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Fiora Build Guide by Marth8

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Marth8

Dance with the devil - How to control Fiora!-Jungle

Marth8 Last updated on March 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Heyho everyone here at Mobafire.

I´m Marth8 a member of the MultigamingFEAR clan and i want to show you,
how to play with Lee Sin, the blind Monk.
I have played League of Legends now 6 months and Lee sin is my
favourite char and for me the best jungler,
because he has nice skills and it´s very easy to be a really good jungler.

If you are loving to jungle, to make fast ganks
or to be an full overpowered melee champ,
then this guide is perfect for you.
Hope you will like it and please left a comment,
if you find an advice to make this guide better.

Also our team has an youtube channel,
it would be very nice if you would look some vids there:

If you have tested this build and found success with it, I encourage you to send me a picture with your score which I will post.

Now go on and enjoy it.

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Infos about Clan,Player and Guide

This part is a text, where i will show you our clan and some infos to me and the guide.

At first, i´m Marth8, playing League of Legends for 8 months.
My favourite chars are Lee Sin, Fiora and Akali, because I´ll love
their assasine skills.
I think there´s nothing more to say about me.
Secondly the guide:

-begin writing: 02.03.2012
-realeased: 07.03.2012

Now i will show you our Multigaming FEAR clan.
We´re a clan with a ranked team in Lol and we also have an teamspeak
for cooperative and good play, where we speak about Lol and so on.
Also we have a youtube channel, where we show some videos from our gameplay.

When you want to join us or when you just want to look into the clan or when you want
a little chat, add me in League of Legends or send me a private message,
where i will give you infos about the teamspeak.

Here is the youtube channel:

Now go on and discover Fiora, the duelist.

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Pros / Cons


-good jungling skills(attack dmg, counter, attackspeed("W" and "E"))
-fast gank skill with "Q" to come to the enemy fast
-epic counter skill, which deals much dmg and gives you high Attack Damage early game
-awesome ult, which distributes much damage on many enemys
-good escape option with "Lunge" to enemy vasalls


-squishy in early game
-need some skill to see, where to gank

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Simple AD runes here!

i will tell you, which runes i prefer.

I play with very AD-likely runes to deal out most dmg on early game.


The Glyphes are a important part of the runes with
the a high amount of armor penetration.
Because of penetrating the enemy armor,
you can easily do the highest damage output in early and late game.
Also you need some Attack Damage for getting more damage to the vasalls,
that you don´t fail in jungling and to do a high damage output at early game.

Marks & Seal
As you know armor penetration is not working with an low amount of attack damage and
also you need attack speed to be fast at early game and which helps you to cover
the attack speed needs of beginning.
So you must get Attack Damage runes and
attack speed runes to cause more damage in beginning..

That´s rly simple.


Same as in Marks & Seal,
but you could also prefer armor penetration runes,
cause you already have enough Attack damage with your "W" skill
at beginning, but you can decide yourself.

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The choice of Masteries is very simple, too.
Just get the AD-Masteries,
where you are getting more AD,lifesteal to do as known the highest damage output.

The missing 9 points you can distribute in these ways:

1.Health and Armor
- Put the 9 Points as in the Head of the Build at Health and armor,
so you have more Health and armor for deff and to manage the jungle better.
---> So you have more health, because of the 30 Health option and that causes
tthat you´re having more health, when you gank mid or top like after golems.

2.Jungling stats like minion dmg 1/2
- Put the 9 points at jungle things like more dmg on vassalls
--->would cause a better jungling, but has not a huge influence on normal teamplay/gameplay.

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Summoner Spells

Easy selection:

-needed for jungling to handle jungle
-->you can´t jungle without ignite, because the vasalls would deal to much damage.

-escape or flash in ganks
--->good option

or Ghost
-if you fail in jungle it could save your life
-escape from ganks and go faster in ganks
-->very helpful in whole game

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Now i will show you how you should jungle with Fiora.
Therefore i made a video:

This is my jungle route:
Start at blue. Let him pull.Activate counter, when blue attacks you the first time.
Ignite and go on to wolves.

Again use "counter" to save some health and activate "E" to finish them off quickly.
Go to Wizards. Again use "counter" to save some health and "E".

Go to Red. Again use "counter" to save some health and activate "E" too finish him quickly and ignite when he has half a life.

Go to Golems.
Go to Wizards.
Go to wolfes.

Now you have "Q" so GANK!

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Ganking/Skill Sequence

In this part, i will tell you how to gank and to play in team.

i made a video for ganks and an
second video for Team Fights.


Ganking is a very hard part for fiora.
You need an mate at solo top, which could stun or slow the enemy,
because you have no slow or stun.
So ping at him and say, that your mate must slow him and go first.

When you gank you must jump to the enemy with "Lunge".
Save the Second time because you need it.(Lunge)
Then prepare yourself with Counter and activate your movement and attack speed("E").
Attack him as long as it works.
If he´s out of you range, jump to him with "Q" again and finish him off.
If he has low you could use ulti, but be sure that you kill the enemy.

Here´s a video for Jungling and simple ganks with Fiora:

In teamfight you can perfectly use your ulti,
because you will do 5 hits on enemys with massively damage.
When you finished the ulti, jump to ad/ap-carry and kill him with you skills.
Try to hold an escape option with flash.

Here´s a video for Teamfights and skill sequences: Skill Sequence

Start with Lunge(1 Time). Save the second lunge to attack a second time!
Then activate "E" + "W" and when he´s too far away to hit
jump again with Lunge to him.
You could finish him off with "R".

Here´s a video for Teamfights and skill sequences(again):

Guide Top


This was my guide to Fiora, the grand duelist..

I hope you liked the guide and and i would be happy if you leave and comment.

Here´s the video of Fiora in jungle, fiora in teamfights and our youtube channel:

Here´s a video for Teamfights and skill sequences:
Here´s a video for Jungling with Fiora:
Here some scores of me and others as Fiora:

If you want to look another guide you could also watch on my NIdalee guide:Nidalee-Guide

or on my lee sin guide:

When you love her***ing your enemys with epic spears, look at this guide :).