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Diana Build Guide by jdi456

Diana a scorn in the butt

By jdi456 | Updated on August 20, 2012

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Hello, this is my first time on mobafire making a build , so if you have any tips on how to make a better guide please tip me. Since i do not know how to script this will be mainly an item build and ill be giving out tips. I would advise to read everything even if you are experienced with diana. Ty for your time!
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Why i chose these items

First off i will explain why i chose these items:
Boots: To help get away from ganks and avoid skill shots early game
3 Hp Pots: For survivability that will help stay in lane longer for more $$$ and exp.
Doran ring x2: 200 hp survivability is great early game and you will also have extra ap for damage and mana regen so you have enough mana to burst a champion when they're low.
Wit's End: This is a great item for diana due to her passive of needing to be upclose and personal to max her potential this item gives damage and speed, This item also give great magic resistance so you can do damage to the other ap and walk away with more hp than him/her
Mercury Tread: This item is mainly used for tenacity because this can help you get a second or two less off of enemy stun witch can save your life many times.
Rod of ages: Buy this item and diana will barely go mana hungry and she would have good ap and survivability.
Rabadon's deathcap: This will increase your ability power greatly and you can probabbly 1 burst them to death.
Lich Bane: diana is upclose and will need to auto attack and having this item and using ur skills frequently you will be able to get alot of that burst in securing the kill easily.A replacement for this item would be void staff.
Zhonya's Hourglass: This will help that burst and you will need the armor and active to survive many fights. This will also balance your magic resist from (lich bane , merc tread , wit end) with your armor (zhonya)
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Tips and trick

Lets say for example you are at enemy tower and behind you comes the jungler first off you would want to ult to them and then hit e as soon as possible I have heard soo many times that e can not help you from escapes well actually they're wrong. This is why : if you ult to them your exactly where they are at so you e they won't barely move an inch near you but it knocks them up giving u time to run and it also slows them down so you can get that headstart. That is probabbly the only escape mechanism diana has. Well, the others that i know of are really in the champion spotlight so I highly advise to watch those because alot of what Phreak says is helpful and true
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Skill Sequence

Under Construction
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Summoner Spells

Under Construction
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Pros / Cons

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