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Diana Build Guide by Conjoman14

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Conjoman14

Diana, i need to get new armor... this one's cracked

Conjoman14 Last updated on October 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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new edit

ok so i learnt after the nerf of diana that she lacked a lot of the durability and damage from one of her Q's and have changed this so she is more durable as well as retaining her damage. hope this helps ^^

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Diana is one of the strongest ap carries in the game and her ability to chase enemies is unrivaled. With the proper knowledge about her, many will be able to conquer the battle field and destroy their opponents. Diana is mainly a great person to single out an enemy and kill them while being able to escape. This guide will allow you to be able to make the most of diana while still enjoying her. And remember dont underestimate the moon

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Pros / Cons

great top / jungle
one of the rare solo top / jungles
high ap slope on Q
shield that bases off ap
a pull & slow
an extremely long range gap closer
one of the lowest cd on ults
one of the only girl characters that does not look provocative (yourwelcome parents)

takes some time to get used to aiming diana's Q
E is a pull AND slow which brings them closer to you
has a different playstyle then most people are used to
has a bad early game
knowing when or when not to chain Q with ult takes time to learn
one of the only girl champs that doesnt look provocative.....

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Skill Sequence

for my skill sequence i max diana's Q first because of its insane ap ratio and its damage. next i max her W for the giant shield which is based off her ap which is crazy and who doesnt love a shield that refreshes itself? and last i max her E because its the only move left to max....... of course put points in your ult whenever you can (levels 6, 11, and 16) because every time you do, its cool down is lowered by 5 seconds!

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for items this is what i usually get though it is very situational.
1. a doran's ring. (well that's just me, if you want to start with boots x3 i'll let u do what u want)
2. boots of speed (if you dont already have it)
3. a 2nd doran's ring

> i highly suggest this even if you start with boots x3 because diana has a lot of mana problems before her rod of ages so the bonus ap early game plus mana regen is always nice to me
4. catalyst the protector
> this is a very important item. some people get blasting wand first when building rod of ages but diana needs the hp and mana sorely because she is squishy early game and needs the bonus
5. finish rod of ages
6. this is where it gets tricky, if the opponent is winning in lane you will have to build against them. if the enemy is ad buy your zhonia's first for the bonus ap and armor. however if the opponent is ap (such as swain, kennen, etc) you will build your abyssal scepter for the mr. if your doing good however and your opponent isnt doing enough damage to you then play aggressive and go for a rabadon's death cap
7. now you will get which you will need now. after building against the enemy you will have to again. if you need more defensive items then zhonia's hourglass or abyssal scepter depending on which kind of damage you need to block from the enemy team.
8. get the item from the three in which you dont have yet ( ex. if you got abyssal scepter and zhonia's for 6 & 7 then you will get rabadon's)
9. void staff
> a basic mage item which allows you to damage foes that stack magic ressist against you
10. lich bane
> another situational item. Usually the last item of your build will be a situatonal but i usually get lich bane for the movement speed, ap, mr, and great passive.

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Other Situational Items

Diana can build a multitude of situational items but the one thing you dont want to do is build her with too many which will ultimately lower the damage output of diana so limit your maximum amount of situational items from this list to 2.

1. thornmail
finding yourself dieng from their ad to quickly? this is the item for you!

2. force of nature
another very situational item. great for countering other ap users, however i prefer to just getting lich bane

3. ninja tabi
is their team very ad heavy? switch these out with your merc tread's

4. sunfire cape
ok this item is VERY RARE to get on diana but if you reaaally need the armor and hp go ahead but i dont think its necessary with rod of ages and zhonia's

5. zhonia's ring
this item doesnt exist LoL idk why i put this here....

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so i chose my rune page for diana because i usually play her solo top or jungle. When playing diana top i usually get flat armor seals because most top laners are going to be ad. my glph choice is flat ap which i get because this is what any ap sorely needs. i also get magic penetration marks because the bonus late game magic pen is always helpful. for my quints i get flat ap quints for the early game advantage.

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for the masteries, well that's obvious why i took them because diana is a very high damage carry that also needs to get by so i take 21/9/0 masteries taking all the ap and damage increase related masteries for the offensive tree and armor and mr plus a little bit of bonus hp for early game on my defensive tree.

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When playing as diana the biggest mistake is thinking you can block all the damage for your team. all i can say to this is NO. Diana, while still being more defensive then most AP users, is still a carry and needs to be treated that way. Though she is a bit more durable that gives you no excuse to go charging head first into a teamfight and dieng in 2 seconds. When playing diana in teamfights make sure you focus the carry on the other team (whether it be ad or ap just focus the highest damage source). Diana has a crazy gap closer known as her ult. Diana's ultimate is great for dashing to the back of a fight to kill the carries. Wait for your tank to initiate to get the focus off you then after your team dives in ult into the back of the fight (where all the carries are) and smack people around. If you find yourself getting low ult to the front of the enemy tank and run to the back of your own team. Diana is a great damage source but if your ranged ad carry is about to die dont feel bad dieng to save them as they have more potential damage. My usual damage combo is to Q the enemy ult to them (so the cool down is refreshed as shown in the chapter "unique skills") turn on my W to block their potential damage as well as dealing some damage of my own and basic attacking them until my Q cool down is refreshed. If the enemy attempts to flee use your E (moonfall) to bring them back to you for another combo. Make sure you use your E when they actually try to run and not just to get them closer, you have your ult for that.

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Diana is an exceptional laner / jungler because of her ability to hit creeps in an aoe around her. Diana's passive, moonsilver blade, allows her to farm exeptionally well because of the added aoe damage WHICH SCALES OFF AP!! BUT do not i repeat DO NOT over use this by not last hitting. Early game you still want to sustain your lane advantage so make sure that even though this is a great pushing tool, you still want to last hit to get every cs possible.

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Unique Skills

Diana's ult is and Q is what she is known for. Diana's ult has a cool down of 20 seconds at rank 1 and a cool down of 10 seconds at max rank while having great range. By far one of the best gap closers in the game. Diana's Q moves in an interesting direction which takes some getting used to but will smack on some crazy damage. Diana's Q applies a mark known as "moonlight". When a person afflicted with moonlight is hit by diana's ultimate, its cool down is refreshed allowing you to ult again. This is what is known to me as "QR chaining". When playing diana there are 2 things you can do with QR chaining, you can QR chain for damage plus your ult cd refreshed OR to just ult them without using your Q first. When i first start a fight i QR chain to get in a nice combo but usually it isnt enough to kill an enemy so i wait for my Q cd to go off then i QR chain again. I repeat the combo stated earlier until the enemy is low. Now if you think you have enough time to QR chain again for a kill before they recall you are welcome to but in my opinion once they get low enough i just ult them without QR chaining and combo for a kill. Another thing you can do to kill a low enemy is QRR to kill them if they are low enough.

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thanks for looking at my build and sorry it doesnt have all the fancy pictures and coloring. i tried to do that but i didnt know how >_< (im kinda new to making builds) but i gave it my all and it actually took quite a bit of time..... lol so make sure you tell me how it helped you and i hope this build helped NOW GOOD LUCK GO TEAR IT UP AS