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Morgana Build Guide by Snecker12

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Snecker12

Destructo morgana

Snecker12 Last updated on December 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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In the next few chapters I will present to you how to play Morgana, even solo a lane, and a killer Morgana build, which, for me, has proven to be extremely good. For everything said here I will give argumentation why. Let me start by explaining a few things about this outstanding champion.

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Skills presentation

In this chapter I am going to, well ... do what the title says :)

1. On Q you have Dark binding.
This is a very good skill with a high AP damage bonus (0.9). Basically it's a skillshot nuke which on-hit binds the target to the ground. The problem with this skill is that the projectile is very slow, which makes it harder to hit the desired target. The good thing is that it has a long range and can also be used for scouting brush - if you see it stop short, that means someone is there and now can't move :)

2. On W you have Tormented soil.
It's basically an AOE spell which deals magic damage over 5 seconds. This skill is very good at farming minions as it has a high AOE DOT output and also applies a powerful magic resistance debuff, so every second it hits more than before. When using it in teamfights try to hit as many targets as possible.

3. On E you have Black shield.
This is spell places a shield on a friendly target for 5 seconds, protecting them from magic damage and disables while it lasts or until it's depleted. this is a good skill to use on a friendly tank while he's rushing. it can also be used to help someone escape or just to ensure no disables are applied to you or your teammate.

4. On R you have Soul shackle.
This is your ultimate ability, so you should use it carefully, as it's on a fairly long cooldown. it's a nuke which slows all surrounding enemies by 20%, I think, dealing pretty high damage. then after 3 seconds, if targets are still in range, deals a second amount of damage identical to the first hit and stuns them for 2 seconds. Again, this is a VERY good ultimate, especially in teamfights, so use it carefully.

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With Morgana you want first to farm as many minions as possible and, while doing that, harass the enemy champion(s) in the lane with tormented soil. This can be done by placing it between both lines of minions and, if possible, at the same time hit an enemy champion at least once with it. Because of her outstanding farming abilities it is very easy to come out ahead in early game. That is also why you want to get a solo lane. One might think that soloing a lane against 2 champions would be difficult but because of Morgana's good croud control capabilities it's not that challenging. Also because of her passive spell vamp you can easily recover from almost every situation because your tormented soil heals you for insane amounts of hp.
So first it's wise to play defensive and farm as many minions as possible and then, well ... own :)

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Harassing combos:

-Dark binding -> tormented soil
This combo is very good when laning against only 1 player because, first, you disable your opponent for 2 seconds, second, you decrease their magic resistance, which is good for ganks to be more effective and, well, causes you to deal more damage. Another thing I like about this combo is that while applying it you can also farm some minions.

-Tormented soil -> dark binding
I like to use this combo only when I'm sure I will hit my target with dark binding while still on the tormented soil. this requires some practice, perfect timing and a whole lot of accuracy. The advantage with this combo is that your dark binding deals more damage thanks to the tormented soil's magic resistance debuff and it also causes the target to be on tormented soil longer, which also results in more damage. Also, the longer they stay on the tormented soil before launching dark binding the more damage they will recieve.

Combat combos:

-Dark binding -> tormented soil -> (black shield) -> soul shackle
Now this one is my favorite combo because it releases massive amounts of damage while disabling your opponent for up to 4 seconds if timed perfectly. The essential thing here is impecible timing. You want your enemy to stay on the tormented soil as long as possible, which means first landing dark binding and almost simultaneously placing tormented soil underneath them. then wait until tormented soil hits them twice (which would probably be the same time the binding stops) and then activating soul shackle so that the debuff reaches its full potential by soul shackle's second damage output. this combo is perfect if a teammate lands a disable while the enemy is on the tormented soil (In the future I'm going to refer to skills by their initials, because, frankly, I'm sick of writing their full names over and over again. So: Dark binding-DB; tormented soil-TS; black shield-BS and soul shackle-SS). The reason why BS is in () is that you don't neccessairily need to use it, it's just a failsafe for disables and magic damage. you can also switch the DB and TS for maximized damage.

-(Black shield) -> soul shackle -> tormented soil -> dark binding
This one is mainly for teamfights, where you have multiple enemies in a small place. So basically what you want to do is hit as many enemies as possible with SS and predict where most of them, or at least your intended target, are going to be when the SS applies its stun. Then place your TS there and either wait that it maximizes the debuff and then land DB or land DB immediately when the stun ends and ensure they stay on TS longer.

These are the combos I use with Morgana. Now, let's proceed to the rune build.

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I use this rune build mostly because I want to come ahead in early game. That's why I use almost exclusively AP runes. The mana regen. runes are there because this champion can be very mana-hungry in early game and that allows me to regain mana at least a bit faster.

There's not much more to say about my rune build, so I'm moving on to masteries.

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I use this mastery build to increase my AP early in game. So with my mastery and rune build I think you get 52 or so AP in the very beginning, which gives DB a good damage bonus. Basically you want to take all the AP, cooldown reduction, spell vamp and mana masteries.

I'm moving on to Items now.

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You should start off with a Doran's ring. It gives you some health to prevent early deaths, a good AP bonus and, most importantly, mana regeneration.

Next you should buy a will of the ancients to increase your spell vamp so you can recover from any situation. At the same time try investing in some boots of swiftness, which allow you to chase almost everyone and, if neccessairy, escape.

I always go for at least 1 Archangel's staff, as it gives you a LOT of mana and mana regeneration and, in adition, a lot of AP, depending on how much mana you have.

I always buy rabaddon's deathcap because it gives you INSANE AP bonus.

Sometimes there's another Archangel's but usually I go for zhonya's hourglass, which gives you a bit of durability and a good AP boost. it's active is also very useful as it allows you to be immortal for 2 seconds.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner's spells I use flash and ignite because morgana lacks mobility and flash grants it. I use ignite for an even bigger damage output. Not much more to say here.

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Team Work

Morgana excells in teamwork - teamfights. All her spell are, at least in a way, support. Her great stun gives her massive crowd control abilities while also, well, disables enemies. DB is also great as it restrains a target, which can be very helpful while chasing a champion or running away from one. It's a good ganking tool and also prevents you from being ganked. TS's debuff is quite strong and allows friendly AP champions to hit harder. Well, BS's name speaks for itself.

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There's really not much more to say in these category that I haven't said already. To summarize: She has GREAT farming abilities because of her TS, as with this spell only you can clear whole minion waves.

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So, I believe my guide covered everything there is to cover with Morgana. I hope it will help you master her and own against everyone. If you have any questions or you notice something I didn't cover with this time-consuming guide, fell free to comment and I will gladly reply.
Thanks for reading my guide and take care,