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Kog'Maw Build Guide by unodos3

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author unodos3

CritKog = Madreds x10

unodos3 Last updated on August 18, 2011
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CritKog is one of the best ways to carry your team and it is the ultimate tank killing machine, its like a madreds on roids! This build will make it easier for you to cut through all your enemies due to the speed, range, and damage. Also, at the same time you will have great survivability by late-game. This build is like a Madred's Bloodrazor x10
with all the CritStrikes your laying out, and thanks to Warmogs you'll be extremely tank. Also, Bloodthristers at the end will help you regain the missing health quickly. You end up having 70 - 80 percent chance of crit with all the items. About 2.0 attack speed and 250 to 325 damage. With Phantom Dancers alone you can crit about 150 to 250 damage, Having infinity with that you can crit 400 to 550. After finishing both those items warmogs will play a big role in your increase of crit damage and survivability, your health usually will be around 3500 or more. Then getting Atmas Impaler it will add bonus 50 or 75 attack damage, not only that but your crit damage is raised too. Getting bloodthirster is the last weapon which will reassure that you can not die. You will be getting not only large amounts of health back due to the lifesteal, but you will be increase your crit damage to 700 damage.

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Summoner Spells

I chose exhaust mainly to stop the Dps such as teemo or xin from afflicting damage, that way it will buy you time to take their health out. Every so often I exhaust them if they plan on running away with half-health

For Flash I think it's better used for escaping enemies through walls, using it to get last hit is fine but spamming your ult can finish the job easier (Only if you can skill shot)

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For Critkog you can could have flat damage which is good for getting kills early game and will lead to faster gold income allowing you to buy the build faster. Having some attack speed runes are good because you can layout more shots at a minions or enemies. Late game your speed will be essential and enemy champs get torn apart easily. Critchance runes could be usefully rather than flat damage, but you should always have a little bit of attackspeed so you can layout more critstrikes

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Good teammates

You can not always carry your team alone, if your wondering who is a good pair to be with it would mostly be someone who can slow, taunts, stuns or Long Range but at the same time your partner should do a decent amount of damage.

Slows: NuNu, Singe, Lee-Sin,Yorick, Xin Zhao, Kayle or Mundo
Taunts: Galio or Rammus
Stuns: Swain, Renekton, Alister, Poppy, Leona
Long Range: Cait or Urgot
* Someone who is beefy and does a decent amount of damage,use these to advantage so get the kill and finish the build*

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First Blood

Crit-kog has a slim chance of getting first blood if he's in middle lane because your opponent will be play more defensive due to Kog's range and speed. If your enemy is aggresive play defensive and farm. The goal is to reach 1125 gold to finish zeal and get boots.

Crit-kog laning with a partner will be easier, it is recommended to have someone who had range such as Cait, or slows, snares,stuns, or pulls such as singe, lee-sin, leona. If the enemy champ has 6 to 7 bars of health just forget first blood and farm gold. Unless you have a good jungler like Nocturne or Udyr.

Critkog soloing top is harder, the other team has to either be really bad or your jungler has to be really good. The main goal is to get zeal and boots if you can't kill anyone.

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Choosing a lane

It is recommended for Kogmaw to lane with another champ. rather then soloing mid because with the help of a partner you will be able to either get kills or assist which will get you gold faster. It's very risky soloing top alone because of xp-denying and loss of money, but if you are soloing top be sure your jungler can gank as many times as possible. Never push when it's 1v2, keep the minions on your side of the turret. Same as going to mid-lane, you will need a good jungler to gank or just farm until top or bottom turret is destroyed so you can get help from your teammates.

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Early game Level 1-6

Starting off with a Dagger with is 420 gold and a Health potion which is 35 gold. Then raise your first skill Caustic Spittle. With the abilities passive you will gain bonus attack speed and you will end up with about .65 to .99. In the beginning I usually farm because the goal is to finish zeal which will cost 795 since you already have the dagger and then also get boots which is 350. So the goal is to reach 1145 total. You won't see a lot of crits at first cause your chance is low but once Phantoms is built every 5 or 6 attacks you see 150 to 250 crits. Don't be stubborn with your money, if your getting pushed hard, tower hugging or scared of jungle ganks buy a ward or health pot. Once zeal and boots are finished you should already be level 5 or 6 make your way to finishing phantoms by buying the cloak of agility first then dagger and lastly completing phantoms. If you loads of money start building infinity edge but buy the cloak of agility to increase your crit chance.

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Mid game Level 7 to 11

Now you should have phantom dancers. Next items is infinity edge buy the cloak of agility to increase your critchance then B.F sword and then buy the pickaxe and soon finishing the item. Now you should crit about 450 to 500 damage. Start building warmogs, you can buy giants belt first but if your low on cash go for the red crystal. So once you finish warmogs it will be easy to farm health because you can crit minions in 2 or 3 hits.

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Late game Level 12 to 18

By now you should be able to kill enemy champs rapidly also. With your first move fully maxed out and your seconds move also you can be from a far range and still kill your enemies. Next your goal is to build atmas impaler for its passive and crit. Buy the cloak of agility then armor and later finishing the item. Your crit chance should now be at 70 to 80 percent. Every 2 or 3 hits will end up being critstrikes. Lastly the game is usually over before bloodthirtsters, but if not buy the B.F sword first and then finish the item since your spaces are full. Now you can crit 600 to 800 damage.

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Easy Kills

Even though teemo's blind stop you from killing anyone he can be easily counter if your team kills him first. Fiddlestix is also easy to melt down, when he turns on his ultimate, and you'll be out of range, turn on your seconds move and you can outrange is ultimate. Akali becomes useless when her circle is put down you can easily you your ult to detect her. Brand and Veigar can also build within 3 to 6 shots.

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How to stop Kog

Many people who counter Kog is Teemo, Xin zhao, Warwick.
Teemo blinding causes you to miss
Xin Zhao and Warwick will always target you and melt your health early game.
Anyone who can Crit such as GP or Trynd will be difficult but with kog maws range you'll be able to take out all most all their health by the time they reach you. When trynd Finally get in your face and is using Endless Rage, Just Exhaust.
* Exhuast is always a great way to stop kogs rapid attack speed*

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IF this Build works for you please leave a comment to let me know