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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ninja_techies

Decide your Twisted Fate

Ninja_techies Last updated on February 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and Welcome to IRapesU/Ninja_Techies's Twisted fate its my first guide so go easy on me...The Main Build for this guide is AP and DMG since TF needs a little of both to pwn with...The Reason for the gold items is this...MATH LESSON...according to the items i get 5 gold per 10 seconds with the normal gold per second and the mastery i obtain 26 GP(10)S(5 from 3 items makes 15 1 from mastery and 1gold every second(times 10 seconds makes 10) the items should be gotten around 10 minutes in if you last hit some creeps...the total cost is 2315 if i get 26 GPS i get 156 gold a minute(not counting kills)so after about 25 Minutes these items pay for themselves...and the average game length is what...BOB 30-40 minutes? yes bob 30-40 about 25 minutes in youve gotten back all the gold you bought those items with...and the added Regen,Crit,and AP doesnt hurt either...And with TFs added 2 gold per kill it turns him into a gold *****...The Reason for not getting heart of gold is cost of it and item lets get on with the guide...

Solo mid your going to need it

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Pros / Cons

-Stun,Slow,and long range multi strike nuke
-One of the most powerful ultimates in the game full sight on enemy heros and a global teleport
-Fairly Short cooldowns(Especially with my build)
CONS!(almost none)
-Little squishy but the stun makes up for this in helping you get away

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But Mr.Ninja wouldnt armor piecing and regen runes be better?...yes and no your ranged so you wont be getting hit much and id rather start the game with about 15% crit...another good build would be AP and DMG a few more to AP since it does more damage in the long run

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Skill Sequence

Mr.Techies why don't you upgrade your cards since you use that ability more?Well mah boi the answer is because your built as an assassin so your going to play as one...the nuke is your best damage while the cards serve their purpose at level one as a stun,slow,and last hit helper/mana regen...

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TF is one of the best farmers IMO...this is why stacked deck is gotten first...simply hit the creeps 3 times wait till one is low and ensure your last hit...on larger creeps whip out your blue card for the little boost and last hit them...about mid game since your throwing cards are already maxxed you can kill an entire creep wave by your self...throw cards whip out ur big red and kill the ranged creeps instant 70 gold

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Ive already explained the gold items...the gun blade gives everything TF needs and the added slow is helpful when chasing...RuneBlade is for the bonus since you will be attacing and using spells a lot...Other items are just upgrades plus there pretty helpful...
another good build is
-Manamune/Archangel's Staff over Gunblade/runeblade
all the bonus mana means you can spam almost endlessly
Or later you can sell Philstone and get trinity force since the speed boost isnt that important

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Why utility and offense over offense as main and utility as back-up?becuase of the free 10% cooldown reduction(and 15% on summoners)...the bonus mana and regen....and that gold will help a lot!

although a good alternative is offense as main and utility as secondary since ud still get the gold

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Summoner Spells

BUT REVIVE IS FOR NUBS!!!Back trolls!...this is why i get revive...well remember when you were fighting with an enemy hero who barley beat you...*presses D hits R teleports over throws card* thats why...revive is one of the best abilities for TF since his ulti gives him a global teleport with sight...and utility makes the cooldown much much lower(unless im wrong)

and ignite is great for early game kills as well as late game since the damage is pure plus the CD reduction helps.

smite/ignite is good for easy kills on the big creep to ensure u get the gold

or possibly even rally,but only if u choose to go offense since the bonus AP and time is great...just drop into the middle of a team fight drop yer flag and you could turn the tide of battle with all the can also be used for taking a tower down fairly fast

dunt bother with teleport of TF since his ulti is already there...
Clairvoyance too since ur ulti covers that

but its all personal preference these are merely suggestions

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The Right tools for the job!

TF is a hard a$$ hero to play...his skills take timing and aiming skills...
Wild Cards-CAUTION! cards have a fairly slow Spell Speed so when using them on a moving target try to anticipate where they will be...also remember that three are fired at around 30 Degree angles from original(i think...)so you can hit multiple targets if aimed correctly but this is an advanced skill after youve had some practice...

When using your cards use the right card at the right time
Blooy-when early game farming or for hitting towers
Big Red-When pushing or chasing grouped up enemies
Golden Gun-When chasing a solo hero as to help you escape...this is teh best one IMO

Teleport can get you killed!!!
BEWARE unless a hero is on his last bars and just hit recall dont go after him he might recall before you get there...
Try to teleport in the grass as much as possible so they dont see you coming...unless your whole team is right behind you and an enemy is about to get away

*scenario*3 of ur team is middle of mid...all enemy heros are MIA...Use your ulti to see them...they might be at baron or they might be heading to gank you...this can save your whole team!

Now put this into action...
Your main rotation.
Gold,Wild Cards,Attack,Gold,wild cards...

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Summing this up!

Go play TF its the best way to learn how to play him...all he takes is a bit of practice and hell be your best/favorite hero like me...

I cant tell you how to play i can merely provide a build and some tips on how to play this go out and own!

OOOOO YOUR GUIDE SUCKS IT DOESNT HAVE ANY PICTURES!!!You dont need pictures to have a good guide...just read