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Fiora Build Guide by Oneinthepink

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Oneinthepink

Death To the Blade Goddess

Oneinthepink Last updated on May 10, 2012
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AD Carry

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey Ya'll

First time build with mobafire, since the minute this champion came out i was playing her and testing many items with her and this here has been my result that works so well for me and my laning partner Leona-shayden-, variation are to come so hang in there, ive got exp with Riven imo the next best ad carry thats not a easy play tryndamere or master yi.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells~

**Good Options**

~Flash~This spell is always a great choice no matter what champion you are. You can use Flash in any defensive and offensive situation which makes it usefull in many, many ways.
~Exhaust~ This spell is another great option. Just like Flash it can be used in any defensive and offensive situation which makes it like flash usefull in many ways.
~Ignite~ This spell is also a great option. This spell is great against healers and it hits really much for a true damage dot. This spell can finish targets really easy! I prefer Flash and Exhaust though.
~Smite~ This spell is a must have when you're jungling, Smite speeds up your jungling alot which leads to faster ganking which ofcourse leads to more kills for your team! Also a wonderfull spell to steal baron / dragon. DO NOT USE THIS SPELL WHEN YOU'RE LANING!

**Decent Options**

~Ghost~This spell is a good choice on fiora, it can be used in defensive and offensive situations like Flash. The only disadvantage is that Ghost can be countered with slow and you can't go trough walls like Flash can. If you have the feeling your movement speed is way to low, this spell will help you alot.
~Heal~ This spell isn't the best choice but it isn't bad to. This spell gives you a litle bit more survivability which can turn loses into wins. If you're new and struggling to keep alive Heal is a great spell for you!
~Teleport~ This spell is great, especially when you're solo laning. The only disadvantage about this spell is, it's not THAT usefull late game and it has a pretty high cooldown compared to Flash and Exhaust. It is a great choice vs harras champions and a great choice if you don't like walking.
~Cleanse~ This spell is always a nice spell to choose. The only disadvantage is has is that Cleanse has a pretty long cooldown for just removing the cc effects on you. If you're fighting vs a full cc team, this spell is awesome.

**Bad Options**

Clairvoyance~This spell should be picked by supports and not by a dps. The only real situation you should choose this spell is never. If no one picks Clairvoyance in your team, your team is doing something wrong and you should consider finding another one.
~Clarity~ This spell just wastes a summoner spell slot like every spell does under the topic 'Bad Options'. You shouldn't be spamming abilities every time you can deal a litle bit damage to your enemy which doesn't even get you anywhere. Leave Clarity for a support.
~Promote~ This spell can be usefull but not in our situation which makes it a bad choice. The only way Promote can be usefull is to push your lane which isn't your goal as a solo laner.
~Surge~ This spell is pretty useless. Yes i know that Surge gives as and ap, but late game the as will exceed your as cap and the ap is pretty much useless so just don't pick it.
~Revive~ This spell is just useless in every way possible unless you're trying to troll which leads to hate. The cooldown on Revive is ridiculous high, you have to die before you can actually use this spell which isn't your goal in LoL and it will let people probaly rage at you. Just DON'T pick it.

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~Main Runes~

Greater Mark of Desolation: These runes will give you a huge boost in damage. These runes are basically the best runes for ad champions, especially early game.

Greater Seal of Resilience: The armor you gain from these runes is very huge early game, this will help you stay longer on your lane and it will help you ALOT with jungling.

Greater Glyph of Shielding: These runes will give you that nice magic resistance boost over level, they wont give you that much magic resistance early game but late game it gives a huge boost.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation: Just like the marks, these runes give you a huge boost in damage.

~Alternative Runes~

There might come more runes, still testing some out.

Greater Mark of Strength: Instead of armor penetration you can also use attack damage. These runes will increase your jungling / laning for early game which helps people who just started jungling, but late game you wont notice anything of these runes which sucks.

Greater Seal of Alacrity: Do you prefer attack speed? These runes might just help you. I do not really like them myself but they are not bad. This will help you farming for sure and it will increase your jungling. The only thinn thats bad about these runes is that it removes your armor which means solo laning can be a pain in the *** versus huge harasers (like Urgot or Yorick).

Greater Glyph of Warding: These runes are actually pretty good, they are slightly better then Greater Glyph of Shielding early game, but late game they are not as good as Greater Glyph of Shielding. If you are fighting vs a team with much magic damage, these runes will help you much more to stay on lane earlier on.

Greater Glyph of Focus: Cooldown reduction is actually pretty good on Fiora. These runes will help you spam your abilities much more and help you block more auto attacks so you can survive longer versus carrys. They remove your magic resistance though which can be a pain in the *** early game.

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude: Need health? Pick these runes, they will help you really much to stay on your lane longer + it will scare your enemy more because your health is alot higher. The only disadvantage is that your damage will be lower which isn't to handy with this build because you are already not dealing TO much damage.

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness: Tested these and they are actually pretty good, especially when you're jungling. This build doesn't contain any movement speed items so these runes might help alot if you love to sprint. They remove your armor pen though which can be pretty annoying to harass your enemies while jungling / laning because your dmg will be alot lower.

Greater Quintessence of Strength: Just like the Greater Mark of Strength you can go for attack damage instead of armor penetration. These runes will increase your jungling / laning for early game which helps people who just started jungling, but late game you wont notice anything of these runes which sucks.

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When it came to AD Carries i've always seen Bloodthirsters as one of the best items, reason being why i start off with this as my first and then run into the Tri Force, every game i've played on her its easily gotten. the one thing id like to talk about though is her situational items. If its just a sheer mob fest then i suggest a second Bloodthirster, if its to the point your getting focused Guardians Angel i beleive is the best defensive item for her, and melee ad carries in general.

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Team Work

Fiora is a great soloist, but one thing she needs the most is a great supporter/initator. In shayden and I's games we run Fiora, Leona, and we run Ahri, Fiora: This set up was just an experiment that turned out to work very well in our favor vs an Ashe-Nautilust comp. i ended up going 11-0-5 that game.using her W skill to the advantage to send back ashes crit arrows was VERY KEY to our survival, but the sheer lane domination is what won us the game in my opinion. So once again shes a great champ but needs that lil bit of help to really shine.

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Unique Skills


Q: This skill is very usefull when you're laning. It really helps you regenerate your health back or to keep your health up. Not really much to say about.

Q: This ability is your key to chase your enemies to death. You can dash TWICE to your enemy for the mana cost of one. This ability can also be used as an escape mechanisme.

You should be leveling this skill after Burst of Speed.

Tips and Tricks:
•Only use this skill when you're sure you'll kill you're target.
•Try to have some enemy minions behind you so you can escape whenever you have to.
•Don't wait to long casting your second dash, it may go away which results in a waste of a skill.

W: This ability is really awesome. The passive gives you alot of ad which means more damage. The active is the most interesting part, you can use this spell to counter attack on basic attack of your enemy and hit him instead of him hitting you!

You want to max this ability first (except if you can rank up Blade Waltz.

Tips and Tricks:
•Use the active wisely, watch your enemy carefully and whenever she auto attacks you, you should activate it.
•Try not to spam this ability to often, it will cost alot of mana.
•If you're in a 1v1 battle, don't cast it at the start but in the middle of your battle, it will suprise your enemy and may give you a win.

E: This is probaly Fiora her main ability, it increases your attack speed really really much which can turn loses into wins. It also gives you a huge movement speed boost which makes it easier for you to chase your enemies. When you kill an enemy it refreshes the cooldown of this spell.

You want to max this after Riposte and before Lunge.

Tips and Tricks:
•Try not to use this ability to much for farming minions, keep it for fights.
•Try to combine this ability with Lunge to chase your enemy to death.
•Don't be afraid to use it in teamfights, if you kill an enemy it will refresh the cooldown which means you can activate it again.

R: This ability is your ultimate, it has a really amazing animation and is has a really amazing effect. This ability works like Infinite Duress, it hits 5 times and it works on on-hit effects, which combines great with our build. You also get invincible while casting Blade Waltz.

You want to max this skill whenever you can rank it up (level 6,11 and 16).

Tips and Tricks:
•Use this ability as finisher and not as starter, this will confuse your enemies.
•You are invincible while casting this ultimate so don't be afraid to tower gank with it.
•Try to use it on the enemy carry's. It will hit much harder on them and probaly kill them really fast.

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Let's talk about farming.. What is farming? What can you do with farming? What will you achieve by farming? Well it's simple: It's almost the most IMPORTANT thing in this game to do, especially for Fiora. Farming is also known as last hitting the minions, this means whenever you do the last hit on a minion and you kill it you will receive the gold from it. Doing this on every minions can give you loads and loads of gold without having to kill anyone at all. This is very important on Fiora, she needs as much minions as possible (that's why she has to solo lane or junge). The best way to do this on Fiora depends on what enemy you have. With solo laners like Garen or Trundle or almost every close combat fighter you can farm pretty easy, you don't have to tower hug to much which means you can last hit minions very easy. With solo laners like Yorick or Urgot you should wait till he pushes their minions to your tower so you can farm easily.

Last hitting with your tower:
•Combat minion: 2 turret shots then 1 auto attack.
•Ranged minion: 1 auto attack, 1 turret shot and then 1 auto attack.
•Tank minion: Not really sure, just make sure you'll last hit this minions, it gives the most gold. This minions also takes 50% less damage from turrets which makes it easier for you to last hit it.

If your getting outzoned on your lane, you should call your jungler for help or you wont be to strong mid/late game.