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Olaf Build Guide by Raxael

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Raxael

Critlaf the Destroyer

Raxael Last updated on December 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, and welcome to my very first (published) guide! This guide, as you can see, is for one of my favorite champions, Olaf. Below is a complete guide on how I play Olaf. This is in no way the correct and only way to play Olaf, just a way that can rake in tons of kills. As you can tell from the title, this will be focusing on using critical hits to dominate.

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Pros and Cons of Critlaf


    Has a very powerful W, granting a ton of attack power and lifesteal
    Indestructible late game
    Best passive ever, literally forces you to destroy anything in your path late game
    He is a viking

    Can be picked off by fed AP champions until you get warmogs (that is, unless you can get close to them)

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I normally like getting mostly critical chance runes, however critical damage ruins definitely help. The more damage you do, the better. Also, Quintessence of Alicracy grants a ton of attack speed, which you need.

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I go 25/4/1. In the offence tree, make sure you have every armor penetration master you can find, as they help alot in the long run, especially against characters like Rammus.

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Spell overview

This section will go over what spells to use.

Spells I reccomend
I always use exhaust. Exhaust is a great utility for escaping, chasing, and killing, as it slows the target down, and drastically cuts their attack damage. Run into one of those Pantheons who stacks blood thristers? Exhaust him. The lower attack damage will lower his life steal, so you can take him down faster. Is a pesky Teemo running away? Exhaust him, and then proceed to cut him apart.

Ghost is a great spell. It grants you a huge movement speed boost, so you can catch up or run away from anyone. Combine those with your phantom dancers, and you will move insanely fast.

Flash is an alternative for Ghost. I normally use Ghost, but this is also a great spell, as you can teleport over walls, or teleport infront of an enemy to cut them off. This is also great for lining up your Q. Still, I prefer Ghost because you move further in the long run.

Surge is a nice spell. It gives you a nice attack speed bonus, and that really shines when you activate your W, because of the added attack damage and lifesteal.

Every other spell doesn't really work well on Olaf, however if you have a suggestion, leave a comment.

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Item Sequence and Why

Now, for the most important part of the build. Runes and masteries have an impact, but items matter the most.

I always like to start off with a Avarice Blade, because of the extra gold it gets you, as well as the 12% crit chance. Trust me, it adds up once you get your first phantom dancer. Plus, these are very cheap. In fact, you could get two of these, as I do sometimes.

I then get Berserkers Greaves. 25% attack speed is a great little bonus, and it works well with your passive.

Once I have my boots, I start working on Zeal, following up with my first Phantom Dancer. Phantom Dancer grants 30% critical chance. Combine that with an Averice Blade or two, and you can be hitting a crit often.

Next, I get a B.F sword, then a Infinity Edge. Infinity Edge has 80 attack damage, 25% crit chance, and increases your crit damage to 250%. The increased crit damage really shows late game, once your hitting for 800 damage every swing. No, seriously, I once killed Twisted Fate in two hits and a reckless swing.

After that, I get a Blood Thirster. Blood Thirster gets you 60 attack damage and 10% life steal. However, the glory of it is that it stacks whenever you kill something. Having a extra bit of lifesteal and damage really effects how you do when you dont have your W up.

Next, I get Warmogs Armor. It gets you a ton of extra health, and it works well with your passive, because if your down to 25% health, you can still have enough to run in and kill everybody since you get a ton of attack speed. Other than that, it helps your surviveability a ton.

I end off with another Phantom Dancer, after selling the Averice Blade. This will cause you to hit crits on every hit, as well as getting you over 2.0 attack speed when working with your passive. By the time you get this, you will be able to destroy anything.

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Skill Sequence

I break my skill sequence into 2 Olaf's.
Vicious Olaf
This version of Olaf involves maxing Vicious Strikes first, as shown in the display skill build. This build isn't as effective early game, but scales well mid game, when team fights start happening, as you dish out more damage in the long run.

Reckless but Vicious Olaf
This Olaf levels Vicious Strikes and Reckless Swing in unison. The skill build goes
Undertow -> Reckless Swing -> Vicious Strikes -> Reckless Swing -> Vicious Strikes -> Ragnarok -> Reckless Swing -> Vicious Strikes -> Reckless Swing -> Vicious Strikes -> Reckless Swing -> Vicious Strikes -> Undertow(4 times) -> Ragnarok (2 times)

This build scales well early game, and is still effective mid game, though not as much as the previous build. Reckless swing does insane damage early on, and can take down a quarter of someone's health for no mana.

Either build is your choice. I love both, and I think that both are equal.

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Allies to lane with and Enemies to avoid laning with

Allys you should ask to lane with
1. Nunu - Nunu has a steroids buff, that could be game changing, plus a slow and an awesome ult. Overall, hes an optimal champion to lane with.
2. Rammus - Rammus is a juggernaut. He can roll in and absorb tons of damage, making him an apazing initiator. Plus, he has Taunt, letting you get even more hits in while he takes all of the damage.
3. Any support character - This is pretty self explanitory.

Enemies to avoid
1. Alistar - I cannot tell you how much I hate Alistar. He launches you into the air, charges you and launches you into the air, and can generally tank alot of damage, while dishing out damage at the same time.

2. Nunu - He has a steroids buff, a great ult, and a slow. Nuf' said.

3. Warwick - He is monstrous in a 1v1. His ult disables you if your ult is on cooldown, and he has insane ammounts of lifesteal.

4. Anybody with any sort of stun or slow - Self explanitory. Prime examples are Rammus, Lux, Veigar, and Udyr.

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Thank you for reading my very first guide! If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope this helps you!

By the way, if you want to add me, my IGN is Inferno911.

Thanks to Riot Games for making a badass viking.