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League of Legends Build Guide Author itsDAosmME

CusGame Review Season 1 Episode 1: DST CGM vs TPP CGM

itsDAosmME Last updated on June 16, 2014
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Dragonslayer DST


Pool Party TPP

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DST CGM T Shyvana

Shyvana Build

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Welcome to the first episode of CusTeam Fight, in this episode, we are introducing two themed teams, one of which is the Dragonslayers (DST) who are opposing Team Pool Party (TPP) in which Shyvana will be soloing top against Renekton and Singed, Pantheon would be facing against Ziggs in midlane, Braum would be supporting Vayne in bot lane while facing against Graves, as Jarvan IV and Lee Sin would jungle and frequently ganking the lanes.

Now, lets get started.

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Champion Selection

Picks & Bans
The Dragonslayers
DST CGM Pantheon
DST CGM Shyvana
Team Pool Party
TPP CGM Renekton
TPP CGM Singed
TPP CGM Graves

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Mid Lane

The game has started as both Ziggs and Pantheon head towards the lanes. Pantheon has bought a Doran's Blade and two health potions with him as Ziggs bought a full set of mana potions and 2 health potions as they both grabbed a Warding Trinket.

With Pantheon arriving first, he stands in the bush closer to the top lane, as it seems like he is planning to jump Ziggs and trying to get a first blood. And here comes Ziggs, just as suspected, started to walk towards the bush closer to the top lane. As Ziggs stepped in the bush, Pantheon first attacks Ziggs with his basic attack, attacking him the second time till Ziggs started to run, then comes a W, a shield jump right in front of Ziggs, stunning him, and leaving him to run towards the tower on his side with only barely 100 health points left in his pool.

Here comes Jarvan to finish him off, with his Q, stretching his spear, hitting Ziggs and with one more attack, getting First Blood while killing Ziggs only to bear a hit from the outer turret.

Its Zigg's time to respawn.

Team DST: 1/0/1
Team TPP: 0/1/0

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Top Lane

Now going to the top lane as Shyvana faces off against both Renekton and Singed, known for his poisonous trail. Shyvana places a ward in the bush closer to the opponent nexus as Singed and Renekton places one in both. Hiding in the bush, Shyvana was quickly discovered by Renekton as he charges inwards, performing a 2-way Slice'n'Dice, quickly decreasing Shyvana's health as she activates her W, performing a Burnout thinking that is is the perfect opportunity for Renekton to move back.

Now Singed makes a move, flashing forward towards Shyvana, then activating his E as he slings Shyvana backwards towards Renekton. Following the epic sling, Renekton attacks Shyvana, then slice'n'dices her once again, only leaving her one chance to escape, Shyvana quickly flashes out into Singed's hands as Jarvan comes to the rescue once again with him reaching level 2. Jarvan uses his Q as he interrupts Renekton and saves Shyvana.

But instead of running, Shyvana enters back into the field activating her burnout, with Singed creeping up and slinging her once again towards Renekton. Renekton then slice'n'dices her and finally finishes her off as Jarvan uses his Q to stop Singed from running, then finishing Singed off with his auto attacks as Renekton recalls, defeating Singed and leaving the top lane empty.

Team DST: 2/1/2
Team TPP: 1/2/1

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Bot Lane

With Vayne and the newest champion Braum facing solo against Graves, it is a perfect opportunity to get a higher level whilst harassing Graves. Astonishing, Graves charges into battle leaving a whole wave of minions with concentrated fire on him which quickly transfers to Graves's allied minions as he steps into the bush. Hiding there, as Vayne charged up and started to attack the minions, he uses his Q on Braum without him noticing, which also takes up a high amount of health, then he keeps firing at Braum as Lee Sin arrives with a red buff.

Lee Sin arrives first using his E, charging towards Graves granting him a shield, then uses his Sonic Waves, marking Braum as Graves uses his Q to shoot both Vayne and Braum in which Braum was defeated with Graves getting the kill. Then both Lee Sin and Graves started to attack Vayne where she uses her Q to roll towards the turrets. Graves flashes towards Vayne as Lee Sin activates his E once again to move towards Graves as he flashes towards Vayne. With the Sonic Wave, he quickly decreases Vayne's health and finishes her off with a auto-attack, granting him a double kill.

Jarvan moves out of the jungle, activating his E, then uses his Q on Graves, killing him, the Lee Sin activates his his Sonic Wave, the uses his W right away, running into the jungle while using his health potion with Jarvan following him towards the Middle lane. Pantheon then uses his spear, dealing a massive amount of damage on Lee Sin and finally, Lee Sin activates his Q followed by a W, killing Jarvan. Pantheon then jumps towards Lee Sin, stunning him, then uses his E, defeating Lee Sin leaving no junglers.

Team DST: 4/4/3
Team TPP: 4/4/4

Guide Top

Team Statistics

Currently 8 Minutes Through The Game

Score Card
AP DST CGM Pantheon 1 1 N/A
J DST CGM Jarvan IV 3 1 1 N/A
T DST CGM Shyvana 3 1 1 N/A
AD DST CGM Vayne 3 1 1 N/A
S DST CGM Braum 3 1 1 N/A
Score Card
J TPP CGM Lee Sin 1 1 2 N/A
T TPP CGM Singed 1 1 1 N/A
T TPP CGM Renekton 1 1 1 N/A
AP TPP CGM Ziggs 1 1 1 N/A
AD TPP CGM Graves 2 1 1 N/A

Guide Top

Fight for the Dragon

09:18, Lee Sin and Jarvan IV has both reached level 6 with Jarvan IV peaking at level 7 and now are both fighting for the dragon

Lee Sin arrived at the dragon starting with a Q then slowly W in to grant him the shield. Then he casts his E, bashing the ground, marking the dragon, but with Jarvan in the shadows behind the dragon. Braum crept up towards Lee Sin, using his Q at Lee Sin, stacking a Concussive Blow, then Jarvan activates his ultimate, trapping him, Lee Sin, and Braum all inside.

Lee Sin uses his Q, striking Braum, then gives Braum karma by attacking the dragon. Following that, Graves joins the fight, moving closer and activates his Q as Lee Sin uses his E to mark both Braum and Jarvan and activating it again to deal extra damage. With the arena sinking down, Jarvan uses his W, dropping down the flag, dealing damage at Graves, then using his Q, and with Braum's ultimate, kills Graves. Then Lee Sin activates his ultimate, kicking Jarvan towards the dragon pit, instantly killing him as Lee Sin flashes in Braum's direction, uses his W on himself, then uses his Q on Braum, killing Braum too, giving him a double kill.

Lee Sin then charges towards the bottom lane, using his W to charge towards one of the minions, then he uses his E, dealing damage over a small area around him, marking Vayne, then he uses his Q to start chasing Vayne again. Then, he walks into the forest, then as Vayne creeps in the forest, he activates his W, then he uses his E, then he Qs Vayne, charging towards her and reactivating E, and killing him, giving him an unofficial triple kill and a killing spree.

Team DST: 5/7/4
Team TPP: 8/5/7

Both DST and TPP advanced by one tower on the mid lane, TPP advanced by one tower on top lane whilst killing Shyvana once more, and TPP has advanced by one tower on the bottom lane

Guide Top

TPP Winning Point

Time lapse has taken over whilst zooming in time throughout the game for 5 minutes

Currently 8 Minutes Through The Game

Score Card
AP DST CGM Pantheon 3 4 2 N/A
J DST CGM Jarvan IV 4 3 1 N/A
T DST CGM Shyvana 4 5 3 N/A
AD DST CGM Vayne 2 5 4 N/A
S DST CGM Braum 2 2 5 N/A
Score Card
J TPP CGM Lee Sin 9 2 6 N/A
T TPP CGM Singed 2 3 3 N/A
T TPP CGM Renekton 3 3 4 N/A
AP TPP CGM Ziggs 3 2 4 N/A
AD TPP CGM Graves 4 3 2 N/A

Team DST: 11/19/15
Team TPP: 18/11/19

Guide Top

The Unexpected Penta

21:48, the Pool Party Team has planned a gang attack on midlane as four, but Jarvan, came up to defend the lane

Lee Sin charged towards the DST's defensive line as he activates his E and then Q, then reactivating his E whilst targeting Shyvana. Shyvana then turns into dragon form as Pantheon rose up into the sky and drops on Singed, Renekton and Graves. Graves used his smoke grenade, blinding Pantheon as Singed used his poison and started dealing damage over time at Pantheon. Then, Renekton, activates his ultimate, turns into a much large version of himself, and started slice'n'dicing into Pantheon as he is finished off with Zigg's Q.

Then Lee Sin, killing Shyvana and realising he was about to die, activates his W and pulls himself back, granting him a shield, it was the perfect time to end his spree. Jarvan casted his ultimate, jumping into the group of five, packed together as Lee Sin activated his ultimate, almost killing Jarvan. Then Jarvan used his E, granted himself a shield and used his W and defeated Lee Sin, ending his spree. Following, he used his Q, poking Ziggs, then Braum charged in, using his ultimate, decreasing what is most of the opponent's health. Then he casted his Q onto Graves, stacking concussion, then after four strikes, Jarvan got another kill with the aid of Braum.

Pantheon then used his E, stabbing his spear into a cone shape, giving Jarvan the chance to getting a triple. Jarvan then casted his Q on Singed, then using his W, killed Singed as Renekton flashed away. Jarvan then instantly flashed towards Renekton, casting a shield on himself and used his cutlass to slow Renekton down. Then he used his Q again, as he ignited Renekton as W'ed him again before his death by the tower. Slowly, the ignite burnt out as Renekton fell onto the floor, giving Jarvan a pentakill as Renekton also ended his spree.

Team DST: 16/21/25
Team TPP: 20/16/20

Guide Top

Turning Point

The four out of the five members of the Dragonslayers kept advancing, knowing that there was still a great one minute until Lee Sin would revive and regain his spree. They cleared out the mid lane and destroyed the middle inhibitor before Lee Sin came back. Then, using his W, he charged towards a minion, then used his E and recasting it, and killed Vayne. Then he used his Q, and picked off the low-on-health Braum. He then ran towards Pantheon, using his E, quickly defeated him and flashed for Jarvan IV, and used his ultimate, killing Jarvan, granting him a quadrakill and also another killing spree.

Solo, he then ran towards the dragon, quickly exterminated it, then left and got the double buff, it wasn't until 31:03 in the game that the Dragonslayers surrendered, giving Team Pool Party the victory and the advance to the next competition.

Guide Top

Team DST: 21/26/46
Team TPP: 25/21/36

~end of game statistics~

round II:

Team 20,000 Leagues Under vs Team Crystal Cave

Picks & Bans
T2LU CGM Thresh
T2LU CGM Malphite
T2LU CGM Kog'Maw
T2LU CGM Kassadin
T2LU CGM Cho'Gath
TCC CGM Skarner
TCC CGM Lissandra

round III:

Saltwater Raiders vs Team Dusted Wind


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