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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Siren

Deathcap Wearing Hextechian

The Siren Last updated on May 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is the build I use for Mordekaiser nowadays. He is my favourite champion, so I play him a lot. Be aware: this build is NOT a tank build. He will be very tough, also because of massive spell vamp, but definately not a tank. If you go tank Mordekaiser, just browse around on this awesome site :).

Have fun reading, and please rate my guide!


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Pros / Cons

- Great damage
- Fast movement
- Tough
- Great harasser
- Can't get harassed
- If you are a bit fed you can win 1v3's

- Besides FoN and Sunfire no tank items
--> not very much health and armor / MR
- No cc besides Gunblade's active (unless you get rylai's)
- If you get stunned you can't heal with spellvamp
--> can be fixed with cleanse or Quicksilver Sash

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- For marks you will want magic penetration. Morde almost only deals magic damage, however, lategame with 2 (or 3) hextech gunblades you deal much basic damage as well.

- For seals I go flat health. I don't really like dodge runes, since they are so unreliable in my opinion (unless while playing jax). Flat health gives you a nice early game advantage.

- For glyphs I love these cooldown reduction runes. Continuously spamming abilities will keep your shield up, and makes you hard to kill.

- For Quintessences you can take whatever you want. Personally I use flat health on every champion, because it is so good. Magic pen will work fine too of course. Even CDR if you prefer that.

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Masteries is quite obvious. More magic pen in offensive. Defensive masteries for more base health and a nice AP bonus. I do not take the 21 defense, because the ghost upgrade is better in my eyes.

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You will want to start with a regrowth pendant, because it will cover all your health loss from your abilities. If you keep your shield up, you are unvulnerable for harassment. Your lane opponents will hate you because of that (I didn't mention, but morde is also one of the best mid champs). The health potion is always nice: just in case.

After that I get basic boots and then rush for Force of Nature. In almost every team are 2 casters, so you will want that item. I really love the movement speed, and that is why i get it before boots upgrade. If I don't manage to get the money in time, i sometimes get sorc boots first, but minion farming is very easy on mordekaiser.

Once you got your sunfire, you are quite though, and it deliveres a nice amount of health. It also stacks nicely with your Creeping Death. It got nerfed in latest patch, but it is still a decent item. If you get a heavy AD team you can replace this with Thornmail.

If the game is going well, I highly advice getting a Mejai's. If not, then DON'T. I see a lot of players copying build from this site (which isn't bad), but they get mejai's and get no stacks. It is a waist if you don't get them of course.

Grab yourself two hextech revolvers. With this 40% spellvamp you can move in the enemy. Summon the metal shards around you and start spmming skills. It doesn't even matter if your shield goes down sometimes. The spellvamp will cover that.
If you are a bit fed, you can solo like 3 enemies. First take one out. Be sure that it is a DPS char. Get his ghost and move back, while spamming abilities over your shoulder, and you let your ghost beat them up.
9/10 of the times they will chase you and let the ghost do his job. THE DAMAGE THAT THE GHOST DEALS ON THEM IS ALSO CREATING YOUR SHIELD. Many players don't know that, but if you have a champ like yi or ashe, you can let them fight your enemies. The ghost fills your shield, together with your own mace and syphon. I am not sure wether the ghost also uses your spell vamp to heal up. I should test that once.

Get a rabadon's after the revolvers. This will increase your AP from around 85 to something like 320. If you have a mejai's with a couple of stacks, it will only further increase. Don't forget: the more AP the faster you will regain health.

If the game isn't over yet, transform the revolvers into gunblades. You can also get a will of the ancients instead of two gunblades, but that is up to your team composition. I also like the lifesteal, because you are continually hitting the enemy with your basic attacks, besides your abilities.

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Summoner Spells

I always go Ghost and Ignite, just because it is so good.

IGNITE IS A MUST HAVE. When casting ult, also throw the ignite on them. This will prevent them from healing and also deals some nice bonus dmg. 8/10 they won't come away with a stupid healthbar of ~20 hp.

Instead of ghost you could also get either cleanse or flash. The rest is not neccecary.

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So that is how I play Mordekaiser. If you are the only tough char in your team I dont suggest to use this build, but then get more tanky items. Also, if your team has no CC, I highly advise Rylai's.

One last thing: warmogs armor as first item is BAD on Mordekaiser. Your passive shield also uses armor and magic resist. Warmogs gives neither of them. I never buy this item anyway, but if you do it, get it as third item after sunfire and Force of nature.

The Siren.