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Graves Build Guide by WontResist

Critting FTW

By WontResist | Updated on December 17, 2011

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Hello everyone this is my first time creating a build but I really enjoy Graves. this build has allowed me to get several kills in game. This also helps me Crit forever and just dps as Im supposed to. If so could you guys please give me feed back and I tried to help you guys out just how i play him. THANK YOU :D
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How to Play Graves

The vamperic sceptor gives you great sustain ability in early game and therefore you will not have to recall as much. Furthermore grabbing a berserker greaves allows u to have attack speed bonus. you need to make sure u have a lot of farming in order to buy this items asap. This allows you to build your late game crits exceptionally well. Graves goes well with red buff because if his enemy try's to run a way he can quickdraw up to him and slow. Quickdraw gives you a temporary attack speed buff because this goes great with your phantom dancers allowing alot of crits. Your quickdraw is also great for dodging skill shot nukes.
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Team Work

When in a team battle, you want to play as carry. You do the attack speed damage and cast your buckshot to do maximum damage to enemy team. Remember you are carry don't get cocky and try to play as a fighter who ends up dying. Your ult collateral is great for team fights as it does splash damage to everyone around them. This allows you to use your ult to weaken the whole enemy team allowing your team to destroy them easily. Also if you need to chase use your e or quick draw.

You can use your burst combo to help your team out as all his attacks do damage to more than one person.
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Armor penetration marks gives you early dominance in game and late game is great if they build armor. Magic Resist and Armor is because graves needs sustainability. If you want health quintessences that works well.
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The build is mostly off crits and dps. Furthermore if armor becomes a problem you can switch out your second phantom dancer with a last whisper. This works well with your armor penetration. Your crits will being doing them every 2 shots so this is great. Furthermore with infinity edge your crits do insane damage.
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Unique Skills

The skills which Graves has are great for farming, thats his Q or buckshot. His e allows attack speed buff which works well with his crits and also allows for running away. His w is great for ganking potential. And also for running away. His R is great for splash damage which allows great usage in team fights.

GRAVES has a unique burst combo listed below.


This shrouds them in smoke which allows them not to see your usage for the burst. You dash to them send a buck shot cast and ult and ignite to finish.
League of Legends Build Guide Author WontResist
WontResist Graves Guide

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Critting FTW