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Nocturne Build Guide by alekk

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League of Legends Build Guide Author alekk

Darknessss - Nocturne guide

alekk Last updated on June 20, 2011
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Ok so this is how i play nocturne, i am not implying that it's the best nocturne build, but this works for me excellent. I will not be doing a in-depth guide because i see no use in it as u can test the build and skilling order in a harmless 3v3 match, just give it a chance, don't start with ''oh this guide sucks'' or ''u went rambo in the item build noob guide'', try it and gimme some feedback

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i've made some changes to the build, now as u can see i made another build. I forgot to mention my first build is going nocturne full dps no surva just full dps, you die quick if they gank you but if you're smart enough you can get penta-kill. My second guide is all about killing people and getting out, it's verry nice, it's based on life steal, you'll probably have 50-60% lifesteal by the end of the game plus some ad and atack speed. Anyway i will update the item build order for the new one as soon as i can

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so early game...early is all about lane dominance,''I suggest you run....I want to savor this'' wich goes perfectly with ''Tonight's weather forecast is...dark with a chance of pain'' should always be on your mind when chasing or when spammingalways try to hit at least 1 enemy...and remember not to loose all your mana in the first minute of the game (as i normally do) else your screw...done for :)...anyway start with aand get boots later on when u got the cash, if you're a beginner i suggest gettingas it gives you all you need....almost...anyway getberserker as fast as posible

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Middle game

you must haveby now and probably farmed alot, if so then proceed with theandas they will both get you up to 2 attacks per second (2.100), if not then just goto my Panicky Build area..moving on....u should have at least level 11... which gives you tons of ganking potential, always keep blue buff up on you doesn't matter if it's your side blue buff or the enemy's just have it constantly on you. Team fights are a nuisance so don't jump only after 1 second since it was innitiated....this reduces the probability to be targeted and die ...keep in mind that noc is a physical here, meaning he does physical damage so don't target the dude that has

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there's not much left to say here just keep in mind the basics...and i forgot to mention the casting order...always when jumping keep in mind to activatejump the target and while u're verry near the target immediately castto hit him and if u can his teammates followed byand in caster cases in which u fight a ability power based hero just go for, so recap->->->...if the target is weak and/or squishy just go without...easyer....just finalize the build and torture them... it's very phun

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Panicky Build

Panicky Build is when u have no gold from farming because u eithere were farmed or being a beginner in either case this is the Panicky Build.
you must have already gotjust start with buying 5xand go jungle, do the golems -> wraiths ->wolves -> blue buff -> red buff, and slowly buildand other items suggested through and at the begining of the guide . Why did i call it the Panicky Build you ask...well to give you a sincere answer i have no idea...the fact is that i came up with the name after i saw what items i bought, there was immense lag on the server and i had a nerd rage clicking and ended up with 5 daggers and since i didn't want to sell them as i had no money i started doing what i said above slowly building into the final invertory

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play safe, don't die(alot),kill them Darknessssss, btw if u want me to add something or get into detail on anything in the guide or if u want more possibilities, just leave a comment i'd be more than happy to improve and help as i can...cheers