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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Skarner Build Guide by shendoxjoey

Crystal Shards of Doom (DPS)(Update Aug, 11, 2011)

Crystal Shards of Doom (DPS)(Update Aug, 11, 2011)

Updated on November 27, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author shendoxjoey Build Guide By shendoxjoey 3 4 10,833 Views 8 Comments
3 4 10,833 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author shendoxjoey Skarner Build Guide By shendoxjoey Updated on November 27, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Skarner


Hey, ShendoXJoey back with another build.
I'm bringing you this build of Skarner, a cool hero that is in fact a crystal scorpion, I like the skin RIOT made for him.

Skarner is pretty cool, his abilities would lean you towards attack speed.


I just want to let you guys know, I have NOT had a lot of experience using this character, therefore this build is VERY MUCH subject to change, so i'll add update to the title when and if I do change the build at all.
In fact while typing up this whole thing i came to the thought of a few change I may make, which will be in the 'Possible Changes' section of this guide

I would like to point this out now, if you do 50 damage and attack twice per second, wouldn't you steal just as much health as someone that does 100damage and attacks once per second? I ask this question because my build incorporates a lot of attack speed and life steal but not a whole lot of damage, therefor even though Scarner has a low attack damage, his speed is much higher than most other life steal builds causing just as much, if not more, life steal.
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I know what you should be thinking:
"Really ALL attack speed, do you really NEED that much attack speed?"

My Answer:
No you don't NEED that much attack speed, but Skarner's passive makes it so his abilities cooldown faster, but only on hit.

This means that if you are hitting someone twice a second your abilities will cooldown by:
.5 seconds(minion hit)
1 second (Champion hit)
So in a fight, you often times are waiting for your spell to cooldown in order to get the kill on that enemy champion, well this build will make it so you have super low recharge on your spells.
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Well, I am not level 30 yet on League Of Legends, but I'm close enough that I feel I can accurately give my opinion on the subject of Mastery Trees.

In all honesty mastery trees are not that important, so I just kinda went down defense to get some more armor, because you will be needing so extra help in that area with this build.

Also I included some offensive stuff, that was just for the extra attack speed.
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Zeal: I start off with the Zeal to get you attack speed and movement speed in the beginning to catch up to enemies and to kill enemies with your, soon to be, amazing cooldown on spells.

Berserkers Greaves: This item is for attack speed and movement speed again, because you will need to be able to catch your enemies, and you will need to be able to kill your enemies.

Phantom Dancer: Basically it is an upgrade for your Zeal, which I think will come in handy because anything upgraded is just better, this will ridiculously increase your attack and movement speed.

Stark's Fervor: OK, now that we do a decent amount of damage incredibly fast, why don't we throw in some more attack speed, for you and allies nearby, and some LIFE STEAL!!! YEAHHHH WOOOOHOOOO. Basically we get this item for it's life steal and health regeneration because by now in the game you should be getting a bit hurt, So we need to keep that health up, and with your attack speed life steal is the way to go.

Nashor's Tooth: Alright, so this item will not only give you more attack speed to reduce your cooldowns, it offers a passive 25% cooldown reduction which will just make your character wreck anything, also you have probably been wondering about some extra mana or mana regeneration to keep using your abilities, well here it is, not much, but an extra 2 mana regeneration per second.

The Black Cleaver: Finally, this item is going to increase your attack speed even more and give you some more damage to get in there and just demolish towers enemy champions, and hopefully some enemy NEXUSES!! Ohhhh did I mention it's passive? "reduces targets armor by 15 for 5 seconds, up to 3 stacks!"

Hextech Gunblade: After some commenting and more use of the character I have decided spell vamp could be very useful and that maybe some earlier lifesteal could help as well. This item is a replacement for the Guinsoo's Rageblade this item increases the AP and AD you gain aswell as gives some more life steal earlier and some spell vam which again I was suggested to use by a nice, well informed, viewer.

The following items have been removed or changed:

Guinsoo's Rageblade: Alright, this item is a bit new to me, meaning that I have never used it in a build before. So I figured, "If you are going to have amazing attack speed, why not grab some damage to go with it?", hence Guinsoo's Rageblade this item will boost your attack damage, which will make your regular attacks just crush enemy spirits. Also a very unique passive in that it increases attack speed(Up to 5 stacks) by 4% on attack or spell cast. you'll be attacking a lot which will make you cast spells alot, which will now make you attack even more.
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Skill Sequence

OK, so again I have not used this character a lot and at the moment I really have not decided on a set skill sequence, therefore I really just level up skills in the order I need them in combat, but I find that his little shield ability comes in handy when tower diving to kill enemy Champions, so I recommend getting that to level 5 pretty quick.
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Summoner Spells

Exhaust: well you will have good movement speed, but some people can still out run you in the beginning therefor, exhaust will help you catch up to those who run in fear of the Crystal Scorpion.

Ignite: well, going back to people escaping, if you still can't kill someone after using exhaust, this spell will help, it does some damage over time, a lot of damage over time, so cast it just before they get away from you to hopefully get that kill!
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Pros / Cons

You will not have to worry about not doing enough damage.
Spell Cooldown? what the heck is that?(because you will have like instant cooldown on spells)
Health going down? I have a shield and life steal for that.
HAHAHAHAHA you thought you could outrun me!

Not a whole lot I can think of other than you won't have a lot of damage in the beginning of the game, and you are not ranged so I haven't really tested this build in the middle lane yet.
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In a fight I will target the weakest(slowest if any are not considered weakest) enemy Champion, I do not use many skills in a fight to be honest.

I target a SINGLE enemy champion.
I get into the fighting zone and as soon as any champion targets and hits me I use my Crystalline Exoskeleton.
Then I begin to use my Fracture on ANY nearby enemies in order to HEAL myself.
By this time my Crystalline Exoskeleton should be ready to be used again(Pretty much just use Crystalline Exoskeleton as much as you can.

By now your enemy should be retreating if you have Exhaust use it to slow them, and Crystalline Exoskeleton to catch up if you can.
If you do not have Exhaust ready but you do have Ignite use that to do some damage and try to catch up to them and use some auto attacks.
If you don't have Exhaust nor Ignite then use your Crystal Slash and then Crystalline Exoskeleton to catch up to them then Crystal Slash once more to slow them and continue to auto attack.
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So, this build, like I said, I have not tested a lot, a few of the people I normally play League Of Legends with also have this guy so I normally have to play as Brand or Wukong(my other two mains). I will MOST LIKELY change or edit this build in some way, probably some rune changes/mastery tree changes/ or an item or two changes.

I will make sure I add (Updated **/**/**) to the title to inform you guys of updates.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author shendoxjoey
shendoxjoey Skarner Guide
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Crystal Shards of Doom (DPS)(Update Aug, 11, 2011)

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