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Diana Build Guide by Stefanspeed

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stefanspeed

Diana the flying assasin

Stefanspeed Last updated on August 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all i will say i am sorry for my little bad english hope you still understand.
This is my first guide so hope you will like it.
I like playing Diana as a tanky ap assasin *****.
Most enemies call her Op but i dont think she is THAT op, unless she gets his combo on you the right way. When you play the start lvls in as Diana i just farm and harass, its first when i get my ult i pwn them down real fast, when they atleast expect it.
You can play Diana Mid/Top/Jungle but i prefer Mid and Top where i think she can do most but Jungling as her is also very good when you just fly in and they cant get away.

But lets get back to the champ and gameplay i usually do.
As i said earlier you shall just focus on last hit minions and your farming before lvl 6, when you get to lvl 6 try let them push a little and then get one "Q" into them and just strike, when they try run away you just pull them back and slow until they are dead, i usually get a kill as soon as i hit lvl 6 if not before.
Dont be afraid to Towerdive but only IF you got alot of hp and your target is very low, yes you get him fast down but she got no way to get quick away from tower if stunned or just CC on her. Remember she is not godly and can also easily be slain. Try get so much kills and minions as fast as possible and you dont need to destroy the enemy tower before roaming when you see the enemy is pushing hard.
Diana has (in my opinion) a very strong and good gank because she can jump in before the enemy knows she is there and they cant almost not get away without using flash or other kind of mobility.
In teamfights you shall focus on getting around the enemy to its side and throw you "Q" as much as you can and when you are ready to initiate just jump to their carry, with this build i can usually initiate because i got much Hp, Armor and Magic Resist and get their carry down fast if the enemy team dont got hard CC

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Pros / Cons


+ Very high early burst dmg
+ Very mobil if targeting enemy champ
+ Hard to gank / Easy to run away
+ Easy to close to enemy champ if combo is hit right


- Easy to harass mid because she is melee
- Cant really fight back before lvl 6
- Squishy if going full AP

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I use Greater Mark og Insight for removing that little armor the enemy always have in the start of them game.

For Quintessence i take Potency for that ekstra dmg my spell do early on dmg

For Seals i take Resilience for more armor early as late game making her a more stable assasin and can survive almost (what i have tried) any 1on1

Last for Glyphs i take Warding to keep those nasty champion spells at bay when i try to farm

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I take 21/9/0 for masteries for alot of dmg and some to help her keep alive when she perform what she is doing best, killing the carries

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Arh yes the items, Diana is a very good Champ to quick get close to champs and finish them fast
"But Stefan why not then just buy full AP?"
Yes some build her full ap but DONT do that, remember she is an melee Assasin and has to get alot of hit on her.
"Arh, so i see, i need alot of armor and magic Resist?"
No you dont need it, remember you are the assasin and your job is to get the carry, let your tank take the dmg and play offtank, this build dont got very much armor and magic resist but it got enough for you to survive jumping in and kill their carry.
"But as soon as i jump in to attack their carry i am focused?"
Yes it happens alot that they see you jump in to kill him, then switch your Zhonyas out with a Guardian Angel, you will not do so much Dmg no but it will make you enough to let your team finish him and the rest and you can get back alive ready for another round with them.

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Summoner Spells

I take Flash and Ignite no matter if i am top or mid.
Flash is ofcourse for when you get ganked or need to get away from tower when towerdived, but DO NOT use it to get to a champ you shall just use your ult for that, otherwise its just a waste, remember your Ult has a low CD.
Ignite is for Champs like Dr. Mundo or champs i just cant get close enough to, to finish.
"But Stefan my champ is very mana hungry so why not Clarity?"
Yes she is, early, but as soon as you get your items if taking like i show you.
Exhaust is not a Summoner spells i would take because you can easily follow an enemy champ running from you and your burst should be high enough for you to take them down fast enough but dont try to take more down than you think you can take.
Ghost is also a summoner spell you could take althrough just as Exhaust, you dont run around much because you get close to your target really fast.

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Skill Sequence

I take 1 point in "Q" lvl 1 and max it First
Taking 1 point in "W" lvl 2 and max it After
And Taking 1 point in "E" lvl 4 and max it Last
And ofcourse taking 1 point in my Ult everytime i can

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Attacking an enemy

While other guides i have seen tells you to firstly use yourand then double jump with your ult i say that is wrong. When you shall go 1on1 with an enemy champ yes start with your Crescent Strike and jump ONCE with your ult Lunar Rush, then put your shield on to take no dmg for some time and lastly when they try to run use to make then stay put and do some more dmg, and just continue use your Crescent Strike and Luner Rush and lastly if they think they are safe under their tower, make one last jump with Crescent strike and NOW double Lunar Rush and if they are not dead put ignite on them and walk away like a booossss

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Enemy Champs at Top

This section will be updated as i try the build myself to compete against other champs and see how it goes, but remember this is only from what i have been trying so yeah the other summoner could just be better than me or anything.

Pantheon: Pantheon was one of the first champs i tried against and from what i saw i did not had much of a chance before lvl 6. His countered mostly all my openings when i tried, both before and after we where both lvl 6, and he did much dmg on me but it was close after lvl 6. From what i saw try just to farm and harass but i know it can be hard because of his he will be throwing alot at you. Try to ask your jungler to come to your lane a little bit often and get some kills infront of him.

Yorick: Fighting Yorick top is a strong enemy against Diana, mostly because he can harass you as much as he like without really doing anything besides summoning his minions forcing you to run away from them, and its almost waste of time trying to attack yorick and not speak of trying to 1on1 him, when you try to harass he will just outheal it with a minion so my advice is to farm carefully when around him and make him use his mana with the summons and run away from them, when he is almost out of mana, you got almost free farm, but dont be an idiot, dont push your lane, try just last hit and when yorick come out to play let him use his summons, run into a bush and wait for it to go away, and continue. And again hope you and your jungler can take him out enough for you to outfarm and outlevel him.

Fiora: A duelist many cant fight 1on1 but from what i have tried she should not be much of a problem for Diana on that term, rather lategame she can be a pain in the *** but when you lane against her you should be able to take her, both before and after lvl 6, your ult just make more up for it when you are just you and her and your shield should make so you dont take much dmg. Just harass and take her down quick.

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Again this is my first build, so i hope you like it and be free to drop an comment about what you think and i could change or you think is very good.
But i hope you enjoy it and the champ itself.
Now go out there and kill some Carries.