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League of Legends Build Guide Author DIskourai

Das hier ist Olaf!

DIskourai Last updated on July 25, 2010
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Hey everyone, this is my second build for a fun to play champion. I will try to keep it short and simple, Olaf is a melee dps champion that can scale off of pure damage, pure health or a mix of both. For this build I try to maximize durability and at the same time max his dammage output.

For starters, I will explain my item, rune, and mastery choices along with summoner spells. The mastery selection is a little diffferent than most builds but it grabs the best for olaf. Armor penetration in offense, Extra health and resistance from defense, and the bonus to heal and ghost. I chose Heal and Ghost for my summoner spells because when combined they offer some great choices for olaf. With his ultimate Ragnarok, Ghost can be used as an excellent escape and chasing method. And Heal can be a gamechanger early on in the lane phase. The runes are pretty simple, Armor penetration marks for more damage potential, Health per level seals which scales nicely with the Atmas Impaler and survivability later on in game, Magic resist glyphs which will help against those pesky mages, and Health Quints which make the early game much easier to handle especialy with the Elixer of Fortitude and Health pot combo with Heal.

My Item choices are what i like the most because they work for me, your build can be completely different and may work just as well but this works nicely with my playstyle. Start of with an Elixer of Fortitude along with 2 Health pots and 2 Mana pots. Save the Elixer untill you need it's heal, This combined with the slow heal from a regular Health pot and your summoner spell Heal will guarantee you 1st blood if you are smart. Some people would ask if it is better to just buy a health crystal to build it into phage faster, in my opinion i believe that the bonus from the elixer and the extra healing and mana is far more supperior because most of the time i grind out 1300 gold by the time my elixer buff runs out. plus, at level 1 the bonus from the elixer is better than buying the crystal and the sword that go into phage combined. After making gold with your potion start up its time to go back and buy Phage, this is the start to frozen mallet which you will buy after getting your boots of swiftness (these are way better than any other boot choice, unless you go ninja tabei against a strong melee group or merc treads against a strong magic or cc group.) Dependant on how good you have been playing you should have your Mallet and boots by the 15 to 25 minute mark, after this go for the Sunfire Cape. This gives a nice hp and armor boost along with more damage, and its in an aoe! With these items around mid-late game you should be packing close to 3500 hit points which is why we get Atmas Impaler, Armor and crit chance is nice but the real reason we want this is because of the extra damage (about 70 dependant on your health). Normally the game finishes by now because you are melting face and taking on the entire enemy team single handedly, however if it isnt over yet the next choice is a Guardian Angel. More magic resistance and Armor along with a self rez every 5 minutes, why would you not take it? And lastly, I like to choose my last item based on how the game is playing. If i am going against alot of magic users i get a Banshee's Veil or a Wit's End, If i need more damage i will normally go for a bloodthirster or a starks fervor, the armor penetration is amazing on that.

Well, this is just a small build at the moment but i will add on more to it if enough people ask for more. please comment and give me suggestions and explain your reasons for rating poorly if you do.