shoot your Q through at people near the turret. It is great for harassing and being a tad bit annoying to the other team.

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This build will catch people by surprise to how deadly it is. If you have a bad game, well I can't help you with that, but as long as you have a supportive team or people feed you way too much you can basically dominate the field.

Feel free to change this build up or give me suggestions on how to change it. I do hope everyone likes this build I created.

-Ashanti Clan

Edited: Sunday, October 14 2012.