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Akali Build Guide by despenguin

Despenguin's Akali ***ainates everthing execpt herself

Despenguin's Akali ***ainates everthing execpt herself

Updated on July 14, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author despenguin Build Guide By despenguin 1,815 Views 2 Comments
1,815 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author despenguin Akali Build Guide By despenguin Updated on July 14, 2011
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hey guys here i'll show you how i play akali my losses with her aren't embrassing but the scores are something to be proud of.
This guide is nearly complete but in the mean time if anyone can tell me how to improve this guide and if it works i'll be happy to modify it at a later date.
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Pros / Cons

* Great harraser through out the game espeacially early game.
* Can easily ***ainate non tanky champion with ease and survive.(usally not in 2v1's)
* Can flee from teamfights quickly
* Has alot of damage output late game
* has alot of escape opions
* good mid laner as well
* targeted first in teamfights or in 2v2
* suspetible to ccs
* needs a tank for protection when laning against 2 champions(not when in mid lane)
* very squishy
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Skill Sequence

when i choose my skills i try to get 1 point in all my non utlimate skills and try to max my "q" mark of the ***ain asap the taking a balance between twilight shroud "w" and cresent slash "e".

when i'm fighting a champion i use the combo of r-q-e-r-q-w[on the enemy]-q for optimal damage and possibly a kill. if you get low on health use your w straight away and shadow dance to a enemy minion to get away as far as posssible, also you could try to recall in your "w" but i dont recommend it due to the short time your "w" lasts
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my items go as the following items at the top as soon as possible try to set off twin discplines[both of them] asap then i get rageblade allowing me to combo and deal more and more damageas i go. then iget get either crystal scepter or madred's blood razors to optimise damage from mark of the ***ain's damage against the target.and the rest of the items i use are to top of my damage output.
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Summoner Spells

i take flash and ignite.
using flash to either catch up to enemy or flee a gank.
and i use ignite to harass or help pick up a kill on low health champions.

cleanse and ghost help as well with any combination of the summoner spells above
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when i lane i usally go mid or bot if i'm in a 2v2 lane i try to go with a tank who can help for a quick escape or kill [prefferably alistar]

in mid lane: i try to harass the enmey as much as possible and pick up some minion kills to get my items
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i hope this ***ain akali build helpsin destroying enemys and leaving themto rest ***ain creed style lol
ps pls someone tell me how this guide does in ranked games cause i can't really try at this point in time sry
League of Legends Build Guide Author despenguin
despenguin Akali Guide
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Despenguin's Akali ***ainates everthing execpt herself

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