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Diana Build Guide by Bean490

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bean490

Diana: Don't Run From the Moon (Laning)

Bean490 Last updated on August 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide so please feel free to leave any comments. This guide is for Diana, Scorn of the Moon. I bought her the day she came out so at the time she was not nerfed so please be aware of any patches that may have changed the guides standing.

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Ok so my rune build was originally built for Ahri but I have found to work for most of my AP using heroes. Glyph of Warding helps when miding, because most likely it will be another AP hero. Mark of Insight is for your advantage to help bust through any magic resistance they may have built up. Lets face it if you do more damage the more likely you are to kill someone. Seal of replenishment is great not just for Diana but for AP user. But for Diana it is especially important, because she drains the hell out of your mana and you need to regain that back as quickly as you can without going back to the well. The seal of resilience is for when you are unable to get mid because someone else called it, therefore you will need to side lane and the likelihood is that there will be an AD hero you will be fighting. Last the Quintessence of Vampirism is for health regain. Again runes were designed for Ahri and works very well with her.

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The mastery build is a common build just stack as much AP to help boost you. But for the questions arising for why Summoners insight is well for my case the use of teleport the quicker I can get somewhere the more likely I am to kill. That is up to you to choose 1 free point to where ever you like. I would still recommend Expanding Mind and Meditation due to the fact that you are a mana sucking machine and need that boost from your masteries.

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Now for the items I tend to start off with boots and 3 hp pots. These items are for pure survivability due to the fact that you are extremely squishy early game. I get sorcerers boots due to the fact that Diana is AP and more magic penetration is good for your health. After boots aim to complete Athene's Unholy Grail for the mana regen is remarkable and if you manage to run out after having this you will quickly regain it. Plus that big addition of ability power is good as well, but mainly it is for your mana regen. The hourglass is for armor and a huge boost of ability power, and the hourglass ability of 2 seconds of invulnerability will keep you alive if teammates are nearby and on there way, or to buy you a few more seconds to turn the tide, furthermore possibly 2 more seconds of sweet sweet life. The deathcap is the biggest boost of AP out of any item, it is a must have for all AP users. The crystal scepter is for more AP with more hp meaning even more survivability. Last is the Lichbane you are a melee AP user so you are now a dual threat of AP and AD, making you a feared hero if not already.

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Skill Sequence

Cresent Strike should be the first thing to max out when laning. The second ability is up to you and how your situation is turning out. I go with Pale cascade first most of the time due to the fact that a shield is good no matter the situation. But if you are not in need of shield yet and you find your enemies escaping get moonfall first. Your strongest assets are your Q ult combo. Hit your target afar with Q then dash them with your ult followed by a pull from your moonfall to slow them to then activate your shield which will damage everyone around you while refreshing your shield afterwords. Rinse and repeat for anyone else you may be pursuing.

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Summoner Spells

The Summoners spells are completely up to you, I like to use Teleport and Revive for a quick jump back into the combat scene if ganked earlier or if aimed down first. But some people don't like that so if you don't like hearing your team whine at you for your summoner spells use something else.