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Swain General Guide by mrfrogy105

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mrfrogy105

Death By Ravens

mrfrogy105 Last updated on July 26, 2011
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Hey im just a casual level 30 summoner no pro or anything and i thought that sharing this build with others who want to play swain succesfully is a cool idea. I love to play swain heavy ultimate because his spell vamp and survivability is insane in teamfights for a bursty kind of caster. He is a very underrated champion that not alot of people play. He shines in mid and solo lanes but can play in a duo lane. If your new to swain i sugjest playing in a duo lane to get a hang of him before staing to solo top or mid. I hope you enjoy my guide and down or upvote depending on how you like it!

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I like to get alot of magic pen because combined with sorc boots you have almost 40 magic pen. ussually i get sorc boots pretty early in the game like about 10-15 mins into the game and most champions only have 30 magic resist. But good supports and smart squishies will get some magic resist but not alot so this will help you counter justt enough to do almost full dmg to them. Also i get the health Seals because their were no magic pen ones for casters so i just get an extra about 50 hp to help early game so you can Wreck Harder at Lvl 3-4 with your combo of E-Q-W if they run :)

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i take usual caster masteries 9-0-21 build for about 9% cooldown reduction at level 1. Also i take the extra 15% magic penetration. The thing to note about this is that it is 15% of the persons magic resist after you take away all your magic pen. so say someone has 50 magic resistance and you only have 40 magic penitration it will take 15% of the 10 magic resistance and take it away from your attacks. Also i take increased buff durations because as swain you will almost always want Blue buff so you can keep your ultimate up longer. the longer your ultimate is up. The more damage and the more survivability you have. Also getting improved flash helps you get out of sticky situations. 15 secons may not seem like alot but 15% reduced summoners with 15 Seconds off flash can make a big difference when trying to escape. I also take increased base movement speed just so i can chase or run away faster then some other characters.

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I get saphire crysal first. I get my catalyst for the health and mana but also for the amazing passive. You can stay in lane infinitly with swain when you have mana. And this gives you mana per level! so the more mana you have the more you can use your ultimate=the more health you have :D i know the mejai's looks pretty late but trust me your going to want boots and a catalyst before you start to get stacks. Even if you stay at a steady 5 stacks the whole game the item has payed for itself seeing that 80 ap for a 1.2k item that you might get lucky with and get 20 stacks just to wreck a game. I also love getting the rod of ages after to make swain more beefy. Swain is pretty Squishy if you dont give him any survivability items. And Some people might go "Wheres the rylai's and Deathfires that Phreak said were SOOOO amazing on Swain!?" Personally i think more mana and health and mana when you level up is better then a slow on your abilites when your Q slows and your W snares! If you want it for your ultimate it is onnly going to slow for 15% anyways and you could just Q for more of a slow or W for a snare! And people are guna QQ at me WHY WILL OF ANCIENTS YOU ALRAEADY HAVE SPELL VAMP ON YOUR ULTIMATE!!!! but in reality i am getting 100% of the damage dealt back to me as health so i can survive in teamfights for very long. Next if the game is still going after this i get just get a spirt visage to make me even more invunrable. I am healing for so much off of my ultimate right now i am almost impossible to take down. I have 3v1'd people before because of all the healing i do because of spell vamp from my ulti Q W and E. Lastly i get a rabadons for the sweet passive and lots of AP but if the game has gone this far. Lets just say. Good luck :)

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I chose flash and ignite Because flash is an amazing GTFO ability but riot has said they will get rid of it so dont get to reliant on it. Flash can also be used to Gank someone unknowingly. You flash in E-Q them then W them and they are snared and if you got a teammate they should be ownd By now Ahaha :D. I also get Ignite because it goes great with your E ability. some one low Health? pop an E and igntie on them for extra TRUE damage! Yes Your E increases your Ignite's TRUE damage!

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I max My E first to increase all the damage i can do with my spell Combo. I take a point in Nevermove at either level 3-4 depending on my lane partner ganks and so on. Maxing E is the best because all of your other abilities (including Ignite) will do extra damage to a target and also if someone is hugging their turret with low hp you can flash in E- Ignite and they will be gone! I get Q second because it is huge damage and with E-Q you do massive haras at low levels and massive damage at higher levels. I get my ultimate at all available points 6-11-16 because i <3 swains ulti. Except ignite can shut you down hard. Try to lane with people without ignite. It will ruin your ultimate! and your ultimate is mostly all your survivability in this guide!

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I hope you liked my guide. Im no high ELO player and no pro or anything but this is just My guide of how to play swain. I have gotten very good scored in normals and ranked. About an hour ago i just went 25-5-9 with this exact guide and build! If you liked it or want to send in scores Email me at please up or downvote depending on what you think of the build. But try the build before you up or downvote please. Thankyou :)


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