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Diana Build Guide by NoongahCookie

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NoongahCookie

Diana Mid - She's not OP

NoongahCookie Last updated on October 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide, I dodged a ranked queue so I had to wait half an hour until I can play again, so I thought id show the LoL community my Diana build, which has help me win very many games. So let me start this off by explaining Diana. She is a new champion, who is a very strong AP Tank, who can be used at top or jungle, but this guide focuses more on mid Diana, whist my build for the previous two are the same to this guide that you see before you. Now Diana has many good aspects, but there are also some bad things, as there are with every champion.

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Pros / Cons

    Great early game
    Good AP Damage
    Good gap closer
    Good chaser
    Decent CC
    Good survivability
    Great burst champion
    Easy to learn :)
    No escape
    Can be CC'd very easily
    Not much damage and harass before Lvl 6
    Bad mana usage (Or thats just me :P)

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Now these runes i have chosen, give you decent AP to begin with, allowing strong harass against enemy champion, give you health for survivability which will carry you and your team into the late game, and magic penetration, in case they decide to try and be smart, you can still tear them a new one :).

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These masteries i can take no credit for, as i have taken them from a previous guide i looked at, so all my props go to them. But i believe that these masteries increase your max damage output, giving you strong finishes against an enemy, mixed with your burst = free kill. Simple logic. The defencive masteries give you that extra something, so that you can easily harass the enemy team, or more primarily, the AP Carry as they will be squisher than you by a fair amount.

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Okay, this will take awhile. Now you start of with boots of speed, 2 health pots and 1 mana pot, so you can stay in lane for a little while, and get out of there if you need. Dorans ring is a nice item, but can hold you back a little. Now, you should be farmed a little, or have a few kills, so an item that wil help ultimately is Catalyst the Protector, as that will give you that health and mana, so you can jump in and deal your damage, or farm up and gain your health and mana back. Then you get Sorcerors Shoes if your winning, so you can deal even greater damage to the AP Carry, or if your behind a bit, get Mercury Treads, as that will stop the AP Carry and/or Jungler, and reduce the CC (Crowd Control) attacks dealt on Diana. Rod of Ages is the next recommended item, as that will give you a massive bosst in health, mana and ability power, so you can keep going at them. Then I grab Rylai's Crystal Scepter, as that will bosst your health and ability power by a great amount, and give you the slow on your ult, so escaping is made even harder. Depending on how your team is doing, i would grab an Abyssal Scepter, as that will increase your defence against the AP Carry, increase your ability power, and reduce thier Magic Resist, so you can deal more damage alongside your magic penetration. The next two items you can grab in any order, as you should have a greal deal of damage at this point, and you only want to boost that. If your team is more melee orientatied, then i suggest Rabadon's Deathcap, as that will let you attack from afar with massive damage, and will allow you to destroy the AD/AP Carry. If your team is little more ranged, then i suggest Lich Bane, that i can give your MR (Magic resist) to withstand their AP attacks, little more mana to increase spamming, Movement speed to charge at them, or do the opposite, and the passive will help you so much, as it can tie in with your passive, and deal tons of damage against the AD Carry and AP Carry. In my opinion, if you manage to get Rabadons quickly after or before Lich Bane, That will increase your maximum damage output by leaps and bounds. Now, if you dont want to get Abyssal Scepter or you dont need it, i would suggest grabbing a Zhonya's Hourglass, as that will give you the armor you will/may need, some ability power, and let you jump in, attack then zhonyas so they waste time on you.

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Okay, now here is farming. At the start, you will have your Crescent slash, so don't be entirely dependant that you will receive max farm. But you can farm easily utilizing her passive, which helps a lot with farming. Then, as you level up, you will get Pale Cascade (Hopefully you would if you use this guide :P) and Moonfall, and so you can Crescent Slash to damage, pop your shield (Pale Cascade) and Moonfall, and that will be a whole minion wave destroyed, so Diana can farm really well if your heart so desires it. I personally dont worry about farm, as i go for kills :P.

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Skill Sequence

Its best to start off with Cresent Slash, as it let you harass from afar very well, dropping their health, but beware of mana consumpition, as i have pointed out before. You then should pick up your Pale Cascade as a survival tactic, and for farming, as it does not do great damage, but the shield is what really helps you, as that can stop enemy harass. At Lvl 4, you should get Moonfall, as it is a great gap closer, and it slows them so you can melt them. At level 6, everyone gets thier ult, and so should you, as that will give you that extra distance to just assasinate anyone. My recommended move set you should do, is:
Cresent Slash ( hit the enemy champion)
Lunar Rush (So you can reset the cooldown due to cresent slash)
Pale Cascade (To counter thier first intial part of harass)
Moonfall ( to stop them from running)
If you can use this successfully as i normally do, then i praise you for your free kill, just try and get your Crescent Slash off before dashing, as you can deal good damage with two dashes.

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Summoner Spells

Now, one of the cons of Diana is that she has no escape, so that is why i recommend flash, as it can help you escape, but also close the gap for a Lunar Rush for assasination. Ignite is also one of my preferred ones, as it can just help you kill that last bit of health off incase they have heal or are generally faster (Master Yi for example). Another summoners that i can recommend is teleport, as downtime with Diana can pay, so Teleport can help you get in there quickly, recall, get items, then get back in all within a 20 or so seconds, so you can harass well.

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Well that is what i call my Diana guide, and i hope i can help you win as much games as it has helped me. This is my first guide, so please help me to make it better so my future ones can help you guys even more. If you ever feel like seeing my Diana in the flesh( virtual flesh :P) then you can add me if you so choose :)


Now i wish you a merry killing streak and a wonderful KD ratio :D