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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jonxx

Definitely Not Dominion, Hide and Seek Rules Remade.

Jonxx Last updated on July 11, 2016
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About me, this guide, and why it was created.

Hello, I'm Jonxx, I'm playing mostly on EUNE server, and I'm a quite long time player of Hide and Seek mode with hundreds of matches on my account. Now, after the disappointment of Dominion being removed, we can play the map again, however in my opinion, and many others, rules need some adjusting and balance if we are to play the mode as smoothly as we could before. Let's start then.

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General Rules.

1. Gamemode is 5v2 custom game, on Definitely Not Dominion, played in Draft Mode for Bans.

2. Team 1 are Hiders.

3. Team 2 are Seekers.

4. Every Hider have 5 lifes each.

5. Seekers aren't allowed to leave base before 2:00.

6. Hiders must leave base before 2:00.

7. Time limit is 40 min.

8. If any Hider have at least one life left at 40 min mark then Hiders win.

9. If someone is chased by one seeker, at most one person can help. If someone is chased by two seekers, two people are allowed to help. Helping means using spells mentioned below.

10. Everyone are allowed to take health packs.

11. It's not allowed for either team to capture super minion relic.

12. It's not allowed for either team to capture top tower.

13. Only Seekers can capture shrine in center of the map.

14. Hiders can only use crowd control spells, mobility spells,and heals/shields. Hiders also cannot use autoattacks, except few exceptions like Udyr or Trundle who are allowed to hit you once every few seconds. Abilities which require more than one auto to proc crowd control are not allowed either.

Now there are few things I want to talk about:
1. First of all types of spells that counts as crowd control. Following effect counts as crowd control for purpose of this guide:
All airborne effects, Blind, Disarm (Poly, Amumu Ult), Forced Action (Taunts, Charms etc), Root, Statis, Slow, Stun, Suppression, and Silence.

2. Using multiple spells, including those not usually allowed for CC is strictly prohibited. This means no Brand combo stun, no Zilean q combo etc.

3. Causing damage to enemy in order heal, if that spell have no crowd control is not allowed.

4. If seekers use mobility boots, then it's allowed to use otherwise not allowed spells in order to slow them. However only one such attack is allowed, and only when mobility boots boost is active.

5. Mobility that rely on hitting Seeker with not allowed ability or autoattack. Example, Sivir's passive. Not allowed.

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Seeker Only Rules.

Other than mentioned in general rules:

1. Seekers should go back to base when they're low health. Seekers are allowed to continue to chase on low health, on their own responsibility. If they then die no one gets any penalty. Hiders are still allowed to only use crowd control spells. This means, no suddenly using all skills and autoattacks just because seekers are low health and does not back.

2. In old guides low health was specified at 200-300 health. It's not needed anymore, because of changes in previous rule.

3. Seekers are allowed to recall at any time.

4. Seekers are allowed to fake recall.

5. Seekers are allowed to get one slow item at 20 min, and another at 35 min.

6. Oracle and other Stealth Detecting items, are allowed on one seeker post 20 min, and on both seekers at 35 min.

7. Frost Queens Claim is NOT allowed. Playable area was reduced so much, this item is way too strong, especially when combined with new trinket.

8. Hiders have grace time of 30 seconds after respawning from death. During this time they cannot be killed or followed by Seekers. However, if they try to help other hiders in any way at this time, then they can be chased immediately.

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Hider Only Rules.

Other than mentioned in general rules:

1. No grouping more than 2 people per bush.

2. No building damage. If item provides mix of mobility/utility and damage, they are allowed, but please try to get those later in game, where damage won't matter as much.

3. You are allowed to get two tank items. Items who provide utility (qss) or mobility (talisman of ascension) do not count to that limit.

4. As was mentioned before you have 5 lifes. If you die 5 times it means you're out. Being out means you should stay in base. You are allowed to leave base at condition that you'll avoid going anywhere near Seekers. Remember you're not allowed to help your team in any way, including Frost Queens Claim from base, or using Frozen Heart passive.

5. Hiders are allowed to buy slow items like Rylai, Gauntlet, Frozen Mallet, however those items do not allow them to use autoattack or use all abilities.

6. Hiders are not allowed to go into their base.

7. Hiders are not allowed to buy items unless they die. (Example, you get disconnected and your champ will go to base).

8. Hiders have grace time of 30 seconds after respawning from death. During this time they cannot be killed or followed by Seekers. However, if they try to help other hiders in any way at this time, then they can be chased immediately.

9. Hiders are not allowed to break Seeker's recall.

10. Hiders are not allowed to stack traps. Examples, Shaco or Jhin.

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Banned Items.

Hiders - Thornmail, Guardian Angel, Sunfire Cape, Frost Queen's Claim.

Seekers - Frost Queen's Claim.

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Summoner Spells.

Seekers are allowed to use all Summoner Spells.

Hiders are not allowed to use Ignite.

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Trinkets are allowed for both teams.

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Overall I've always been a fan of rule, that bans should be decided by game creator. This continues in this guide, however for those who would prefer a set of solid prebans I'll post pretty standard list that I usually use.

Hiders: Evelyn, Teemo, Shaco, Leblanc, Zilean, Kassadin.

Seekers: Evelyn, Teemo, Twisted Fate, Rengar, Zilean, Kassadin.

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Breaking the Rules.

Now, sadly in this mode people often break rules. Therefore we need some penalties.

1. Life Penalty.

2. Getting lives back.

3. Time Penalty.

First is used if Hider breaking is breaking the rules, and still have lives left.

Second is used if Seekers break rule and result is someone dead, for example Seekers kill person on "Grace".

Third is used if there's no way to remove more lives from Hider, for example he's already out but is helping his teammates, or when Seekers broke rules, but no one died in result of that.

Now, remember many situation where people break rules are just them not knowing those exact rules, or it was simply accident. In this case just point it out first, and if that person continues only then penalize them.

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Unfortunately very common thing in this gamemode are Trolls, people who break Rules on purpose, or abuse them in a way that makes the whole match unfun for one side. In this case just end the match, in any way possible, surrender, talk to seekers and take over turrets. And after game blacklist said person so you never have to play with them.

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Something very important.

Please remember that in the end this game is supposed to be fun for both sides. Don't be a douche, simply play fair. Remember rules aren't set in stone, they're just supposed to make the game more fun, they're there for us, players. It's always okay to for example ask enemy team if it's fine to change something about them, to do stuff that's normally not allowed.

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Well, as ending I'd just like to mention that this guide is not quite yet finished, likely many rules will change a bit, some might be added. Also my English is pretty meh, so I'm sure there are plenty of typos and grammar mistakes, so make sure to write to me about those.

Anyway, bye and have fun with best custom gamemode for League.


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