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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ascaron


Ascaron Last updated on September 11, 2010
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This is my first build whatsoever, and about a new Champ : Malzahar, prophet of the Void. Same family as Cho Gath & Kassadin.

This is Mostly an AP Build n Tips About Playing this Amazing caster.

Summoner Spell:

Ignite: This Char is freakinly good on damage on time, Null Zone, Malefic Visions and his ult are dealing Dot, so why don't add ignite to the stuff?

Ghost: As alaways, good to escape, get in fights, u'll need it when the other team will focus u.

About spell descriptions:

The passive: Summons a pet after 5 castings, yup, he becomes 'adult' in 7 seconds, gaining health & damages according to ur level. it's uncontrollable, he will focus what u will, but that's all.

Call of The Void: Mass Silence, Good Range and Insane Damage, takes the shape of a door closing from both sides, dealing huge damage in the center.

Null Zone: Pretty much an AoE like Morgana's, dealing damage according to the Max Life of the targets, good on late game, cheap early to harass if u have issues harassing with Malefic Visions.

Malefic Visions: My Favorite, cursing a minion & draining his life until his deaths or the end of the spell, good news if it kills, it jumps onto another minion/enemy champ n continues to deal good good damages on time til the next jump... and gives u a nice amount of mana, learn to use this skill & u"ll know why clarity is really dispensable

The Nearest Enemy from the one cursed will be the one targeted after the death, so here's a tips if u want to annoy ur opposant, Malefic Vision > Call of the Void on all the minions between him and the minion cursed, and the Vision jumps on him.

Nether Grasp: Stun + Dot, u can cast Whatever on hell u want during the chanelling/stunning of your future - dead - opponent > Call of the void to start, Null zone & Malefic Visions, and if its a big one or u just wanna be sure, add ignite on top with sugar. The Health Bar of the poor guy will fastly go down to nothing.

This Hero Can be great On Mid or on lane


I recommend a Doran Ring for the first games, then go for a book when ur sure of what u'r doing.

Armor Penetration & Flat Damage on the Build, for the Buying, u'll see on my runes & masteries that i'm a greedy one, so i don't fear buying one or two of these AP blades giving g's after i got my book n Boots to make the thing go a little faster.

Take a look at the new items, i mean Hextech Pistol & upgrades of it, i'll often take it, but it's not on mobafire yet, so i'd replace the Rylay Scepter By it. Depending on the context.

Leave comments, hope u like it