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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mokai

Death From The Other Side of The Screen (AD/AS)

Mokai Last updated on October 6, 2010
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Hello, and welcome to my first character build!

Upon joining LoL shortly after the beginning of Season 1 I quickly found myself attached to the little bugger known as Kog'Maw. His has a number of fantastic AP builds here on the site and, why I can understand the satisfaction of hitting enemies with the full-brunt of a Living Artillery, I find myself simply having more fun using an AD/AS build.

I've intentionally left the 6th item slot blank, as you'll have a couple options to select from. Read on to find out!


First to cover the initial five choices:

Frozen Mallet - Fantastic item on any AD-style champion as it applies an on-hit slowdown on a champion 100% of the time. Getting an ingredient for this item, Phage, early on is a great idea as the random chance for a slowdown can lead to some surprising kills. The Frozen Mallet itself can wait until you're dealing reliable damage later in the game.

Boots of Swiftness - Kog'Maw's greatest weakness is his naturally slow run speed and zero escape mechanics. Boots of Swiftness should increase your ability to survive and perhaps more importantly make it much easier to pursue people running from you before you secure a Frozen Mallet.

Madred's Bloodrazor - You'd be absolutely insane not to get this as Kog'Maw. As an AD/AS build Kog, your primary attack will be his W attack Bio-Arcane Barrage that deals a fixed % of true damage with each autoattack while active and increases your attack range like crazy. Madreds has a attack speed increase that will increase the frequency of your attack significantly and it's passive will very noticeably increase the % taken off your enemy with each hit. A great tank killer.

Stark's Fervor - Bolsters your attack speed even further and provides you and your allies more survivability in the form of life drain and health regen. A beautiful item for keeping yourself on the field.

Sword of the Divine - As if you weren't already attacking insanely fast enough dealing over 10% damage to an enemy's health each hit Sword of the Divine's 55% attack speed increase will simply make things utterly unfair for the competition.

If you have the above five items and the game still hasn't ended, let's look at your options for your 6th and final item to round out your build:

The Black Cleaver - Get this if for some reason you and your team are unable to overcome a tank on the enemy team. This will solve your problem and bring the game to a close.


Infinity Edge - If you don't need the extra anti-tank firepower than get the Infinity Edge instead. Thought you were killing crazy fast before? With this you'll be critting your enemies in the face from across the screen. They'll die before they can even get within range of attacking you.


Now I'll admit: I'm a somewhat new player. That said I don't feel comfortable recommending a mastery tree just yet. I've provided what I find useful for me however I believe you, the reader, to be an intelligent and capable person able to throw together a mastery tree capable of complimenting your playstyle. :)


As for runes, I picked ones that compliment the aspects of Kog'Maw we're already trying to polish:
-Marks of Desolation will assist both Kog's Q skill and Last Whisper in tearing through those pesky armored tanks and getting to the soft, delicious flesh underneath.
-Greater Seal of Replenishment will help ease some of the early laning issues. Void Ooze, Bio-Arcane Barrage and Living Artillery are all amazing skills in the early stages and allow you to keep complete control over your lane as long as your mana lasts. As useful as these skills are you'll probably be using them often.
-Greater Glyph of Focus will reduce the cooldown time on those oh-so-precious skills.
-Greater Quintessence of Might is a flat-out AD boost which basically translates to wrecking stuff faster. You could also substitute this with crowd-favorite flat health quints to get some additional early-game survivability instead, but since getting Phage early on is highly suggested in this build you'll already get a hunk of extra health from it.

-=Skilling Order=-

Pick up one point of Void Ooze at level one to assist with initial laning. Use it against lines of minions when you have the mana to spare to keep farming them under control. After that, focus in maxing your Bio-Arcane Barrage as quickly as possible as it'll be your main source of damage and put off-points into Caustic Spittle to increase the attack speed frequency of Bio-Arcane Barrage. Remember to invest a point at level 6 into the wondrous Living Artillery which'll keep any opponent unable to react quickly enough completely at your mercy while you dominate the lane. Leave leveling Void Ooze until the end.

What're you doin' still listenin' to me babblin'? Get out and wreck some faces!