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Diana Build Guide by TreemeisterLOL

Diana build with 700 ap and strong attack damage/speed

By TreemeisterLOL | Updated on August 23, 2012

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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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If she has 700 ap, why does mobafire say 575?

Because Mobafire is not adding the 160 additional ability power that she will gain upon 20 stacks of Mejai's Soulstealer. You will actually have 735 Ability Power. 1 crescent strike will deal 848 magic damage, pale cascade will absorb 449 damage and each orb will deal 231 magic damage meaning that if all 3 were to hit 1 enemy it would deal 693 magic damage, and her ult will deal 661 magic damage. High burst huh?
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Why jungle?

Diana is great in lane, but excels in jungle. After learning her ult at level 6, you can clear the entire jungle in about a minute with smite. Her ability to rush to her target makes her an excellent ganker, and better yet if you use crescent strike first, it has no cool down. When the enemy tries to escape just use another ult if needed(like if they flash etc.), Moonfall to pull them back and get that target deaded.
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For masteries you really want my 10% magic pen, I want to take the least amount of damage from minions and monsters, and I also want to keep my buffs longer. You could dump 21 into offense and 9 into defense or utility, but I enjoy my advantages early on in the jungle, rather than higher late game burst. I got ap for that :p
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for runes, you really want to work on ap and extra mana, because Diana can be really thirsty. With this build you will have about 575-735 ap depending on how many mejais stacks you get. Yeah thats alot of ability power, but what good is that when you run out of mana in the middle of a team fight? That is where the extra mana comes in. Always try to have a blue buff, once yours runs out, steal one from the enemy jungle if it is there.
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Skill Sequence

Since you are in the jungle, you want to be able to farm as long as possible with out going back to base. Because of this, the first skill you want is your W because it shields you for a set amount of damage. Q is the next skill you work on, and you want to max it first because it is your primary damage tool. E is not useless, but it is not needed early on. R is your ult and of course, you want to max that as soon as possible.
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Summoner Spells

I use flash and smite both for completely different reasons. Smite will help you a lot in jungle, and that's about the only reason it is used. Flash helps alot in team fights, because if they are focusing you, it is an awesome "get a way" tool. Just make sure to use W (pale cascade) as you are trying to get away, so you dont take any fatal damage.
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You need a leash for the first blue, and then you are ok on your own. Make sure you use Pale Cascade as often as possible. At level 6, jungling becomes a breeze, just hit q, followed by your ult, and then w. When jungling, try to have a blue buff as often as possible, even if that means stealing it from the enemy jungle. If there is an enemy jungler, try to counter jungle as often as possible by taking there buffs and then leaving the smaller creatures so that it takes longer for the buff to come back. This ensures that the enemy jungler will be underfarmed and an easy target in team fights. I suggest boots of mobility or boots of swiftness for fastest possible jungle clears, but this is completely optional. You may find 25% attack speed, or tenacity to be a better choice depending on the enemy team. It's really up to you.[img=]
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Pros / Cons

very strong
awesome ganker
gap closing abiility
damage shielding ability
every third basic attack is aoe
easy farmer
high damage
can not be countered(no
channeling abilities)

Cons:6300 ip (expensive)
very popular, often taken in the game lobby
squishy and often focus fired
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End Result

Here are 6 games that I played in the last couple of days as Diana using this build.[img=
League of Legends Build Guide Author TreemeisterLOL
TreemeisterLOL Diana Guide

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Diana build with 700 ap and strong attack damage/speed
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