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Skarner Build Guide by Zabrian

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zabrian

Crushing Tank

Zabrian Last updated on October 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Greetings all and welcome to my build I have spent many months revising and working this build. I have lost a great many games with it and won many so I do not claim like others it is AHmzing but it is what works for me. I thought it would be good to share what I have found success with for others to also do the same. Also I might add you may see similarities between several different builds on here as that is because I spent these many months working with each build finding what in it worked for me and what didn't So please I ask no one sit there and tell me this is a copy of my build or you stole this. I spent much time arranging and finding what I needed and what worked. So on that note please everyone enjoy.

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There are Several Ruins I have selected but not to the point where the small quantity lessens the good it actually will allow.


The first Runes I selected was Greater Mark of Strength Which Grand total adds a bonus of 2.85 at the start of game which helps with your crystal slash ability.
The second set of Runes I Grabbed was the Greater Mark of Desolation Which ups your armor pen. to 9.96 Thus ignoring a majority of your opponents armor at the start of the game thus allowing for better ganking in early game.

Now we move onto the Seals

The First set of seals I started to get where the Greater Seals of Resilience Thus upping my armor by a grand total of +7 This many not seem like a lot early game or late but every little bit adds up and if you notice I took Marks to increase Armor Pen. having the +7 armor Negates 7 of that 9 armor pen. but the flip side of that coin is it also negates the armor runes as a whole but it helps in early game I have found.

The second set of Seals I picked up where Greater Seal of Replenishment. This increases you mana regin by 1.64 Which is what helps push you to that +30 you are looking for in late game.


I only took one Glyph and that was Greater Glyph of Shielding. This glyph is a scaling glyph as you level meaning at level 1 you get 1.35 magic resist but at level 18 you get 24.3 added to your score I grabbed this to help slowly bolster my magic resist. You can get flat but the end game bonus you get will not be as good and you will find that having magic resist in late game is imperative as almost all champions have some sort of magic damage they do to you wither they are a caster or not.


Now these where picked for Obvious reasons

The first Quints I took were Greater Quints of Fortitude. These two give you a grand total of +52 health at start of game which gives you a greater survivability as there is more health to chip away.

The last Quint I picked up was the Greater Quint of Swiftness. This gives me a higher move speed bonus at the start of game giving you a bonus of 1.5% move speed bonus which will scale into late game as you up your move speed with boots and other items like the Trinity Force.

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Skill Sequence

I have a lot and nothing to really say about this accept that Skarner is a spam character with several built in survival tools if used properly but that will be covered later in this section.

His four skills are

  1. Crystal Slash

  2. Crystalline Exoskeleton

  3. Fracture

  4. Impale

Now to Cover Each Skill in Greater detail now that we know what they are.

  • Crystal Slash:

    This skill is your spam skill you will use it every time it is off cool down. It causes damage +bonus physical damage and if it hits a enemy unit it also adds bonus magic damage

  • Crystalline Exoskeleton:

    This is probably one of the most important skills to use there are many uses for it. The three the will be mentioned are using it as an escape mechanizem and as a way to chase down enemy champs and to use it to take down turrets.

    Now This skill increases movement speed and attack speed and slightly ups the damage output. The other more important thing it does is put a shield on Skarner absorbing magic damage. Making it great to use if you are low on health to run away the shield should be able to absorb a hit or two from the enemy and the move speed buff should allow you to run to safety.

    The other Use for it is chasing down enemy champs because of the speed boost if they are low on health you can use it to get that speed boost when they try to run and finish off the kill. The other nice thing is you can attack turrets and use it to get the attack speed increase to start taking the turret down faster.

  • Fracture:

    This is a survival skill which allows Skarner to maker the targets and deal damage and heal him for a little if it kills the target and further heal him if he damages them with crystal slash. This makes Skarner more survivable in lane as you can increase your health with out having to recall so long as there are minions. this also works in the jungle so don't think you cant enter the jungle to regain health.

  • Impale:

    Probably one of the hardest CC's I have seen in the game it stuns the target and allows you to drag them around for 1.75 seconds while they are forced to take damage and be pulled out of a team fight and to a place where you can easily 1v1 them.

There is one last skill I should mention that I did not before and that is Energize his Passive. This passive reduces the cool down of all his skills for his auto attacks. .5 for minions and monsters and 1 full second when attacking champions.

Now The first skill you pick up is Crystal slash Then you pick up the exoskeleton then move to the slash then get fracture then impale as showen above in the skill sequence. The first one of theses you max out is Crystal slash followed up by the exoskeleton then finished up with fracture while picking up impale whenever it is available.

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Now for my items I am aware I have boots of speed listed as my first item. I have a friend that yells at me about doing this and says since your getting a sheen get that then work towards your boots I say NAE to him as you will have a higher move speed and be able to avoid being ganked if you are not CCed by the other team.

Now with that said onto the list of Items and why they where picked and how they are used in game with this build.

  • Boots of Speed

    : These where gotten at start of game to allow you to run and hide and or run to recall if your health manages to get too low. This allows for you to also chase down opponents that are running from you and get the kill before taking turret fire or taking to much turret fire.
  • Sheen

    : Get the sheen after your boots it ups your mana and your AP which further increases your damage output with crystal slash so long as you are hitting the enemy champ or enemy units. Also whenever you use an ability it increases your next physical attack's damage by 100% which your crystal slash is an physical attack. Skarner also does a lot of auto hitting so it also helps there.
  • Berserker's Greaves

    : These up your attack speed which is great for this champion as his Passive Energize reduces the cool down of your abilities by 1 second so the faster your auto attacking the quicker your abilities are able to be used.
  • Tear of the Goddess

    : This i usually pick up next just so I am not mana starved It ups your Mana Per 5 by 7 and gives you over a grand worth of mana. It also building item much like the Boots of Speed and Sheen
  • Trinity Force

    : The Trinity Force serves several purposes to this build. It's number one function is the bonus to both AD and AP as Skarner needs both for all abilities, as well it increases crit, health, mana, move speed and attack speed. Its passive allows you a chance to slow enemy targets. Also it allows when you cast an ability to increase your next basic attacks damage by 150%.
  • Manamune

    : This item is picked up and made form the Tear of the goddess bought earlier. Its main function is to increase your attack damage even further as it converts 2% of your maximum mana into Attack Damage.
  • Wits End

    : This is the Fourth slot item you should have and should be picked up or built as quickly as possible. It gives you 40 attack speed and 30 Magic resist. This item is picked up for the Magic resist mainly but also for the attack speed increase it gives you.
  • Guardian Angel

    : Picked up for its Bonus to armor and magic resist making you beefier and allows you to last longer on your own and during team fights.
  • Frozen Mallet

    : Now the Frozen Mallet the last item picked up several people have criticized me for picking it up so late in the game and they are probably right as there are probably 20 different items that would do better in place of it. I though can not argue with the 700 health or the bonus to attack damage which is not substantial just 20 points its passive is the real reason I get it though. It slows the enemy on hit by 40$ combine that with the slow from trinity force and your opponent isn't getting away.

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One thing I noticed with most mastery's is people took Good Hands. Where it is good to spend less time dead it does pull from other things such as health regin and and mana regin which can be increased through Perseverance. This made sure that by the time the full 6 seconds was up that it would take me to spam 3 Crystal slash's I had the 30 mana back that was used thus saving on mana consumption.

Now over to the Defensive tree which is our main focus in this build as Skarner is an off tank with a hard cc that can help remove High DPS from team battles. What I did here was I took Hardened Skin instead of defensive mastery. If you are having that much trouble with monster and minion kills that that is needed when you start heading into the jungle stay out. I have found it far more useful to get the Hardened skin which blocks two damage period. It may not be a lot but i have seen where it was the difference between life and death.

I have noticed the rest are fairly standard and do not deviate from most tank based builds.