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League of Legends Build Guide Author Akromah

Cutting Cookies with LeBlanc

Akromah Last updated on November 3, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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*Updated as I see fit*

Alright guys..the point of this guide is to give you a brief cookie cutter guide to raping mid/early game with Leblanc.

Dunno why everyone is thumbs downing! I'm pretty sure this is a very solid build so please combat that with a thumbs up!

General skill usage:


Ideally casted first and followed with a distortion. Sigil is one of the best things to mimic in a one on one fight for maximum burst and maximum silence.


Like I said, should be usually be the second spell in the combination (following mimic). You can also use it to get in range of someone and then mimic again (this is probably my least frequent use of mimic as I have flash for this). Another important thing you should get comfortable is the timing on distortion. If you are using in late game team fights to get in and get out...if you wait too long you're going to get blown up.

Ethereal Chains:

Obviously used to pursue/slow/gank/disable. You should mimic this when A) you're not carrying your team and you've got yourself into a good 2v1 gank situation with someone that can pew pew harder than you or B) When the timing in a gank is off or someone is arriving slow at the gank and you need to buy yourself more time. This mimic is a little easier to mess up because it's a skillshot but for the most part between the previous chains and the expected escape route it's pretty easy to hit.


All mimic advice is given above. Generally I like to use it on sigil because I seem to have been carrying a lot thus far.

Standard ganking combo:

Mimic Sigil
Finishing sigil?

Early Game:

She has a really solid attack animation for last hitting. I wouldn't worry about spending too much mana until level 2 because you need the spell combination to really fully take advantage of sigil. Originally, I thought at level 2 you're a little weak but it's simply not true. You can command your solo lane by taking quick sigil/distort pokes coming out completely unscathed. Also, if you just last hit the creeps vs a pushing hero you can cut them off from xp and completely dominate them! I had a lot of success doing this against Morgana.

Middle: Make sure you roam the map and gank because her burst is absolutely ridiculous topped off with ignite and a few unsuspecting nubs and you should be able to be a constant threat on multiple lanes. Tower diving is pretty simple..try not to take more than a few hits from the tower by quickly distorting in, doing your combo, distorting out. Remember you can distort/flash THROUGH a tower or even distort/distort if flash is down. People simply don't expect it.

Late: Team fights galore. This is where Leblanc becomes a lot weaker because she is easily focused down. Always wait for initiation, and then proceed to get your hands dirty after our tanks are in there. You need to be in and out very fast (kind of like a good evelyn except instead of massive move speed you have distortion to quickly exeunt). Go after the squishiest big threat (especially someone you can make useless through a silence such as kassadin). I think I should make it a point for you guys to consider counterinitiation with Leblanc because her silence is so awesome.

Rune explanation:

Basically, this is my standard squishy caster build that focuses on all primary runes. Magic pen, static mana regen (for effective laning), CDR per level, and a large sum of health for early game laning pre rod of ages.

Some other items to think about:

Meijas Soulstealer:

If you get a solo lane it is insanely easy to just roam around and get kills past level 5 (ideally level 6) so you MIGHT want to try a soul stealer if you're confident before or after the haunting guise

Sheen ---> Lichbane

This would seem to fit in with most heroes with burst. Personally, I'm not an advocate of it but I'll keep giving it a shot and see what I like.

Sorry it's not that in depth but it should serve to fit your basic Leblanc needs!