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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deitic

Deitic's Ryze

Deitic Last updated on June 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a build for a friend of mine based on how i play ryze.

I usually play ryze as a support type champion. Meaning i use my rune prison to keep a carry or a heavy cc champ on the opponent's team out of the fight long enough to make it that much easier for my team to win the fight.

Now this doesn't mean i won't be nuking during the fight, this only applies if CCing that particular target will guarantee a win more-so than if i simply nuked down their entire team.

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It should be pretty obvious why i use the runes above.

Marks- Magic pen marks so that combined with the boots, it'll effectively cancel negatron mid game.

Seals- Mana regen is vital to a ryze that intends on solo laning. This will greatly help his early to mid game in a solo lane.

Glyphs- CDR is a must, ryze is only as effective as how much he spams his Q and W.

Quints- Flat AP to help your early game and mid game harassment.

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The order i have above is my most basic snowball type build.

Catalyst however i find is actually more beneficial than tears, for 2 reasons.
1- Health = survivability
2- The mana and health regen after every level up greatly increases lane presence.

Those two reasons is why i believe obtaining catalyst first before the tears is much more important.

Now the frozen heart and banshees can be made in either order, depending on the enemy team obviously. Frozen heart for AD heavy teams, and Banshees for AP heavy teams. However i recommend buying the 2nd catalyst before building a frozen heart mainly because getting a 2nd catalyst mid game is amazing.

Obviously building the Death cap in the end is the Increase your rune prison's damage, which scales much higher than your Q in AP Ratios.

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Skill Order

In a 1v1 situation, you want to go with a basic, R/Q/W/Q/E/Q rotation.

This rotation is pretty much what you'll be doing all the time however if you're doing the poking game that's obviously a Q spam situation, with you're ultimate coming into effect once it goes into a full blown team fight.

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Pro Tips

Early game bait mechanics.

Harass your enemy as much as possible, while doing so allow them to hit you as well, when you're around 30% wait until you hit level 6.

As soon as you hit level 6, rely on the spell vamp to win an aggressive push, makes sure to engage the enemy in his creep wave this way the spell vamp from your ultimate will heal you as much as possible.

Play style.

Be AGGRESSIVE in a 1v1 situation, don't play passive unless its against a champ that can take your hits, and then dish out more.

2v1- Whittle down the enemy champ with no health regen capabilities. once you hit 6 nuke him down. Easy enough lol.

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Your role in a teamfight

Now, ryze is still a big source of damage, but he's more like eye candy for the opposing team. Your goal is to build tanky enough to the point where even though you dish out a lot of the damage, the enemy team has to focus some cc or pressure on you so that your real carries have less people focusing him/her and can dps harder.

Rune prison your W key, is vital in a team fight. You need to make sure you focus it on a CC champ or their Carry/ies.

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1. Amazing recover-ability, meaning you can mess up your early game but as soon as you get that rod of ages and archangels you'll be plowing through people like early game didn't exist.

2. Massive damage potential + CC + survivability. Your ultimate is overpowered, that spell vamp can make or break a team fight if you happen to be the focus target.

3. With his new Mana to Damage ratios the fact that you can build tanky and still output a lot of damage is what makes him well.......Ryze.


1. Very item dependent, your not going to last with just a catalyst and tier 2 boots mid game like some champs such as Anivia. Your skills are heavily dependent on your items.

2. Basic but hard. Ryze is about as basic as you can get in a champ. you spam Q and you snare someone when you want to keep them off you or keep them. Judging when and where to initiate is important as well. This comes with game experience.