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Akali Build Guide by FarFromDrunk

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FarFromDrunk

Diana - Blancali on it's way to opness (Pic and stuff later)

FarFromDrunk Last updated on August 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 5

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 4

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First of all, this guide is not an Akali nor a LeBlanc Guide.. but, more or less, it is the same :D

Diana has a huge burst potential same as low cd and a gap closer same as akali (due to cooldown around 8 second)

This Guide will be better time to time but first of all i want to show you how to build it, that you can start the train. It will take some time to make this guide .. lets say... good lookin' ;D

Lets start...

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Pros / Cons

First of all some Pros / Cons...

Well no, I will do this **** later... only 1 Pro for you right now:


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Skill sequence

go like this

1) Q
2) W
3) Q
4) E

after this MAX Q first, W second, E last and R whenever possible (6,11,16)

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9x Magic Pen Marks
9x AP per Lvl Seals
9x AP per Lvl Glyphs
3x Flat AP Quints

Defense is for ppl without ballz believe me you wont need it ... and if you do, choose armor seals and magic resist glyphs.. but i wouldnt go like this anytime ;)

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21 - 5 - 4 is what i am doing

I dont like Mana Reg, cause its like nothin early on so i decide to do 21 Points on the offensive AP tree, 5 points into defense (2 times MR, 3 times Armor) and 4 points into utility ( for flash and mana per lvl )

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling is possible, will try that later, but right now i dont feel her as a jungler... more or less she's an ap carry for me ;)

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Most important for sure

1) Boots + 3 HP Pots for the start
2) Sheen ASAP
3) Rylais Crystal Scepter
4) Finish Lich Bane out of ur Sheen
5) Rabadons Deathcap ASAP
6) Void Staff
7) Zhonyas Hourglass or Hextech Gunblade its up to you

Normally you should start with being OP after sheen, latest after Lich Bane ;)

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Summoner Spells

Flash + Ignite nothin else! !!! !!

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How to use her skills

Start the fight with ur Q , harrass as much as possible , mana cost is "only" 55 Mana what means you could nearly spam it BUT take always care of ur mana, you should never go OOM for nothin' ...

So, start with ur Q and ur R to engage, Autohit for Sheen/Lich Bane proc, wait a second and activate W, this will help you out cause of the shield and do a lot dmg to the enemy same as a new activation of Sheen/Lich Bane, furthermore, in the second you didnt use a speel, you should have done a second auto hit, that means ur next auto hit will activate ur passive... Summarise that W+Lich Bane Proc+ Passive Proc+ Auto hit dmg = OMFG HE IS SO DEAD .. and if he is not, and Q is still not off CD just go on and use R to get ur enemy down.

In fact, go like that and you will feel like leblanc with the fun of an akali

If the enemy would be able to run away, activate E and use the next Lich Bane proc... in fact if he is not down yet, you should have Q rdy again.. maybe R too so its a never ending stroy espacially late game with around 30-40% CD Reduction due to blue and pots