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Diana Build Guide by Filip98II

Diana: Killer from the jungle (Lane hybrid included)

By Filip98II | Updated on August 11, 2012

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  • LoL Champion: Diana
  • LoL Champion: Diana


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hi, this is my first guide on mobafire and I chose Diana because she deal really great damage and have really good gank with her Lunar Rush and Moonfall.
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I chose magic pen Marks because she can deal more damage to her opponents. That does'n really help with jungling but it helps in battle against opponents. I took attack speed Seals because her passiv. This help because u can deal more damage with her passiv witch is good because it stack with lvl and ability power. Magic resist Glyphs help because she really don't have it and some mages like Ahri or Fizz can kill her. Ability power Quintessence help because she can deal more damage in jungle as in lane.
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I take 12/14/4 because she need defensive power like in the jungle and lane and she use a lot of mana so I take 'Expanded mind' for mana and 'Summoner's Insight' because 'Flash'. She need attack speed and ability power so I take it with cooldown reduction and magic pen for offense.
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I start with armor so I took less damage in jungle. I buy 'Sheen' next so I have mana and ability power. Next I buy boots os I can catch up to enemies when I gank. I buy Blastin Wand so I can deal more damage, then I finish my boots. I make Berserker's Greaves boots so I have more attack speed for passiv. I finish Lich Bane and Fiendish Codex. Make Nashor;s Tooth. That give me attack speed and ability power. Then I make Deathcap and Rylai's for more HP. For end I make Guardian Angel.
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Skill Sequence

I start with Pale Cascade and take it again at lvl 3 but I don't max it. I take Crescent Strike at lvl 2 and max it first. At lvl 4 take Moonfall and max it last till lvl 18. Lunar Rush take at lvl 6, 11 and 16. This way I can survive in jungle and deal great damage in lanes.
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Summoner Spells

I take Smite to jungle and Flash so I can escape or get to my enemies. You can take Exhaust too so u have better ganks.
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I do not know English very well and I'm sorry if I made a mistake in the text.
I will try to correct it as soon as the notice, and I hope that I helped you.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Filip98II
Filip98II Diana Guide

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Diana: Killer from the jungle (Lane hybrid included)
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