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Akali Build Guide by Topaz Eyes

Assassin Death From Shadows

By Topaz Eyes | Updated on November 14, 2012

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Build Guide

UPDATE; Removed DFG For OP nerf Reasons (no cd,no dmg),so here's the so highly awaited Gunblade in Build;

Haxtech Gunblade -
+Gives You Tons Of Spellvamp
+And Some Damage

Rylai -
+ awesome slow, it gives you survivability in case of oracles


there are many AP carries and tanks that could get in your way and negate your mission;
so i usually chose mr boots, if enemy team is low on stuns and cc,i would consider sorces instead,

NOTE; im really missing DFG's CDR,it was so gud :'(
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Farming/Early game

ok,so we wtarted a game - the question is
how to survive it and reach mid game with ~50 cs or more

try to be a badass, go in, take that creep, use potions,and go b as soon as your get ~ 800 gold
if enemy wants to kill you,just dont let him, use w to mess with him, until lv 4 they wont usually have dmg to burst you down anyway, if you get low,use a potion to get to full hp,

once you go b, buy kage's pick ,possible potions and a ward for enemy wraiths.

ince you hit lv 6 you should have a ward on enemy wraiths, if enemy ap carry plays passively,you can invade enemy jungle, get maybe a kill, but you should do that even if enemy ap isnt playing passively.

if enemy ap carry doesnt play passively,and if he isnt fed, you should usually just q+r+e him
keep it up and he will be forced to b nd play passively,

if you ward enemy wraiths, dont forget to keep an eye there, it could save your life if you push too much, even if you get ganked w is usually best way to escape.

-note that junglers that give them vision on you, will always make your game harder,
if enemies got lee in the team,you would want to wait for him to use aoe vision before engaging on enemy ad,or you would be dead before doing anything.
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Ranked Play

in ranked games,you should always push lane after lv6 and gank top/bot ,maybe buy some pink wards for them,or try ganking from their jungle,

so, about ways to gank, you should always try for direct gank,or gank from behind
(the oddone's idea), - go to enemy blue buff, then come to enemy turret bush in direction blue buff is facing at , go closer to river, flash over the wall - that makes you stand between enemy turret and the enemy,making a good gank very simple, those are the fastest ways,

after that if you see enemy jungler on wraiths going in opposite direction of you,you should take the closest buff or creeps from their jungle.

NOTE: bringing wards for securing safety in enemy jungle is always a good idea
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Akali's main job as assasin is taking out the AD carry

wait for engage from your team's tank, and try to get as close as possible to enemy AD,
use Hax,q+r+e, and bucke it up with some more, and utalize Lich Bane if you have one

But What if Enemy Ad carry is out of range?

there may be 2 causes:
-enemy ad is too far:
simple, waste ult on support or enemy ap carry te got yourself closer, then do your combo on AD.

-enemy ad is not present in teamfight
in that case id usually focus enemy ap carry, once hes down ,id try to kill support, if she goes too far,id turn around to distrupt enemy tank or try to deal as much dmg to enemy AD if he came,if everything would go right,it should be easy because they would be in disadvantage
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Pros / Cons

+akali is a great assasin
+she is awesome ganker
+she can carry the game very easly (EARLY-MID game ONLY,or be extremely fed)

-bad early game
-hard to cs
-is countered by some popular junglers or picks, or just plain oracles

conclusion : is a good pick, but never pick her as 1st pick, if you play with team, make sure last pick picks a proper counter for enemy team, and make a good team composition with your pick
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Also here's my thread on guides,streams and link to my yt channel;
sub ,like,comment

thread on forums

Also,Have a Vid;
League of Legends Build Guide Author Topaz Eyes
Topaz Eyes Akali Guide

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Death From Shadows

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