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Diana General Guide by LethalTwinkie

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LethalTwinkie

Diana Attack Speed and On-Hit ( a lane guide)

LethalTwinkie Last updated on August 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello all you Diana fans and players my name is bobby also known as LethalTwinkie this is my first mobafire guide so if i didnt make it well sorry then, i am here today to make a guide for any of of you struggling with her or just need a new idea how to play Diana. First off this is just to help you get ideas switch around with the items, play with them if you want, there is no right way to play her. I know some of you are looking at the items and are going what! That is the worst Diana build ever! Well iam here to explain the whole build, I perfer this more than phreak's build or just the standard ap because she is ap MELEE. The attack speed and on hit affects bring her basic hits up with more dmg and her passive actaivates alot more with this build so you can dual with other strong champions. I like this guide in 3v3 cause that is my favorite map it can work in 5s. So enjoy the guide.

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For runes i take Attack speed marks to give myself a boost in the beggining so i am not worth less or trash. For seals i take armor so i can have some resistance towards the ad champions in the game. For glyphs i take Magic resist so any other ap players will do less also, with the resistance you are not just easy kill in the start of the game or later on. For quints I take ability power so i have extra dmg with my spells and passive and early game.

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For masteries i go 21/9/0 makeing sure to grab attack speed in offense and take ability power to ensure good damage. For defense i take 2 points armor and magic resist to boost my defenses early game and then taking health for more survival.

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For item, as said at the name of guide, i focus on attack speed and on-hit effects with 2 variable defense items. What i don't like about all the builds that just stack ap and maybe a lich bane or something is that when you have cds you are screwed, literally you cant take on any melees with that build and that's when I thought of this, she is a ap MELEE she needs to have some defense but no completely rely on abilities. I take Merc treads for MR and mostly the tenacity so i am not locked down as easily and keep fighting, the MR is a bonus but if there are all melees get ninja tabis. I take malady for 1 the passive, 20 bonus magic dmg per basic hit 2 the attack speed and 3 the ability power. Next i like to get wit's end be cause of the passive 42 magic dmg per basic hit which goes with malady well also the Mr and attack speed boost her dmg so she is durable and has dmg so far. Next i get a madreds blood razor for the attack speed but mostly the passive and the dmg is a bonus all 3 of those items have synergy together. The next 2 items are wild cards they are defnese but depends on the team and how well you are doing.If you are against mostly ad guard angel and frozen heart, if against ap team try a banshees veil and force of nature. Just have fun with it and do what you want to the build.

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Skill Sequence

For skills the most important thing you want to rank up is crescent strike witch will be your main dmg spell but, first get all three abilities then start maxingit out, remember get your ult at 6,11 and 16. next ig for the sheild to rank up because it gives you a shield and dmg while moonfall only gives you a slow a draws the other players to you, moonfall is still a good skillgreat catching other champs. Then rank your moonfall up last now.

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Summoner Spells

For Summoner spells i take flash and ignite, flash is my utility so if iam caught i can get out and with ignite it is a nice extra source of damage while giving 50% reduced healing which is great against hard hitting Ad champions with life steal or it good just against anyone who heals. Another great spell i take is exhaust which slows the enenmy so u can catch them and reduces thier dmg by a high amount (read spell for exact info).

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That's the end of my Diana Build, i shown you how i play her and i gave you some ideas also on what to try with her i hope. If you guys liked it i can put out more guides for secret builds i use. But for now go pwn noobs with the awesome build you just learned!


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