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League of Legends Build Guide Author Failcreation

Devils Fiddle

Failcreation Last updated on March 2, 2011
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Hello, my game name is eaticky! I normally play fiddlesticks and when I first started playing this game i try'd fiddle and fell in love with him. Given his looks and that is his an animated scarecrow I think he is the coolest looking champ there is. But, this is my first guide that I have ever made and this guide might be vague. Just ask the questions and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

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I did the Marks and the Glyphs as Insight for the obvious reasons. The higher fiddlestick's magic pen. the higher his damage output. For the seals I did mana over time. I did that cause I found he uses a lot of mana. Especially when you get his drain maxed out and can constantly drain your mana gets used up and fast. So the mana regain over time helps alot. The quin's I choose crit chance cause you can still crit on your drains and thats really fun.

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For your items I found that for either getting first blood or jungling getting the amplifying tome and a health pot or mana pot is the way to go. After that I go and get mejai's soulstealer. The Soulstealer helps you get your ability power to skyrocket. after that I go get my boots. After this I seem to have no problem just collecting money and kills. Helping people with ganks as well as just laneing with someone and getting kills that way as well. After you get what I call your deathcap. Your pretty much a force to be reckoned with. After this I went after the hourglass. After this its pretty much whatever you want to get. Get a banshees veil if they have an abundance of magic users or go for the abyssal Scepter to lower your opponents magic resists and beat the **** outa them.

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Skill Sequence

All I have to say is DRAIN DRAIN DRAIN!!! this is your life right here. Obviously put points into your ult when you can. But drain is now your new best friend, The reason I get drain and fear is pretty obvious. If your going agianst a champ that has a stun or taunt. I know this might sound crazy but let him use it on you. After he wastes it hit them with fear then drain there life away. Dark wind is great for farming creeps its true but I see no point in it when laneing with someone who can do that for me while I help kill the bigger threats.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite I found mixed in with fear and drain is really deadly for early game ganks. Hit them with ignite, fear, then drain and you will see there life melt away like ice in the desert. Even in late game if you see a champs life getting low hit them with it and watch them run off and die. Obviously Fiddle has to have flash. Crowstorm has its own flash built it. But, with the flash summoner ability you can use crow storm from a even safer distance and just flash in. Or if a couple of enemy's are trying to run away flash infront of them then fear and drain.

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Fiddlesticks is a great champ. He is highly annoying and can be very deadly if not stopped early. On the other hand if playing as him he can be the best person to have as a teammate. His crowstorm is deadly in group fights. And as a last thought. Never and I mean never chase after the fiddle. He will turn into your worst nightmare. I really hope this guide is somewhat helpful. Like I said before, It's my first guide and all comments and suggestions are more then welcome the good and the bad. I would like to know what I could improve on what I could do less of. So, please be nice and share with me your thoughts. Thanks.